Visiting Grand Plastic Surgery - Korean Medical Clinic

March 23, 2015

It is not complete when we're talking about Korea without mentioning about their Medical Clinic. Korean Medical Clinic is a big boom thanks to countless numbers of patients and Kpop stars whom done the procedure and it is supported by the government too. There are hundreds or even thousands of Korean Beauty Clinic available all over Korea, but the most famous and usually the best are located at the famous district Gangnam

Both of us were invited to come over and visit one of the most famous clinics, Grand Plastic Surgery
Grand is not only for plastic surgery but they also have dermatologist, this time, my mom got to experience what Korea offers in terms of dermatologist :D

We had appointment at 2 p.m and we just walked around 15 mins from our hotel. Grand Plastic Surgery is very easy to spot on. Just stop at Sinsa Station and take exit number 8. My hotel was located at Sinsa Exit 2 so it's pretty convenient ^.^

The lobby of Grand Plastic Surgery is very "grand".. Btw I spot a model on the poster but I don't know her lol

It has 15 floors and 3 basement floors!
Each floor has its own function whether it is operating room, post-care centre, consultation room, dermatologist area, and so on!

And here are some of the pics of their floors!!!

Best thing about being a blogger is, I am allowed to snap any pictures without being embarrassment LOL

Super luxurious and spacious!!!! Mom loves it so much XD

While waiting for the doctor, mom and I took a look of their brochures and in awe of Korean Plastic Surgery O_O Their before and after are so different and I really couldn't imagine yet how much pain they had to endure

Also got free drinks like coffee or tea at each floor ^.^

Cos the doctor took so long I just snapped a lot of pictures since their waiting room is so good for camwhoring lol

Grand Plastic Surgery both offers plastic surgery and dermatologist. There are many Kpop celebs who have come to this clinic to enhance their beauty and some of it are displayed inside their clinic

Mom and I were accompanied by 2 Korean staffs who are fluent in Indonesian. Mom cannot speak english so usually she has to rely on me when we visit shops overseas, but we're very glad that they provide staffs who can speak Indonesia. I mean, there are not that many elder people in Indonesia who can speak english fluently and by having these kind of staffs, it would be very helpful towards them ^.^

Wrote about mom and I's profile and allergic and skin condition etc on the paper 

Yea no face of mom, just silhouette haha
Old readers must have known that I don't publish family pictures 

So in fact mom wanted to remove her "tahi lalat" but it has grown too big for laser and it requires surgery, but surgery schedule is too full
Then I told my mom to have her face lifted like Titik Puspa but we just knew that it is a major surgery too and takes like 3 hours O.O and it's gonna be super painful one! Mom is a chicken so she chose dermatologist instead for her skin 

Grand Staff recommended us a dermatology skin that is loved by many Kpop stars named "Promise". It is supposed to make mom's skin glowing and moisturized like Kpop stars XD

Mom enjoyed her 1 hour Promise Treatment like any Korean Celebs

So how's the result?

Left : Before, Right : After

Even on the before, mom has MAC Foundation which is famous to cover up imperfections as it's stage make up la. But anyway after the treatment, she has nothing besides skincare and we can tell that her skin is glowing and brighter than before!!
Also when I touched it, it's much much smoother too

So disappointed that they don't open their dermatology treatment in Indonesia T_T
I am happy enough that on mom-daughter trip to Korea, she is able to try a little bit of Korean Beauty Industry. She tried it twice during our trip in Korea, the other one is on our last day in Korea and she loves it ^.^

Next time if you go to Korea with your mom, let them try the beauty magic in Korea too!

See you guys on my next post!

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  1. whaaa.. so want it... I'm a bit afraid to visit beauty clinic here in Indonesia, afraid that it's too chemical and too harsh for my skin >_<

  2. Di endorse atau bayar sendiri ci?

  3. aku juga udah jarang ke beauty clinic di indonesia kalau enggak percaya2 amat soal produk sama tekniknya ^^;

  4. Ahh I want the dermatology treatment too *0* No wonder Koreans have such great skin!
    It doesn't look like a clinic, it looks very modern and welcoming actually. xD

  5. Wow so nice! I have yet to come across a place like this nice in socal.

  6. Did your mom help you to snap pictures of yourself stel? If yes, your mom is a good photographer! XD
    Soalnya mamaku gaptek :p hahaha.

  7. nope, the staff helped!! My mom is super gaptek too, 99% of the pictures she took is blur -_-

  8. so this is how beauty clinic in gangnam looks like XD

  9. Tahi lalat bahasa sononya nevus kayaknya stel...

  10. oh wow, how cool is that, look at the pictures from that great and you're also so pretty. =)
    scatterbrained sometimes at me on the page past would be delighted.

  11. is it just me or... why do i feel like the photos which display K-Pop stars with the doctor were all photoshopped?? they look so fake with different brightness and contrast on one photo between the celebrity and the doctor, look like they snapped random photos of the celebrities, cropped and combined it with the doctor. lol. cmiiw.

  12. How much does it cost? ^^