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April 24, 2015

Left to right : Me, Paola, Janine, Catra, Tara, Cherryl

Hola! Lack of updates sorry! Since I had surgery, I delayed all my jobs so I was working on all the things I left behind during that time. The jobs were piled up and I had no time to play with my laptop T_____T 

The last jobs that beat me up is shooting with all the beauty influencers for a beauty campaign. It took us DAYS to finish but I am more than glad that the girls are all super friendly, nice, and unique on their own. We spent days together and if the environment was not good, the shooting would be more tiring. Glad that everyone is super nice and although it's exhausting, we managed it by supporting each other. I just love it! 

No circle lens yet, but doesn't matter, got tall nose LOL

I didnt really take pictures during the shooting so these pictures are thanks to Janine's phone and Catra's phone. I wished to take pictures but I was engrossed having conversation with them more, next time hopefully we would meet again soon!
I only knew Catra and Janine at first. Catra has been blogging around the same era with me so basically the old generation know each other, but up to shooting we only knew each other a little. Very happy to know her better after spent days together. As for Janine, I knew her even before she started her own blog because of weird circumstances LOL 

However I am glad that I make new friends, and most of all, positive friends :"D

During the shooting it was so exhausting and I had a lot of weird stuffs. My home is at north Jakarta and the shooting took place at Bintaro -__- An area where I never drove to. Because I had to drive from early morning and went back at night by myself, it was super exhausting. On the last night Tara and Catra joined my car to get taxi. Catra got out first but Tara went with me to BCA first to take money out. I was super tired and I left my money on ATM!!!! :( 

I just realised when we were at toll and I had no cash to pay toll fee FML LOL Tara was supposed to get out finding taxi but we ended up at highway because we were lost.. So in all weird moments and long explanation, glad that she's still there so she could lend money for toll and I drove her back to her house in the end

Anyway, the campaign would be up next month and I believe it's gonna be something awesome ^.^
Will share to you guys once it's up!

And also in all of the hectic moments, I was realized from an event in life where I was reminded that life is short. A friend of mine from junior high school just passed away last week because of cancer. She is battling against it for about a year and is always positive, moreover she always relies on God and never loses her faith. I had visited her many times with my friends when she's hospitalised and never expected that she'd be the first to be gone from our junior high school. In fact, I even visited her a week before her leaving. For days, me and my friends attended the funeral and creamation ceremony. There were a lot of tears

I realised that in the end, it doesn't matter how beautiful you are, how rich you are, how smart you are. In the end when you die, what people will remember is what deeds you have done
This friend of mine is a very cheerful and kind person, and she always brings smiles to people around her. Many students of her schools and university came right away after hearing the news, because they all respect and like her. I was moved, because the amount of people are a lot.. 
Her life is short but she manages to make a lot of people smile, and that's the most important thing of what human can do

Strangely knowing her, this is the first time I attended a funeral and believed that she's gonna be at heaven with God. She's a good girl, and she has faith on her God till the end
I wish she's in peace there

I hope I would be able to give a lot of positive things to many people too like her, all in all we don't know when our end is coming. Live your life to the fullest..

Rest in Peace, Michelle Sunaryo
You'll always be remembered

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