My Plastic Surgery in South Korea

April 12, 2015

Yes.. I did a plastic surgery in Korea last end of February..
The reason why I hardly blog and took picture ever since is because I had to recover from the surgery
I don't want to say I encourage plastic surgery, this is just my personal choice. It is like saying if I dye my hair purple then I want everyone to have purple hair too. It is simply just for me only. If you wish to do so, go ahead. If you're satisfied with what you have, go ahead

There are these things that you have to know first before you judge me though :

  1. I didn't do plastic surgery recklessly. I was given opportunities to have free surgery even around 2 years ago by MANY well-known clinics. However, I had to think thoroughly about it because plastic surgery is a big matter, at least for me. There can be many pros and cons regarding it and I even had thought about just paying it on my own cos I don't want to be seen as encouraging youth to do surgery. However I believe that youth are pretty smart now and can select informations, and I will just think of my happiness in the end. I decided to go with Grand Plastic Surgery because it is one of the most well-established one and located in Gangnam Area too, a super popular district for plastic surgery in Korea
  2. Also, I prefer to at least live honestly and admit that I do surgery instead of lying to my readers. Paying for my own surgery in Indonesia or Thailand can be done secretly, however I don't want people talk about me just to question whether I do plastic surgery or no. If I do, I say I do. If I do not, I say I do not. However I believe that plastic surgery in Indonesia is still not open yet. Most of them only tell their family and secretive towards friend even lover because of the stigma, so it is back again to individual's personality whether they want to admit it or not. Everyone has their own condition
  3. I wouldn't like if I had people saying "oh Stella is only pretty after surgery". There are 3 things that I believe are the keys for beautiful appearances besides genetics, those are things that I treat regularly (skincare / treatment / nutrient foods / gym / etc), Make up, and after that Plastic Surgery. I might not be a natural beauty but I am working on it through these 3 things and if somebody says I am pretty just because I do plastic surgery. Seriously, there are far more other things that say somebody are beautiful in appearance besides surgery alone. I seriously still think I need to put on skincare and make up :< 
  4. I receive permission from both of my parents. Half of my big families had done procedures before [although none of my parents did] so it's not strange for us. Mom said when I was younger when I wanted to enhance my features, she wouldn't oppose it. Anyhow, that's kinda strange since mom allows me for surgery but she never allows me to dye my hair blonde LOL
  5. I do nose surgery [rhinoplasty] not because I am trying to be caucasian. Having tall straight nose is not caucasian trait, even from thousand years ago the beautiful women's traits from Chinese / Japanese / Indonesian / other countries are big eyes, tall straight nose, clear face, and so on. I want taller nose so I look better on side profile, more 3-Dimentional and structured
  6. I am a Catholic. Before my big decision, I was consulting to many many friends of mine, including some priests and elder-Christian-Brother kinda things for a year and more. I just knew too from them that neither Christian nor Catholic are against plastic surgery, but they didn't encourage it either. They're asking the reasons behind it and whether we're good persons or bad persons, it is not determined by that alone. So, if somebody says that by having plastic surgery will get me into hell, then let God judges me in the end. I had dozens of reasons to talk about my reasons but let my church friends and God knew it only since I don't want to make this blog post more about religion. I heard from my best friend who's Muslim [Anggy] that in Islam it's forbidden to do so. Things like hair extension using human hair, eyebrow tattoo, and such too are against their law. So if you're Islam and you don't want to go against your law, don't do it. Do what makes you feel happy and not guilty. I do not say my religion saying that my action is what people should follow, but there are other things to reconstruct about myself instead of just taking my plastic surgery action into a list. If you want to do plastic surgery and you have religion, consult with your priest / ustad / others about it. Religion is very difficult subject and I am not very knowledgeable about it, so since all of us are not saint either, let's not bring God to bring me down either, shall we?

Also . . 
Having plastic surgery won't instantly make you pretty like SNSD. So stop saying that I cheat because I won't look that different in the end. Say if your face score is 5, after surgery you'll just get 6 or 7 la approximately even if it's changing your whole face. Why? Because the basic face that you're born with can't be altered too much otherwise it will break the skin and composition given. So yes, the natural beauty people like Sandra Dewi or Dian Sastro will never lose to anyone who did plastic surgery, and even though I am plastic, they'll still far more beautiful than me. This is something that people have to know, both if they are going for surgery or not

It is a common misconception that if you do plastic surgery, your face will be like any actress / girlbands. Show me any Korean Plastic Surgery result that can beat any K-Pop stars? 
Plastic surgery should be done to enhance your face, not to change it completely, and that's my belief. If you force to change your whole face completely it will look weird and imbalance, or you'll lose your own uniqueness. For me, just do it at some parts and keep the rest. Make yourself getting prettier, but not totally a different person

This will keep you happy, and knowing the limit of plastic surgery won't make you addicted to achieve perfection that you will never have
Also, it will avoid having your children totally different from you. We don't want to make any confusion in the future right lol

Ok now you all know about this, and if you can accept all about what I am saying, please proceed to my recovery day
It will be a long and tough post, but this a real thing and a part of me

I did my surgery at Grand Plastic Surgery and before the surgery, I had consultation first with the head surgery department  and also CEO, Ryu Sang Wook, to know what I needed and not
I exchanged mails with the team before that and they flew my mom and I to go there. I am satisfied with their response and also service through the email hence I decided to get the sponsorship from them. I got my mother to take care of my while recovering and I really suggest you to have someone with you as well because daily activities would be less convenient

I asked about the kind of nose that I want. Just taller and straight and basically fits my face the most

The staffs explained to me a lot of things about plastic surgery and answered my questions honestly

I was kinda bothered by my square jaw too and since I was kid, my upper area teeth are not aligned with my lower area teeth too so I had times when I use aligners but it moved back again

I thought the option was to use invasalign and cut my jaw like what everyone keeps saying but even though I didn't mention about this, the doctor suddenly said that I need a little bit of chin augmentation as well

He explained that square jaw and protruding mouth were caused by my weak chin too and if I fixed my chin a little, not only the whole balance between my nose and mouth would become perfect, I would also look slimmer!

Well, not like I never heard about chin augmentation before since Michelle Phan is infamous for hiding that procedure. She sure does look slimmer and also more mature-looking. Considering that implant is much better than shaving my jaw, I agree with it

Out of my surprise the doctor didn't pinpoint any other things from my face. I thought a lot of clinics would offer the jaw-shaving thing and fat graft but he said I needed none of it (the hallow of my cheek was pretty sunken and a lot of doctors told me to do fat graft before). He insisted on what I need only without losing a touch of my face and that's the time when I felt relieved that he didnt push too much on me

One of Korean beauty clinics that offered me to do surgery kinda pushed me to do my eyes even though I clearly stated that I didnt want it, but they needed me to do eyes since they need eyes-model. I was like, FML la :( So happy with Grand they didnt push me to do anything I don't want! Which means it's credible cos they won't force customers too to do unnecessary procedures

Then I went back for my last dinner before my surgery the next day. I also had to fast 6 hours before the surgery, but I already stopped eating by midnight

I came to the clinic at 9.30 a.m as my surgery was schedule to be at 10 a.m
I did my surgery with Dr. Rhee Se Whan who is their best doctor at Grand! We met before to talk about my nose before I was moved to surgery room

When I was on surgery bed I was clearly scared and had to hold hands of Grand's staff. I AM FREAKING CHICKEN WITH BLOOD, DOCTORS, MEDICINE, HOSPITAL, AND NEVER IN MY LIFE I WAS HOSPITALISED. Everytime I go to hospital usually it's only to visit relatives hospitalised, or just normal check up la. I am a perfectly healthy kid and I even feel pain with needles why I must go through this :"(

What if I die? What if the result looks bad later? What if I look like Michael Jackson later?
Do I need this? Cant I just stay pesek forever?

When I was thinking about all those stuffs, I dozed off and remembered nothing (-_______-)

Later when I woke up my whole face was swollen and my whole body was powerless from the anaesthesia. The surgery was only 1,5 - 2 hours. Only 1 hour for nose and half an hour for chin surgery. Wtf la even the length is only around facial time o.O
However I woke up from anaesthesia around 2 p.m and they said I woke up pretty fast compared to the others

DAY 1 [Surgery Day]

I was resting at their post-care room for a few hours before gaining my power to walk to the hotel.
This is the worst day from the recovery. I could not breath at all from my nose so my mouth is the only way to breath. Both of my nose holes were covered by cotton pad and secured tightly
My throat and lips became very dry from inhaling and exhaling heavily 
My face could hardly move and made any emotion, and the blood kept dripping down

Also my square area was also swollen and I looked super puffy and fat!

I only could eat porridge from a small spoon very slowly and everything was pretty tough overall. I had medicine to drink twice a day from the hospital which had to be taken 30 mins after the meal


I got the cotton pad removed by the nurse at the hospital so I could start breathing from my nose. However I still could feel some dry dirts and blood from my nose and the discomfort continued, not as obvious as the first day though

I also got some antibiotics injected to help reducing the bruise. I showed sign of bruise especially under my eye. I was still only able to eat porridge and such but I managed to go out for a few hours, the wind breeze felt nice for my nose


I went out longer than before with my mom and the wind & weather helped me to breath better. However I think my body condition kinda dropped, I was exhausted from walking and I forgot that I should stay more. So I cancelled out the dinner plan and just went straight to the hotel because I had headache and my eyes were fuzzy

I walked too fast and spoke too much because I thought I was better already, but yeah not yet. In result I was out of breath and decided to go back home sooner cos I was exhausted
I still couldn't eat solid food and the bruise was getting more sever today. However my activity has been faster than before, I eat 1,5 times faster for sure ^.^
I got samgyetang and porridge, and also more pumpkin juice. I drank pumpkin juice like 3-5 packs per day


The bruise was the worst on this day but strangely I feel no pain at all
However I still couldn't chew or open my mouth to big, so I was incapable of eating solid food. Moreover, my eating progress was pretty slow like a baby

I went out from lunch-night for shopping at Myeongdong and Ewha and the people moved away from me, giving me space as they saw my swollen after surgery face. Out of my expectation, the Korean are pretty considerate for people doing surgery as they don't really stare at me. They neither walked too close with me and such, while mom and I were ready to fight against any trouble coming with us, which was exhausting and silly to do it alone LOL


The bruise was lessened, however I still found it hard to chew or bites food
Not much difference with Day 4 but I had mental breakdown where I felt awful when looking at the mirror. I usually find myself normal looking, and would look good when I put make up on. I looked shit, bumpy, swollen, pale, and face was wrapped with all the bandages and I couldn't eat properly

Mom and I went around Seoul for days and I hardly could take pictures with proper face because I was expressionless and ugly. I knew that there are some steps before I can be normal-looking again but I almost broke down. Luckily all of my friends whom knew about my purpose in Korea was pretty supportive. They don't scare me but instead wish me a good and speed recovery although I know that they don't like surgery.


I feel my face got less swollen, but the area between my eyebrows are still pretty much swollen. I was scared that the surgery wouldn't give the expected result but instead a fake profile, so I contacted the staff at Grand and she told me that the area is the worse swollen part and would take 3 months to flatten

I also bumped into two Indonesian ladies who underwent surgery at a competitor's clinic when mom and I was going to Nami Island. They asked me where I did my surgery since my bandage and nose protector was pretty neat compared to one of them. TBH yes, she didnt have any protector and the bandage was wrapped kinda messy. At last I was rest-assured that I did it at Grand. Being an Indonesian, I lack of informations which clinic is good and no and seeing that competitor's clinic's patient and compare it with me, I am glad I picked the right clinic

DAY 7 

Eyebag's bruise is getting lesser, cannot wait for tomorrow!

DAY 8 

Stitch Removal Day! I remove outer stitches but doctor bandaged my nose again before I could take a look at it properly

But anyway, was pretty happy cos I think the shape was nice and obvious already! Flied back to Bali for a job after lunch!


Went to Bali for trip and still super swollen. I really thought myself as Avatar, just lack of blue skin
BTW I already put make up on to cover up the bruise and such but it's still very obvious T_T
Freaking disappointed cos no amount of make up can make me look decent
Doctor said that my bruise was kinda bad, but my skin is very sensitive and easily bruised. Even if somebody pinches me lightly I would get red skin, so I guess it's understandable


Still swollen as you can see. Gave up on putting too much make up on this day unlike Day 8, cos I won't be decent either for selfie T_T

DAY 10

At certain angles, I could cover up the swollen part. This is in fact was also the first time I put my face online after surgery for Instagram. A few people commented that there's something different with my face, but I am kinda glad that nobody caught me yet for going under knife lol

Btw, Reasons I want to hide the surgery before this blog post up are :

1. I want to test whether it is possible for people to go surgery without anyone notice
2. I want to test if it is possible for people to lie about surgery, which is easy la, just snap some pictures before surgery and post it the day after and after as if it's that day's pic
3. I want to check how much I change after surgery, and how obvious it is in public eye
4. Surgery takes a long time to heal and it will be swollen for around a month. However most of the people think after surgery you'll be instantly pretty like SNSD. It is not. I don't want people to only leave comments like "you're better before surgery" and such when in fact the result is not out yet. Bad response is not healthy for my mental state as well cos I know I was ugly at that point

DAY 11

Slowly getting better, going back to Jakarta today
At Soekarno Hatta airport, a few people whispered about me to each other and said "oplas oplas"
Gotta say that they thought my surgery was failed cos I looked fucking weird and bruise all over face lol

DAY 12

Become a stay-in-home-daughter
I don't really want to go out before I recover, so I mostly work from home for a few days and just watched dramas :x

Also I couldn't wait for the recovery too long cos I wanna get back to work fast
I purchased Pien Tze Huang which is a Chinese medicine for reducing bruise fast. Mom said she got this after childbirth and I felt awkward drinking the same medicine that my mom had taken when giving birth.. Also the medicine was super expensive. 1 pill for Rp 750.000 but they tumbuk it and made it into 6 pills instead T_T

DAY 13

Pien Tze Huang has taken effect. My bruise got better faster I think. Drank it once a day

DAY 14

Went out to remove internal stitches inside my mouth [for chin surgery] and inside my nose at hospital but normal doctor couldn't do it so I rebooked it to the day after at plastic surgeon :x
I noticed that my under eye bruise is almost invisible already!

DAY 15

Removed all the stitches. I am someone who can't handle even a slight pain, but usually I always bear it in the name of beauty. My plastic surgery didnt pain me but the after care is, cos during surgery I passed out la. When removed the stitches inside my mouth, it was freakinggggg painful and it was bleeding. I was crying spontaneously bcos of the pain and thought to myself "why I let myself undergo such pain??"

Emo much T_______T

DAY 16

Saturday night I went out with my high school friends for dinner + bar. I didnt bother to put any make up whenever I went out with my school friends usually. My circle knew that I did it and when they saw me they said I looked freaking different O.O
To be honest, I don't even think I look that different... Maybe it's because I had super bruised-swollen face before so I only saw myself getting better and better each day? How about you guys? Do you think I look super different on Day 16 from my previous face?

However surprised things happen. When we were at a bar for night-out drinking we met a group of male classmates so we caught up all night long. However NONE of them could tell that I had surgery LOL Well okay la one guy in fact said why I looked different but the rest just said to him "maybe make up"
My group and I were laughing secretly cos they couldn't tell at all!
But there are 2 big reasons I think why they couldn't tell

1. It was dark at the bar
2. They're "male" . .

DAY 17

Nothing special today, just went to church and family dinner at mall afterwards
However surprised things happened again, it seems like fate wants me to test my surgery to a lot of people since I accidentally bumped into my junior high school friend! This time it is a woman! LOL

And she was recognising me too so I won't say that I look unrecognisable la after surgery. She just again said that I looked somewhat different and skinnier LOL I don't know if being recognized after plastic surgery is a good thing or bad thing though
Last day drinking Pien Tze Huang. I think it helps my recovery faster but I have no more money to spend for just medicine so let's stop here lol

DAY 18

Got flu today and I thought I almost died
Mom scolded me since I slept abruptly. In fact I had to sleep straight for the whole month but my sleeping posture is not good, and add sickness. She's afraid that my nose won't be straight and I was panic too ><
But in fact I already couldn't sleep properly for the last 18 days!! T___T
Cos I was sick I didnt bother to take out my camera and just used my phone ._.;

DAY 19

Still sick and my nose was running too. It is very tough to have nose running post-surgery since I couldn't blow my nose

I had to clean my nose with Q-Tip little by little T_T I also sneezed a lot and to make sure the implant didnt go to weird direction and the alar didnt expand, I had to press my nose in certain way to keep it in place. Nightmare..
Make sure to take care of your health if you do this otherwise you'll suffer

DAY 20

Supposed to go out for an event but I was still on bed and hardly could drive
My runny nose was getting worse and I sneezed uncontrollably and I was afraid that it would ruin the implant T____T

Anyway I saw that the shape is about to be ready to be presented, however I still could feel some swollen part on the upper side of nose and my alar

DAY 21

Still dying on my bed. Nothing changed much on the face

DAY 22

Out for Hachiko Meeting and just did my eyebrow, by the time I came back home and took the picture, half of my eyebrows had gone LOL. My business partners said that I look so different!!! Ok everyone's comments are different I don't know why :(
But they said that it's done my face pretty good and they can't wait for my final result

They mentioned that my chin is not very obvious but it is clearly giving result to my overall balance. I used to look kinda childish with round-square face but now since it's more oval, I look more mature

DAY 23

Not much difference between the progress of the last week, but I had a panic attack today as my mom was like "is your nose slanted?" Then I was shocked! Turns out I guess it's just the uneven bruising / swelling on top of my nose bridge
Gotta keep reminding myself that the swelling is not over and the final look is not settled yet

However I imagine once the glabella and nose tip's swollen reduced in the next months, I would look much better. Even in fact today I feel I am prettier lol

Today I also met with a 10 years long friend of mine to print new version of Starry Light since he owns a printing factory. Not sure if it's HE or the surgery is normal already, he didnt notice a single thing but still talked about how his dad saw me on TV LOL

DAY 24

From this day I think the progress went slower but I could already see how the nose and chin settled..

Since then I stopped taking pictures daily as there's not much progress, but this is how it looks like within the next few days

After a total 1 month I can tell that my whole face is coming back more normal and settled. I think the difference is not obvious when I take frontal shot but I could see development when I take side / angle pictures

However I notice, even with all the surgery, I believe make up is the strongest weapon because it completes the look. I think my pre surgery with make up is still better than bare face surgery LOL 
However after surgery and minimal make up, I think I look much better than before! Best thing about having my surgery is I think I look more defined on side angled-shot and also I have less make up now. I used to heavily contour my nose and it took time ^^;

Here's my face view with minimal make up [BB Cream, Eyebrow Powder, Eyelash Extension, Lip Tint] 1 month after surgery  : 

After a month, my surgery recovery is not finished yet. I still have to wait for the next 3-5 months until the final result shows up permanently. At the moment I still could feel some unevenness bruises on my nose, and it's still kinda lumpy at some spots. However it's hardly noticeable in daily life, but for me who's such a perfectionist when taking pictures, I spot it ^^; I hope my nose would be straighter and also smaller soon, the bruise is still there :(

Anyway, here's me AFTER surgery with my complete make up : 

I think my surgery makes me still looks like me, Stella Lee, but only more mature and skinnier!
Mature is gained from the nose because I have more definition, and also skinnier since my chin is more defined slightly
I know there are many people who dreamed of having sharp V Chin and I like it too, however I am afraid that it's gonna be so pointy and fake so I asked the doctor to make it just normal looking
Glad that it doesn't look fake ^^

I don't use any contouring or highlighting powder on my make up to show the difference.. 
Anyway, I think chin implant is a quick fix and safer result to achieve elongated or V-Line Face  without shaving your bones! Also the recovery is faster and the surgery itself is 30 mins, while jaw surgery is 3 hours -_-

In case people forgot how I looked like before surgery, you can check my previous blog posts, or watch me on Kokoro no Tomo Pop Season 2 , or see these pictures : 





The before pictures were taken before my surgery and I think it's the last one with full make up so it really shows how different it is

For those of you who want to do surgery, please make sure to get credible clinics and do a lot of research beforehand. Also I recommend if you go there during winter because the cold weather would help your recovery! I went there during end of February and it's mostly between -5 to 5 celsius and my face felt very comfortable when I was outside

I also loved the companion of my mom. She helped me doing many things. I couldn't look down because of the surgery and so things like toilet, shower, wear clothes and shoes, and other basic activities are very difficult for me. Besides I had to be careful about everything to make sure my face was safe. It's better to have someone with you there to help you!

Also having mental support from friends is essential, and the compliments that I got from my friends are all good! None of my friends talk bad about me, and I might be blessed to have them. Although believe me, almost none of them in fact want to do surgery, but they still don't bring me down because I do things that they don't. Let's respect each other's choices <3

Ok so that's all about my surgery and a month recovery
However this is still not a final result yet, because it will reach natural result within the next 3-6 months, so I will blog again about it later

So tell me, how many of you get a hint or feeling that I did surgery in Korea?
What do you guys think?

I know 50% of you would be against it or hate me doing it, especially I think this is the first time Indonesian Blogger to be fully open and blog about a plastic surgery so I bet there must be a quite culture shock
However I notice that doing any surgery won't make me any less or more different than before. Well true, I get slightly prettier on the appearance thanks to it, however the inside is still the same :x

Also I know that plastic surgery information in Indonesia is limited and many would love to do it but lack of informations, so that's why I hope you learn something from my surgery experience
If you have any question, just leave it on the comment below and I'll do my best to reply it!

See you guys on my next post!

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  1. I love that you're honest about it!!
    You still look pretty as always~
    As for me, I've never thought on having a surgery, although I think it's everyone's right if they want to have a cosmetic surgery :)
    Well, maybe as long as they keep it 'natural' and did not alter they appearance too much... Haha

  2. I guess I just want to be honest to readers who support me up to this point..
    Everytime I do something to beautify myself, I always blog about it. I don't want just because this is still taboo in Indonesia and I do it secretly, leaving my readers wonder why I look prettier. I could just say I changed my make up or lose weight and such but it is misleading
    Thank you for your support :")

    In fact for me people who change their face 180' on Korea TV Channel, they look weird and has imbalance proportions :/ Is it just me?

  3. You're welcome! :3

    Yeah, at a glance they look super pretty, but if you look closely they look kinda weird? I dunno ._.

  4. you are very brave to be so honest ♥

  5. OMG! I couldn’t imagine what happen to me if I were you. How scared it is.

  6. Ga terlalu kliatan sih, tp tambah cakep iyaaaa..stelllaaaaa, ur so kawaiiiiii !! #pelukciumm

  7. tbh, as a reader that only see your face from blog and ig, i don't find it too much different. lol. yaa, your face kinda like more mature, but it's not much different from when your face in make up i think. haha.
    but glad the result is great :D
    and well, don't think too much of the people who hate your choice, it's your face, your life, your decision. ^^

  8. Thank you for the sweet compliment <3

  9. Aweee ci stella <3 I always love you start from before until now, "the new you" . U look th same and much prettier ;) jjang !! so kawaiii like a barbiee :)

  10. Lucky I slept thorough surgery and remembered nothing! XD

  11. awww sini dipelukcium juga dehh :*
    Iya emang gamau fake fake banget XD terus kalo idungnya jauh mancungnya, takutnya kulitnya pecah kata dokternya D:

  12. Yes I think from frontal shoot is not that different hehe. I don't know if it's good thing or bad thing lol But I don't want people to suddenly see someone they can't recognize lol

    Thank you for the support :") <3

  13. Thank you!!! :") I am so happy that most of you are supportive about this

  14. Hello Stella!

    This is the first time I have commented on your blog, but I have been a long time reader! I follow you on all your social network and honestly, I could not tell at all. Until alas, you publised this blog post that I somewhat sensed that something changed with your face!

    You look great! And I am glad you came out strong, told the honest truth and stayed true to yourself.

    I have the same 'complexes' as you. I hate my side profile (asian faces = flat.... LOL) and have thought about getting my nose/chin/jaw done. But I live in Australia and don't have the finances for it yet ha~

    Thank you for sharing with us your experience, and please don't let the negativity (if it does come) let you down.

    Love your work Stella xo

    Y-OONYEE - for Korean beauty and fashion! | Review and Comparison: Korean lip tints

  15. Yes I think the eyes and jaw :/ That's my concern

  16. Oh hello there! Thank you for taking time to leave me comment here TwT

    Jaw surgery takes 3 hours and there's a death risk so I don't really want to recommend it ^^; I think if you want to balance the whole look, chin implant is safer. For me it's better inserting than taking out your bones Dx Also I heard when you grow old, the skin would be sagging ._. ?

    For nose yes, go for it XD Surprised me because it is only 1 hour omg.. It's minor surgery so should be fine ^^
    But please take care of yourself thorough the recovery so you won't experience the flu like me T_T

    Keep saving and I believe you can do it too later ^^ Good luck and thank you!

  17. This post is super cool! I've been wanting to have something done with my nose and jaw too but I can't find any detailed information. This is super helpful. I'm also curious about the religion view for plastic surgery but you stated it already!

    Ga keliatan beda banget sih ci, but you do look prettier. That nose suits you! (This doesn't mean to offend you at all) It looks natural but definitely more defined so I guess it's worth it :)
    By the way, procedure kayak gini kena brp yah ci? Ada additional fee ga?

  18. Dear Stella,

    Well, tbh this is my first comment on your blog and I notice something about your face but I think that maybe you just look skinnier because doing diet or yoga or anything but not plastic surgery... hahaha.
    Anyway, I'm kinda scared to look at your photos after surgeon. when i'm reading this post I was like "OMG how hurt is that? can she even eat? why does she going somewhere to somewhere? and how about her condition? why don't she take a rest first?".
    But seriuosly, how about your condition right now? you're still healthy right?
    Lookin forward for your posts!

  19. I had feeling about you are about going under knife stel, especially after u posted about Grand clinic :p
    I love your nose and chin!! Still look so natural, I even can't tell if you had done it already! XD
    Btw rambutmu uda mayan panjang yaa

  20. Haha yes I separated the post because I want to make a recovery post separated. I mean, this one post is already pretty long lol
    Thank you love <3 Itu rambut extension kemaren sebelom ketemu HYDE hehe

  21. thank God for a successful operation

  22. :') love this post. hopefully the full recovery will be less painful and so rewarding! kisskiss

  23. Haha well a lot of people who did chin surgery looks slimmer, so if they want to hide it they can easily say they lose weight :D
    For me, my body is still same ^_^;; In fact it's kinda chubbier cos I can't go to gym after surgery as I am still in recovery T____T;;;

    I can't eat properly for the first 3-4 days like I wrote.. I can't chew solid food and meat for the first week too. For now I am fine but I can't yawn too big yet lol
    The staff told me to move around because it helped the recovery, but I was not allowed to be too tired ^^ For now I am fine and I'll start coming back to gym next week!
    Thank you very much for your concern and your effort to comment on my blog <3

  24. I am not someone who is very religious either. I thought my religion was against surgery before, but turned out it's not lol;;; Lucky I have some people whom I can consult with before hand
    However they said vanity is a sin, if you only take care of your beauty and spend your money on it without caring about other things or other people, then yes it's a sin.. ^^;
    If you've same religion with me and want to ask more about the issue, you can email me and ill help you sharing what I know :)

    Thank you and no no I am not offended at all :D
    Untuk pricenya it depends on what you need. I insert implant to make it higher + nose tip juga biar aga up. Pricenya tergantung juga dari bahan implant yang bakalan kamu pake dan tipe anastesi pas operasi, jadi sebenarnya mending coba tanya langsung ke kliniknya kena berapa

  25. Thank you babe, kiss back :* haha

  26. Yes!! Thank you for your pray! XD

  27. Agnes Theodora CahyadiApril 12, 2015 at 5:20 PM

    To be honest, I even didn't notice about your changes, Stella-san. You are still the same person, but prettier. I love how it turns out for you. Can't wait to see the final result.
    Also, I love how open-minded you are about plastic surgery. We have the same thoughts about it.
    I laughed when you wrote about the time you arrived at Bandara Soetta and people there whispered "oplas oplas". Well, good thing you just laughed it off because those kind of people is not worth your time.
    I am planning to do eyelid surgery there too since their reputation is well-known. Hopefully my plan is going smoothly.
    I wish you a good health recovery! Thank you so much for sharing.

  28. OMG Stella you're so brave and COOL person. Ngga banyak orang yang berani bilang kalo abis oplas di publik, dan ngasih penjelasan soal susahnya nge jalanin itu. You have big heart and really love you're personality.

    BTW aku sempet aga bingung pas di postingan soal Bali, kok tumben ngga banyak selfie nya. Tapi aku pikir kan itu review resto jadi ga perlu banyak-banyak selfie juga. Perubahanya keliatan tapi ga bikin kamu kaya orang lain. Masih keliatan kalo kaya Stella kok. You look pretty as always...

  29. Aku juga awalnya deg-degan loh, makanya ini 2 taon kan aku pikirin sampe konsultasi sana sini :( I mean, Indonesia gitu loh..
    Haha iya di Bali sama Korea aku gak banyak foto HUHUHUHUHUHU sebel lol makanya jadinya ngeblog yang laen. Di Korea juga aku kemana mana tapi enggak foto malah potoin mama XD

  30. Well I noticed you look very beautiful on your photos, but never thinking you do surgery! I really like how the shape of your nose look now! It must to be very a difficult decision as you didn't like hospital at all (I am literally like that too, too scared to be in a hospital bed) and you get the courage to front your fear! I don't know if I will be capable of doing something like that, because its scares me too, I have some parts of my face I didn't like on certain angle, I sometimes think about surgery these parts... But its so scared me lol.
    So congrats to face that, I admire it a lot!

  31. Well, you're still you. Dulu awal gw kenal make up klo tanya sama Stella bakal dijawab. Message gw terakhir masih direply ramah. I like how you're still down to earth and such, even to someone who does not own a blog like me ^^"
    Congratulations for the new enhanced you! Cheers :D

  32. so my secret surgery was a success XD
    Yes I was super scared too and I don't know how come I have bravery to go under knife. But the thought of just sleeping and remembered nothing helps? If it's anaesthesia with me still wake up, I WONT DO it lol I even cry when I squeezed out my blackheads lOL

  33. Awww thank you for your kind comment T___T
    Recently I hardly reply cos I was busy with jobs, if only there was any cloning surgery lol

  34. Wahhh...cici your fan since last g pernah comment..cuma rajin baja aj..hahahaa...
    So proud of brave cici...Im still thinking about surgery also..but since you share it with us..I think I cant do it..hahahaa..penakut gw ci..for you 2 thumbs up

  35. Wow, I am surprised too although you looked different but couldn't tell how or what. The last few posts I thought you looked more natural, less makeup perhaps but becoming prettier everyday. Turns out this, but I am happy for you and glad that you didn't hide your procedure to your readers :)

  36. How about the pain in scale 1 to 5? Also how much it cost? So curious, anyway the result look so natural :)

  37. Pain is ZERO
    Discomfort level is 3... It's totally different.. hehe

    Cost for nose surgery starts from 30 million rupiah [3000USD] depends from the type of implant you have, clinic, doctor, anaesthesia type, and also procedures you need. My nose costs around 6000 USD because I want the nose bridge higher, tip taller, and also reduce nostril a little bit
    My chin surgery is 3000 USD too :)

  38. The least thing I want to do is misleading people about beauty related stuffs..
    I believe my readers deserve explanation about any beauty things in my life :)

  39. Haha kok pada males komen sihhh :P
    Kalau diliat emang takut tapi berlalu begitu saja, bangun2 tapi bonyok dan shock sih lol

  40. It's a nice decision kak! Ga berubah banyak kok :) kalo ada yg ejek biarin aja huh. Tapi kalo buang ingus atau pilek idungnya gimana ?mana gak? Atau ketonjok atau gimana nanti berubah ga? Idungnya sekuat idung biasa? Hehe maaf nanya nya anehh

  41. Kemaren pas flu gak bisa buang ingus jadi ingusnya dikorek dikit2 pake korek kuping. Oh deritanya demi cantik LOL
    Kalo ketonjok gak boleh, ntar idungnya penyok. Jadi kalo mau tau orang oplas apa ga, tonjok aja ntar tapi tinggal kamu dibakar wkwkwkw.. Jadi mulai skarang harus hati2 banget. Kemaren aja makanya pas ak ntn konser2 ak gak banyak dket2 orang takut kena tangan orang gak sengaja hiks
    Idungnya gak akan sekuat idung biasa karena ada benda asing, jadi harus dijaga lebih hati hati ^^

    Semoga jelas yaa <3

  42. WHAAAAA maooo!! tapi abis baca harganya berapa, jadi ga semangat expensive:( i want to have nose surgery also.. Really want to make it like Lana del rey's nose....but I don't think my very-very-religious-family will allow me to do that, I think I'll do it when I've got a job and making money by myself!
    Very Inspiring;D many people hide the facts that they done surgery, but you explained it and add photos from day-to-day to make people easier to understand it :D

  43. aduh cci, .. fotonya serem tapi hasilnya bagus banget! still look like you but prettier. I wouldn't notice that you had a procedure ! recoverynya memang satu bulan ya cci?

  44. Recoverynya sectarian 6 bulan say ternyata klo oplas, lama ya :( Cuman stelah sbulan kayak aku sih udah mulai mendingan lah, bisa keluar dan gak gitu ketauan oplasnya hehe..
    Nanti kalau udah bagus hasilnya baru ak blog lagi XD

  45. Tmenku oplas di thailand cuman 5 juta dan bagus, ada 2 orang kenalanku ke sana. Cuman yang aku agak takut adalah kebersihan kliniknya aja sih di thailand hehe ^^; Yah ada harga ada barang ya? XD
    I think it's important to have family's permission first so if you're keen to do it, maybe let them try to understand :) Also I recommend you to talk about it to your religion teacher to get a right answer

    I thought I'd do it when I was around 25 - 30 years old too, you know, when you already have good money on your bank haha XD I hope that people would know that plastic surgery is not like magic when you transform beautifully the day after. There's progress, pain, and also a lot of troubles behind it ^^;

  46. di foto yg terakhir mirip orang korea mukanya ci, agak mirip park sora (?) hahaha~ kalo aku bilang sih sebelom sama sesudah udah cakep kok trus ga terlalu beda jauh sampe drastis yg gimana gitu~

  47. Hi! I was kinda surprised you took the surgery - I thought your face before the surgery was perfect enough but when I saw the after pics... wow, it's even better *A*
    the yellow bruises that appeared are kinda scary D: but it relieves me when you said that the other clinic's bandages are messy - you really took the best place ;v;)
    well in short - you look very lovely 0v0)b your decision to do the surgery and the result is good 0v0)b

  48. Hey the surgery turned out great! May I know what camera are you using?

  49. sumpahh salut ama kak stella :D berani bangettt ><
    proud of you sis <3
    jujur aku ngefans kaka udah lama, dan sekarang aku makin ngefans wkwk <3

  50. Wah ci bagus jadi keliatan lebih dewasa gitu..
    Tapi lama dan agak serem ya proses penyembuhannya, aku takut keburu down karena prosesnya :(
    Kalau plastic surgery itu ada yang bisa keliatan lebih muda ga yaa? Pengen wajah yang imut imut gitu ^^

  51. Dari tadi nge scroll atas bawah atas bawah dan ternyata................................... wow.

  52. Iya menurutku mukaku kelihatan lebih dewasa, seneng sih biasanya kalo gak dandan dikira bocah XD
    Memang cukup lama, pas recovery pun aku sempet down dan stres karena mukaku bonyok

    Kalau mau keliatan muda bisa diinjeksiin lemak ke wajah. namanya fat graft. Lemaknya itu diambil dari perut atau paha terus dipindahin ke wajah ^^

  53. Hahaha makasihhh, tapi aku sebenernya takut juga kok sama aja :( cuman nekat aja lol

  54. Kalau sudah mapan mungkin boleh kucoba nih ce 😂😂😂struktur muka aq sama muka cc kurang lebih sama ._. Ga "3D" alias gepengs dari samping 😢😢😢

  55. For this I use my Sony NEX 5 cos it's easy for selfie..

  56. Thank you very much for the supportive comment. I guess I don't alter too much because I don't want to look fake and I'm glad I just become a prettier version of Stella Lee XD
    But yes the bruises are scary, and horrendous D:

  57. Hehe iya soalnya aku takut ke fake-an. Tau kan soal yang kalo orang oplas mukanya jadi sama smua, nah aku gamau gitu LOL ntar kalo gak bs dibedain sama mamaku gimana hahaha

  58. Haha iya operasi ginian kan biayanya lumayan ya, nabung dulu sambil siapin mental say XD Iya aku baik2 saja sbenernya dari depan, dari sampingnya itu loh, kalo orang candid rasanya gepeng ilang gitu LOL

  59. Dikau jadi tambah cantik ci!
    Sebelumnya dikau udah cantil, dengan oplas ini dikau jadi makin cantik.
    Jadi ga sabar lihat dikau setelah 6 bulan nanti~

  60. Iah ce 😂😂😂 kalau sudah mapan ce kwkwkkwkw..
    Iah ce sama.. paling anti foto dari samping paling mentok noleh dikit.. rahang juga agak kotak, dagu maju ma hidung rata 😢😢😢

  61. Wah ce bagus banget hasilnya! Makin cantik deh. Pengorbanan tersiksa berhari-hari ngga sia-sia ya hahaha! Pain is beauty, after all!

    Aku salut banget kamu open sama surgery kamu (*^ワ^*) Sukses terus ya ce!

  62. Makasih yaaa ^____^ Iya sebenernya sekarang tidurpun masih gak tenang soalnya takut nabrak idungnya XD

  63. Makasih sayy <3 iya aku masih menjaga implan ini haha, cantik itu susah ya XD

  64. Wow! You're so brave! Seneng ternyata ada orang Indonesia yg berani oplas and even not lying about it :D
    And you look better too, tho you looked pretty too before you do the surgery ><
    my whole body got goosebumps when I saw your recovery photos, and when you said you cried when you removed the stitches inside your mouth I felt like I cant walk :c
    anw, good job ce :D

  65. Riska Arista YuliantiApril 12, 2015 at 10:54 PM

    Ce..salut bgt deh sama keterbukaan km..recovery nya looks painfull tp hasil akhirnya worthed yaa..
    Btw mata km bagus bgt deh ce, softlensnya paje merk apa ce? *maap menyimpang ^^

  66. ce klo uda permanen itu hidungnya uda gapapa kena timpak atau nabrak sesuatu?

  67. Setahuku seumur hidup ga boleh kena tabrakan lol klo ga penyok

  68. softlensnya pake softlens dari japan softlens cuman ak lupa tipe apa XD;

  69. grand kasih tahu aku kalo sbenernya banyak banget orang indo kesana. sebulan bisa 30-50 orang. itu baru satu klinik dan di gangnam itu ada ratusan klinik! jadi sebenernya banyak deh orang indo yang oplas cuman ya diem2 aja hehe :b

    Oh yea that one is fckin painful :"( I cried so hard but now I hardly remember about it lol

  70. Waaaah........ spertinya aku ga sanggup ce.. tapi suka banget sama hasilnya.. huhuhuhu...

  71. iya nih harus prepare bgt klo mau oplas T_T; harus ati2

  72. Awaiting for the permanent result! ^^
    kira2 berapa ya biayanya di grand?

  73. hello ce Stella, thanks for sharing yah. memberikan pencerahan bagi pembaca tentang reality of plastic surgery. Post berikutnya bisa diulas tentang perawatan plastic surgery ke depannya? kayak harus kontrol tiap berapa lama, terus kan kata ce ga boleh ketonjok, kalau udh tua keriput ada dampaknya apa engga,implant harus diganti tiap berapa lama, bisa jadi kanker and so on. ini isu yang susah dicari informasinya karena sifat tertutup orang yg oplas.. I will appreciate it a lot if you can share it with us readers :)

  74. Ahhh cakep bgt... keren bgt hasil oplas di korea stella.. pengen bgt oplas disana.. tp nabung duluu.. oya stella, buat implan hidung pake tulang rawan sendiri or gimana?

  75. Ce, hasilnya bagus bangetttt aaaa pengennn.. soalnya side view ku malah lbh rata dr ce2..:( Tp bayangin sakitnya jadi nyesek haha.. Ce, meskipun ntar hasil udah permanen masih butuh kontrol2 gitu atau ga ya ? Trus kalau pas facial di salon gitu bagian idungnya gimana ci, bole ga ya dipencet2 gitu ? Oya ce, trus itu selamanya musti tidur lurus atau pas masa recovery aja ? haha kadang suka penasaran sih ce kalo do plastic surgery itu kerepotan di belakangnya apa aja.. ga pernah ada yg sharing2 kayak gini soalnya.. =)

  76. grand clinic kan ya namanya? adik ku ada kekurangan di bagian hidung, dan udah dari tahun lalu nyari review macam2 klinik di korea sebentar ada yg review bagus sebenter di review ga bagus jadi kurang yakin. Disana biaya untuk hidung sekitar 30 juta Kah? Karna rs disini mematok sekitar 80 juta dan itu harus 2 kali operasi,, T nT boleh share tempat menginapnya juga? Dan disediakan penerjemah bahasa juga kah? Mohon infonya~ trimakasih sebelumnya~ :')

  77. you look pretty~~ <3
    btw your face looks super swollen after the surgery ._.

    cheer, michelle ~

  78. Ka stella... sakit gak sih?? Sumpah ini artikel bikin aku mikir 2x untuk oplas...
    Makasih loh ka artikelnya :)

  79. Aq udah lama ngefans ama blog ini ampe terdorong ikut ngeblog jg tp br sekarang commentnya hehe.Hasilnya bagus yah stell kelihatan natural dan tetep facenya "stella" ga banyak yg berubah tp memang kelihatan lebih cantik.Beauty is pain yah,kalau aq rasanya ga sanggup nahan sakitnya,tp ngiler juga sama jaw surgery biar pipi lebih tirus hehe. Btw selama surgery ga bisa cuci muka dong yah?tapi bare facenya kinclong gt#salahfokus

  80. aku suka banget hasilnya yang masih terlihat natural dan ga terlalu banyak perubahan. sepertinya lebih kecil aja ya hidungnya apa karna efek lebih di tingiin or something.. aku ga ngerti dan aku suka bangettt sama jaw surgerynya..!! aku salut banget kamu bisa buka2an tentang oplasan ini..!! TOP banget..!! aku dari dulu di suruh operasi hidung cuma takut2.. tapi look the amazing result kamu asli pengen banget..!!

  81. I am so afraid to even try something like that! I've only had one surgery, when I broke my ankle, and I was so scared that I had a nurse at my bedside for almost my entire stay, sitting next to me and petting my hair, haha!

    If anything, I want my breasts done. They are rather large and a pain in the butt sometimes.

    Your results are fantastic. You still look like you, just a little different ^_^ I'm glad you had a good experience with the clinic that you chose. Your doctor did an excellent job!

  82. Tellaaaa!!! Maap banget gue ngakak waktu lu bilang kaya avatar pas masih bengkak itu! X(
    Thanks for sharing! Gue juga pengeenn oplas buat benerin idung, gedein mata, sama ngecilin daguu.. Emang semua orang pasti ngerasa punya kekurangan yang pengen dibenerin, dan gue setuju kaya lu bilang, asal masih sesuai dengan muka asalnya tapi better. Jadi orang-orang masih ngenalin. Setelah afternya gak jauh beda kok teel, tapi emang keliatan lebih dewasa dan menggoda uhuy~ Alus banget pula hasilnya gak keliatan kaya diapa-apaiin.. Please don't listen to haters or any hating comments because only we know the boundaries for ourselves!

  83. wow.. in a better way, you do look a bit different! hoping you'll be even better & more comfortable after a couple months. I was once thinking of nose surgery too! I never knew the recovery process would be so long @,@
    anyway congratulations for your success procedure :)

  84. Hasilnya bagus banged.. Terlihat seperti boneka.. Hehe
    Tp melihat hari2 setelah operasi begitu menyiksa dan saya tidak sanggup seperti itu.. Hehe

  85. Actually I spotted something different with ur nose before u "open" this on public but i thought it was make up. I do admire ur bravery through plastic surgery *thumbs up* Baca post ci stella aja aku uda ngeri banget liat proses recovery nya ><
    Aku ga sadar chin nya juga under surgery loh. sama sekali ga keliatan. overall you look prettier but it still you. just a slightly minor different. Don't be mental broke down because of hatter's comment ci. There're still bunch of ur readers who loves youuu :)

  86. Hi! I think doing surgery is not a bad thing... For me, As a young teen I understand why people doing this because of my open mind, People saying bad things and criticizing a person after a surgery is absolutely childish and insecure, They always say that " She only done surgery, she is not really beautiful" They often say that on the people they hate or envied. I love your honesty ate Stella! And I love how you set your mind on this thing, you did research and consulted other people at first. I know you did it because you want to be the best version of you! I hope you're happy! I am your biggest fan from the philippines! also 15.

  87. you are such a brave girl. it's not easy to admit that you're going under knife and make a complete post like this. to make a decision to went to plastic surgery itself it's hard because it will change your life. I can't watch you suffering T__T it's painful.... but I love the result. it looks natural...
    ahh I already have the thought of changing my nose too but thinking about the parents' and family thought. I back off, even i never dyed my hair because I still thinking of people's comments.
    well, congrats for new nose and new chin :)

  88. So happy for you, Stella~ It's really important you do what you want for yourself & I say that as I agree on this thing you said about looking better on the side profile, as we are the ones in the end of the day, who really need to feel that we do look good IN OUR OWN EYES. I thought I was the only one thinking like that, but thank you a lot for thinking like that and doing so. Looking forward for more posts~ Take lots of care, cutie~

  89. keren stell hasil nya, ya emang itu terserah kita org sih, toh sakit atau bagus nya kita yg rasa, buat perjuangannya patut di acungin jempol, kalo ada kesempatan gw jg mau kali oplas buat dagu biar kelihatan simetris, haha

  90. cantik ci Stella, hasil nya natural . Ga "merubah" wajah asli nya. Jaw surgery nya bagus bangetttt >_< muka nya jd tirus ...lebih keliatan oval ttp natural banget . biaya nya berapa sih ci buat jaw surgery nya?

  91. congrats on the surgery.. hasilnya bagussssssssss.. cuma mau nanya.. skin careny apaa muka nya mulusssss.. heheh ga nyambung sm blog post nya :D

  92. you still look pretty as always! I couldn't imagine myself in your position enduring such long recovery >< anw, I'm a Christian and my pastor said that it's okay to do plastic surgery as long as it doesn't change your face structure (shaving the bone for example) haha glad that your results turn out nice!

  93. Oh girl am I so envious! I was gifted with large jaw and it totally looks bad! I really want to have jaw surgery, but I my family and I are not in a good financial position so I had no choice but to cope with it. Even my orthodontist suggest me to align my lower jaw, so it's not really because I want to look pretty or anything. I had a hard time chewing my food because my jaws are not aligned well.
    Also, my lower jaw is the only thing that makes me feel different with my parents. I got my eyes from my mom, the eyebrows from my dad, but only the lower jaw has no clear origin. I hate it so much!
    If I had to take plastic surgery I'd probably just fix my jaw and nothing else. I love my face which my parents gave to me, except for the jaw though!

  94. yaampun buat operasi idung aja recovery sampe selama itu T_T gimana orang yang sampe ngerombak full atau bahkan sampe operasi badanya gak kebayang sakitnya huhu
    bagus banget hasilnya natural abis gak keliatan idung palsu(?) tapi ngejaganya itu ya susah banget :c

  95. Gak terlalu banyak perubahannya, kelihatan lebih kalem aja are naturally beautiful with or without plastic surgery

  96. I know how it felt after surgery! I just had open heart surgery too recently! and i really impressed with your braveness girl! you rock! i don't see any major difference how you look. you just look beautiful as always but maybe look even more beautiful now :)

  97. Such a great informative post. Good on you, do what makes you happy. You look great! ^__^

  98. Nanti coba dirangkum ya :) Thank you!

  99. Aww thank you. And I hope your heart is fine now!!! ><

  100. Iya aku ampe ngeri ngerombak yang lain soalnya ini aja lama bener ngurusinnya :/

  101. I am blessed through this job that I have opportunity to get it sponsored, however even without the sponsor I had thought to do it by myself with my own money in the future. All I can say is good luck on your wish and work hard to achieve your dream :) I believe you can collect enough money for the surgery that you always need sooner or later <3

  102. Yes it is kinda tough at first XD Then is it forbidden for the nose? This is interesting because I have never heard about the face structure rules :o I'm really curious what he says!

  103. Hahaha skincare ku lagi acak adul, lain kali aku post skincare tips ya

  104. Aku bukan jaw surgery tapi Chin surgery. Jadi tambah implan bukan potong rahang. Punyaku minor jadi sekitar 30jt ^^

  105. Haha iya dagu lagi ngehits banget ya!!

  106. Aww thank you for your comment :")

  107. If you still can't take the fuss, maybe you can start with dark brown and go lighter as you go :D I guess blonde is a little bit too extreme for people who have virgin hair for years ^^;

  108. Thank you!!! Well for me surgery is like the most extreme and the peak of beauty related improvement so I don't want to do it recklessly ^^; I searched a lot of informations and picked clinic that I trust, and I am glad I get a little prettier XD
    Hello Philippines!! ^^

  109. Haha di foto ngeri sih tapi aslinya aku gak sakit. Numb lebih tepatnya most of the time XDDD
    Makasih, ailapyu too :*

  110. Hehe iya ada yang sanggup ada yang engga ^^

  111. I guess it's also because my skin is pretty sensitive so I had longer recovery :(

  112. Aww thank you!! :")
    Haha tapi emang itu kayak avatar, gede bener idungnya kek apaan -_-

  113. Oh wow too big? I heard some people got it reduced because as they grow older, the back would not be able to support it :O If it's for health reason, I really encourage you more to do it :(

  114. Wah disuruh operasi sama siapaaa. Aku juga dari dulu disuruh sama mama haha padahal dulu pas kecil gak ngeh pesek sama mancung itu apa

  115. Kenapa pada jarang comment sih hehe
    Iya selama 7 hari pas bengkak parah gak bisa cuci muka, ketolong udara korea bersih XD

  116. engga sakit kecuali pas lepas jaitannya soalnya pas dilepas gak pake anastesi ^_^; klo operasinya sih pules gak sadar XD

  117. Aku enggak harus kontrol kok, dan nanti kayaknya boleh tapi so far aku belum boleh pencet2 komedo huhu
    Untuk tidur selama masa recovery diharapkan biar tidur lurus biar idungnya gak goyang2 T_T; Repotnya lumayan banyak sii, kayak olahraga kalau keberatan juga belum bisa, kepanasan belum boleh, makan pedes2 kayaknya juga dilarang dulu [aku sii emang gak doyan cabe], banyak cobaannya after oplas :")

  118. Tergantung lagi dari dokter, tipe anastesi, tipe operasi, tipe prosedur yang dibutuhkan, dan lain sebagainya

  119. Sekarang aku udah bisa foto dari samping XD *sudah senang*

  120. wow. after looking at the result pictures, I would say that it was worth the pain. Your facial features look more defined but not in a dramatic way. Thank you for sharing this :) It is difficult to find such a comprehensive and detailed explanation about this topic.

  121. hmmmmm...mengerikan sekali yaa...mau cantik mesti tersiksa :( ,tp jd makin cantik ya stella...

  122. cakep koq stell.. kalo dari depan ga terlalu banyak perubahannya.. masih tetep sama kaya stella yg dulu, tp jd rada mature aja.. demen banget liat dari samping.. kyaaa!!

  123. They are just inconvenient sometimes! When I go clothes shopping, I have to buy shirts in a large or extra large to fit my breasts, but then the rest of the shirt doesn't fit right. Shopping for bras is a pain, too. I want to get them reduced a bit, but I will wait until I'm older and finished having children. I would like at least one more child, so the surgery will have to wait. I don't know if breast feeding would be the same if they were reduced at this point.

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  130. It looks good!

    What camera + lense do you use for your blog pictures!

  131. The result is pretty gorgeous! (even though you're already gorgeous before) If my religion allowed, I'd change my entire face so I could look like Krystal Jung lol
    It's a good information because I personally am really curious about how plastic surgery works. And the swollen is... amazing... omg O_O It even lasted for more than a month... If I were you I'd have been stressed out xD
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    at first, i didn't want to tell anybody about it, but i just cant lie in front of my closest friend so i just tell them if i have done some surgery..
    i'm glad cause they dont judge me bad (thay also want to do the same surgery as me LOL)..
    but some thing happen when i came to my church cell group last week, this woman talking about surgery, how she hate it so very much and tell that anyone (men or women) who had done plastic surgery is the person who couldn't accept his/her condition given by God..
    i was so mad at that time, i want to tell her if i had a plastic surgery too, not because i cant accept myself at that time or cause i feel so ugly, but because my family encourage me to do that so i could have more confident of myself..
    But i dont want to take any fight, so i'm just keep my mouth shut til she's done her talking..
    the truth is, i never lied to anyone about my "new" nose, i never answered "yes or no" if they ask about 'hey you have a great nose, i want it too. Did you do some plastic surgery?' and i'm just smiling. And they ask the next question 'did you had any relative came from netherland?' I just answer 'yes i had, my great grandmother are from netherland' and they just stop talking about it (guess they had the answer LOL)..

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