5 Must Visit Restaurant in Bali

March 11, 2015

Hello! I am finally back in Jakarta and working with all my might to edit and sort out most of the pictures for the sake of this single blog post. Like some of you notice, that I was flying down to Bali right after my Seoul trip. I also brought my mom along to have this job-fun-holiday kinda thing

I was invited to try out many restaurants in Bali like I uploaded on my Instagram, however I will only share 5 Restaurants that I LOVE during my visit there. Not like other restaurants provided are bad, but the restaurants I mention are just my preference :D

But before the main course, let's try the appetizer first. I was staying at The Trans Resort Bali for a few days before moving to another hotel. Shall I say that it's one of the best hotels I have ever had !
The rooms are spacious, and look at the pool! They import the white sand from Australia special for guests' leisure!

On my room, they had prepared a big fruit platter including handwritten note special for me from The Trans Resort Staff. I am always deeply moved with something handwritten / handmade in this digital era, because it shows how the other person puts effort not only copy-paste-print-sign :")
It makes me feeling special. Thank you!

I was staying at Celebrity Suite which is 130 m2 !!! Super spacious and also the rooms were all super clean, tidy, and I had privilege for my own BUTLER!
And the bed & pillow are super fluffy and soft, later I know that it was made from goose feather 

More pictures of the living room!

Also for Celebrity Suite, we have our own access to pool directly. At night it was so romantic!
Sadly my hectic schedule didnt allow me to enjoy all the facilities completely

Ok so when I was in Bali, all I did was to go out with mom and another Instagram Buzzer for food tasting! Other bloggers were supposed to come too but they had other schedules :"(
If you're curious about other restaurants, you can check it out on my IG @stellalee92

Without further ado, here's my pick!

5 Must Visit Restaurant in Bali
 - Stella Lee ver. :B -


I was supposed to come here last September when I was in Bali with my friends, since my friends would love to try it. Unfortunately we had no time but I am happy I can try it!
Grocer & Grind is famous for its breakfast and I am sure why, since their interior and open-kitchen space really has strong image of breakfast!

Not to mention all the wooden table and big windows, it's a perfect place to have a cup of coffee and bread in the morning. Also thanks to the big windows, you can have your pictures taken beautifully since it means you have access to sunlight! 

My favourite is their Fruit Hotcake!
The sweetness is just perfect and the hotcake is sooooo fluffy and melts inside my mouth OMG
I seriously want to come back!! :(

I also recommend their Egg Benedict for Breakfast. I love egg so much and their egg benedict is one of the best I have ever had in my life. The sourness from the vinegar, the sauce thickness and amount,  including the bread's thickness and the bacon's slice, it's all just PERFECT


The Parlour without a doubt becomes my top recommended restaurant list. The fine dining ambient with big glass windows to attract sunlight is simply gorgeous. But without forgetting a touch of fun, other areas have a pop of colors that are perfect for picture-taking

I had quite a lot of photoshoot there but maybe I'll just upload on IG XD

Who won't fall in love?

I recommend their Hainam Rice! The presentation is very unique as they first serve you using Rantang and later you can open and find the hainamese rice and the chicken separately. The hainamese rice is super good!!!!!! I could eat like 3 bowls if I didn't remember about the calories T_T
Btw the chicken is just average for me but anything will be good once you eat it along with the perfect hainamese rice lol

Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE their pork ribs!!
The meat is so tender and the sweet barbecue sauce is so rich and complements the meat pretty well. The portion is pretty huge. Mom and I had too much pork in Seoul and we swore we didnt wanna eat more pork, but once we had this, we broke the vow LOL
It's just too good!


When I first visited Bale Udang, it reminds me of Talaga Sampiriun at Ancol which my mom loves. I guess most of the city-elders love to see something that they can't find in the city? And it turns out right, Bale Udang's design is under the same group with Talaga Sampiriun. Unless according to my mom, the food at Bale Udang is much tastier ! :X

We had a lot of foods at that time but I recommend these 3!
Hurang Ageung, which is a big prawn platter. Many selections of prawns inside it with different types of presentation. MY FAV!
Gurame Bumbu Cobek and Sup Udang Kelapa are my mom's fav!
The last 2 are spicy, as expected of Indonesian food, so I couldn't taste it since I can't eat spicy things. However my mom loves the sambal so much and eats a lot here lol 

Beyond gorgeous

You can also feed the fish while drinking your coconut here like I do ^^


You can also enjoy Chinese Food in Bali, Seminyak area to be exact. And it's Ginger Moon which is famous for dinner! When you look at the restaurants interior, it's hard to believe that this restaurant serves chinese food but yes it is! 

Whether you want to be at the bar or dining table, it's all your choice

I LOVE their steamed buns so much!! The bun is so fluffy and presented nicely. The meat is soft yet crunchy on the outside. The taste is wonderful!
Besides it, I also love their dumplings a lot T___T <3

Their salads are also fresh and well marinated. Unfortunately the restaurants lighting are kinda dim and we came for dinner hence some of the pics turn out noise/blur. Not a really good place to take your pictures and show it to the world, but the experience that you and your tongue can enjoy in here are priceless


Last but not least is Piasan Restaurant that is located inside Kayu Manis Villa - Nusa Dua
It is an italian dining concept with simple modern design!

Looks classy and glamorous

You'll receive a plate of bruschetta as a complimentary meal too instead of bread ^.^ 
It consists of many toppings which is interesting!

The one that I swore by is their Melanzane Alla Parmigiana, which is deep friend eggplant with mozarella on top

I could nom nom it all day, as it doesn't smell or taste like eggplant at all but instead something out of this world lol
I hate eggplant to be honest so this dish is very crucial in my life since I can eat it. I really really recommend it!! 

I also always make sure to eat Mozarella Con Pomodoro E Basilico which is a mozzarella with tomato slice and basil, topped off with olive oil and balsamico dressing as an appetizer. It's a famous starter from Italian Cuisine

I ordered this Gnocchi Al Gorgonzola which is super awesome! The cream sauce tastes light and the gnocchi consistency is just marvelous !

Mom ordered this Risotto Con Polpa Di Granchio which is a crab meat risotto with whine wine. The flavour is strong and the crab is pretty fresh. Overall I love all the dishes!

So yeah, basically that's the summary of what I have been doing in Bali. Wake up - eat - eat - eat - sleep HAHAHA
Bye-bye beautiful body T____T;
But all the foods are so good so I don't regret it

Anyway, you can also book all the restaurants through Makan Luar, which is a website that specialises in recommended restaurant booking. All the restaurants are selected directly by the owner from their food, ambient, including service. They're also the one who helps taking care of my itinerary when going out to eat with mom during my stay in Bali. So check it out as they also offer a lot of promotions, including the latest one free Taxi to drive you to the restaurant ^.^

I also have other posts about Bali coming soon, so stay tuned and be hungry lol

See you guys on my next post!

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  1. Hii stella love your blog so much. Aku orang indonesia btw. Stella, can you provide the average rate price for each restaurant? I am afraiid they r gorgeous but out of my league. Thanks

  2. Hi dear, coba kamu ke makanluar.com dan check each restaurant price. di makanluar.com ada PDF price and menu list tiap restorannya ^.^
    I'd say some are normal but some are quite pricey :)

  3. Grocer and grind looks good!!! Seems like you had a great time ^_^


  4. The food looks soooo good, I'm starving. Indonesia look so beautiful omg


  5. It's fantastic place for breakfast :D You should try too!

  6. lovely shots! :D
    i'm drooling over that hainam chicken rice rite now :')

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

  7. Wow! Everything looks so amazing!!!!♡

  8. Avilla HospitalityMarch 25, 2015 at 5:32 PM

    Thank you for visited Bale Udang, one of our brands. We glad that you enjoyed the food. Looking forward to welcoming you and mom again in future :)

  9. Hi Stel. I live in Bali and there are so so many great restaurants here (just be ready with the bill later). Your photos are gorgeous and the Trans hotel looks so amazing inside >_<