Michelin Star Chef Experience with Intercontinental Resort Bali

March 18, 2015

Continuation post of Bali! Hey ho everyone! 
During my last holiday in Bali I had an opportunity to learn cooking and have dinner from Michelin Star Chef at Intercontinental Resort Bali. Intercontinental Resort Bali invites Michelin Star Chef 2-3 times in a year and the one that I was learning from is Italian Chef ^.^

I mostly cook at home and I do enjoy cooking so this has become great experience. A long post here full of food pictures :9

I was staying at Intercontinental Resort Bali for a few days after my stay before with Makan Luar which you can read HERE. I got their Club Intercontinental Room type which comes with a lot of benefits such as personal butler service, spacious room, access to all lounges 24 hours with free drinks, access to 5 different breakfast restaurants, free high tea on afternoon, access to their club lounge and pool, free cocktails and drinks on the beach area, return airport transfer, and many more!! Never I experience a lot of benefits for staying at a hotel so I really recommend the Club Room type! 

The room is very spacious and the design is a mixture of traditional bali and modernity. The amenities are all also very high-class and it comes with both shower and bath up ^.^


Bella Cucina Restaurant

Bella Cucina is an Italian Restaurant located inside Intercontinental Resort Bali specializes in Italian Food. Both the cooking class and gastronomic dinner were held here. The cooking class was done in the morning along with other medias and I had time to roam around the beautiful restaurants ^.^

The lightings are pretty awesome during the day as they have a lot of windows where sunlights can hit through

Here's the Gastronomic Menu from Michelin Star Chef. The price is pretty reasonable in my opinion especially since I believe that if you experience it overseas, you'll have to pay more than this T_T
Even when I had fine dining in Japan and it's not even Michelin, the price could be higher..

So if you're interested to try how good Michelin Star Food is, make sure to keep an eye of the next Michelin Event from Intercon

Besides the dinner alone, you can also join the cooking class that is taught directly by the chef. Price was on Intercon website. On that time, we learned 3 dishes that we would have for the dinner which was a scallop starter, ravioli as main dish, and tiramisu as dessert. The chef brought along some staffs from Italy as well to assist him

The cooking process was so complicated for just a single dish and it needs precision on every single little detail. It made me realise that the good foods that I have always had has effort to put, making me want to savour each food better in the future

So here are the foods!

Marinated scallop which is THE BEST SCALLOP I have ever had. Not the scallop alone in fact, but the sauce and other fresh veggies are really goodddd. The sourness and sweetness blends beautifully like something that I have never eaten before T____T

Next is the Ravioli. We cut and filled it by ourselves ^.^
The pasta was also handmade and made on the day, we watched through the process. As expected from Michelin Star..

Last is Tiramisu. We styled it by ourselves too :D
I am never a fan of chocolate or mocca or coffee and such but God.. This is HEAVEN!
The bailey cream taste is strong yet blends beautifully with the coffee, and the sugar is sweet but not overpowering. Also there's some crunchiness from the chocolate and the sponge cake melts inside my mouth. It is like a heaven bursts inside my mouth as there are so many sensations at the same time


For the dinner, we had complete menu but unfortunately the lighting was pretty dim. It was good for the romantic vibe for your dinner with loved one, but photography wise it's just not that good :(
However the food taste remains vividly inside my mind as it's just too good to be true!!

Got their Marinated Scallop again as a starter 

I couldn't decide which one is better as the starter but the scallop was fresh and has a hint of sourness, while this Veil Tonnato and Red Cow Parmigiano are absolutely FANTASTIC baby
The meat melts inside my mouth and the sauce makes the flavour tastes absolutely delicious. Then the meal was followed by the ravioli that we cooked before and it's again, very good!

Next is Red Mullet in Mediterranean Crust Marinated Potatoes. I finished everything to the sauce and couldn't bear to let a single thing left behind. The fish doesn't smell fishy at all, and the potatoes are very soft yet has a slight crispiness

Next is their Loin of Lamb and the meat is super tender and juicy!!! I had a lot of lambs before but this is one of the juiciest and the softest meat I have ever had. Just couldn't speak anymore but gulped it all without any thought, just happiness T_T

The meal is followed with Amalfi Lemon Cream which is pretty sour yet I craved for more. The lemon is very strong and fragrant. After this we were presented with the tiramisu again, never could be enough with it!

Last is Coffee with some mini deserts. The macaron is the BEST I HAVE EVER HAD. I had eaten La Duree before from Japan and it was good, but this one passed La Duree for sure! It is crunchy yet melts inside my mouth! Sorry and not sorry for the other two cakes that the macaron becomes the main star and although the other two are fantastic, I love the macaron more

Overall my first Michelin Star Dinner experience is fantastic and I really recommend everyone to try Michelin Meal at least once in a lifetime. After all everyone loves good food, it makes you happy and thankful for being alive ^.^


KO Japanese Restaurant

Since I spent some time at Intercontinental, I also had chance to experience their other famous restaurant which is a Japanese cuisine restaurant named KO. They have Teppanyaki and Sushi Bar 

I was there for dinner so the lighting was dark and contrast like this. However the ambient is mysterious, eccentric, yet glamorous. I love the combination of black and red so much!!

Since I eat sushi a lot, I decide to eat Teppanyaki instead for a different experience

First we were given complimentary fish tempura

I also ordered shrimp balls with spicy mayonnaise sauce [sauce is separated]. It has crunchy texture yet softness inside

I RECOMMEND THIS for any sashimi lover. The appetiser is Raw salmon marinated with miso. The salmon is very fresh and the miso compliments it so much

The chef then began to cook for us and first we were given the veggies teppanyaki

Mom ordered Angus Tenderloin for the teppanyaki, the meat is so juicy and rich in taste. Besides, when you see your meal is cooked in front of you and you eat it right after it's presented, the deliciousness is doubled!

I ordered beef too at first but before they cooked mine I saw foie grass and I hardly eat it so I kinda shouted why Japanese Restaurant had it lol Turns out you can make it into teppanyaki too but it's not written on the menu, so not many people know. Then I decided to get foie grass set for my teppanyaki which is completed with some mushroom and unary

This is the completed meal. The mushroom is awesome and the unagi is beyond delightful. I love the unary so much as it melts inside my mouth
For the foie grass of course nothing can go wrong la T____T

I have been wanting to eat it for a long time but just no chance to go to French Restaurant. Who knows Japanese Restaurant in Bali serves it in Japanese style? Last time I ate it at Emilie - Senopati, however it was french style. For me, I am more accustomed with french style of foie grass instead of the Japanese style though. But it's just a matter of preference maybe? :v

I ordered this mango and passion fruit dessert. Although I was super full but this one still manages successfully to be finished instantly. The sweetness and sourness is amazing and underneath they have chocolate crumbles that gives a slight crunch on this soft gelatine

Before we left, the chef wrote something on the cooking desk with salt and it's a thank you message, written neatly and wonderfully even though he had to write it backward <3

Anyway, you can try both Bella Cucina and KO Japanese Restaurant even though you're not a hotel guest. Make it easier by booking it through Makan Luar

The next day I had slow morning and even though I can go to any restaurants for breakfast, but Club Room has benefits of in-room breakfast. So I ordered my breakfast and wrote special request to have it Egg Benedict. Who doesn't love half-cooked egg right yumm :9

It comes with a set of bread, yoghurt, egg platter, fruit juice, and your choice of eggs. 
There are other options to pick from International Breakfast, Continental Breakfast, or Ala Carte Breakfast to suit your preference

Oh like I said, I had my own personal butler to assist me. I called butler too many times because Intercontinental is so big and I was afraid I'd get lost lol Also he helped arranging my schedule and booking thing, including my spa schedule on the last day

I had the luxury to get private spa here, omg so lucky!

In fact I am also allowed to swim and do other activities at the spa area but since I have to go back to Jakarta, maybe next time ^^

The spa room is very traditional in terms of the style, Bali's design can be seen very easily from it

First they washed my feet with some flowers and pandan scent, and also scrub it with salt and massage it with body oil 

I enjoyed the 90 minutes spa and I picked their signature massage which is Intercontinental Body Massage. The massage is done for those who want relaxation after tough days. Not like I had a tough holiday but yeah I was tired from total 2 weeks of going out [Korea and Bali], and being someone who stays indoor most of the time, it's tiring my body lol

I am happy that my trip ends beautifully
Thank you Intercontinental Resort Bali and Makan Luar for having me
It was splendid!

I will blog about my Korea trip too soon, sorting out pictures after pictures, so stay tuned
See you guys on my next post!

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