Beauty Shopping Haul at Myeongdong, Seoul

March 02, 2015

Went to Myeongdong yesterday which is the heaven for all the cosmetic's lovers!!!! I talked to myself that I wouldn't buy any but in the end, I still lost to the temptation of what Myeongdong offers to us! 


I got this Nature Republic Glow Lipstick and it's super moisturising + colors are soooo pretty!!!
My mom has difficulty finding lipstick color that suits her and she likes the one from Nature Republic. It glides perfectly on our dry winter lips
Also they have Buy 1 Get 1 Free Promotion so yeah!

Also got Secret Key at some select shops 

And I am a slave of masks. I have gazillion masks and always want to try new one! We got it from so many brands, Snail Mask, Nature Republic, Etude House, Tony Moly, Innisfree, etc!! 
And I still could hear the scream of masks that haven't been used by me for so long, and waiting on my fridge T_T

Most of my splurge went to this baby! I have been wanting this product since I read Cheesie's blog post about Cheesie's Smaller Face
Then I saw it too in Japan at a lot of beauty department stores but the high price irks me off!
In fact, doesn't matter if it really works but I doubt it just a tool could change your face lol

However, a few of my colleagues in Japan told me that it really works!

And I happen to find one in Korea!! The price in Korea is same, 290.000 won. But it is under different brand. The one that's famous in Japan is ReFa and you can check the website HERE
The price in Japan is around that too. Basically it's around 300 USD

However I found a discount shop and went crazy, I got 4 T__________T
Thinking that my friend would want it, since I didnt have internet outside my hotel I couldn't reach them
So I just bought bought bought things and later if they don't want, I'll just sell it lol

You can also watch the videos how to use 3D Massager here

The one that's sold in Korea, is 95% similar to what Japan offers. However the grip is a little bit different, that's all! 
Mom and I tried it the night after we bought it and she swore her face was lifted even only within 5 minutes usage OMG!!!

I used it on my upper arm area which was super flabby, and I could feel it was tighten too!!!

Definitely the best purchase I have ever had in Korea! Bye money, Hello beautiful toned body!

Btw I bought 4 boxes of this, and so 3 are for sell if you want
Normal price is around 300USD / 3-3,5 Juta Rupiah in Japan

But I got promotional price in Seoul since I got a lot :x

I am selling this for Rp 1.750.000 per box, hand carry directly from Seoul
If there are more people interested with it, I can go back to the shop and find it BEFORE 4TH MARCH 2015
Because 5th March I am flying back to Bali

If nobody wants it, I will sell it to my friend. My mom also wants to offer her friends, but I'm telling you guys first lol
Also this is Solar System so you don't need battery or charger, and it is made by platinum

If any of you want, please drop me an email at !

See you guys on my next post!

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  1. I also love face masks! Everything looks great!


  2. The nature republic face masks are amazing!

  3. Always succeded to make me envy, ugh all those masks! Enjoy the rest days there, Stella ^^
    XOXO, Ristra

  4. Hi, 29,000 Won is only around 30 USD, btw.

  5. Sorry I put it wrong, it should be 290.000 won ><

  6. Aaaa~ me being super jealous rite now with all of that masks :')
    btw have fun in bali ceee ;;)

    cheer, michelle ~

  7. mask sheet nya banyak bangetttt XD

  8. Stellaaa, kalap yaaa ,haha

  9. Myeondong is a nice place to shop! I was there last summer!

  10. ohhh, that 3D massager looks interesting!

  11. Wanna xD

  12. ReFa Carat sounds amazing, but it's so hard to believe it does what it says it does. But I'm going to have to try it anyway.

  13. i was suspecting it too at first, but it gave improvement in the end for mom and I :O

  14. iya ceeee XD abis sering bgt pake mask

  15. Yes will blog about Bali too soon <3

  16. I will make a review about it maybe 8D

  17. ak kalapnya cuman sama masker huhuuhuh
    d jepang juga klo borong, borong masker


  19. Haul..... Omg aku juga baca post bloggnya cheesi dan kaget banget tapi alatnyaaa meooong banget tak sanggup klo sekarang (belum kerja)

    Semoga lain kali bisa hehehe

  20. yaampun maskernya banyak banget...

  21. That 3D face massage looks so interesting haah x

  22. I love your blog! im glad i found it!
    keep up the good work

  23. Absolutely love your blog and this haul. Lovely (:

    Life in Pastel

  24. If only I could buy all the products too ugh T_T