Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er Precision Pen Eyeliner Review and Swatch

March 26, 2015

Today I am sharing my most favourite eyeliner so far! It is from Marc Jacobs and called Magic Marc'er. What a pun! lol
I got it from Sephora Indonesia during their event last time, and yes, Marc Jacobs Cosmetics is available thorough Sephora Indonesia now! 

Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er is only available in 1 shade which is Blacquer, claimed to be the shiniest and the blackest eyeliner in the market at the moment. It is said to be developed in Japan as you can see on the box, which is awesome since Japan is famous for their eyeliner. I mean, who can forget Dolly Wink and friends?

The packaging is very unique and classy. Unlike any other eyeliner, it looks like a luxurious ballpoint instead! With black glossy packaging and gold ball on top, making it look glamorous yet simple enough to be put inside your make up pouch

Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er is a pen-type eyeliner like other popular eyeliners in Japan. I always recommend this kind of eyeliner because not only it has the result like liquid liner, but it is easier and doesn't have any problem with leakage either. I thought the tip would be hard but in fact it's very gentle yet dense. Also it gives very precise line and yes, the result is very dark

Here are some pictures when I use it on my eyes

The close up pictures don't do justice, still working and learning my new camera T_T
However the black color is very intense! 

I never use other eyeliners besides Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er ever since I own this baby. The shade is just awesome and super dark! It's waterproof too which is ANYTHING WATERPROOF is a must have in Indonesia lol
Also the longevity is very awesome, it lasts on my eyes for a long time and even if it disappears, it doesn't give me panda eyes aka smudging! It just disappears like that :O

Also it dries very quick and also very easy to clean off ! I'd give this 10/10 if only the price is not that high T___T

The price is sooo expensive in my opinion as it is Rp 378.000 per eyeliner in Indonesia [around 32$] however since it's under designer cosmetic, it is a obvious they won't produce low-price product. Also the price is not that different with Sephora America which is 30$. Let's all just hope that dollar between Indonesia is not getting higher and higher


 Luxurious unique packaging design
 Easy to use for beginner
 High longevity
 The darkest black shade on the market
 Doesn't smudge
 Easy to clean off

 Very expensive

Overall I just love love love this eyeliner so much. Does it beat my previous loved Dolly Wink? Well kind of cos Dolly Wink is not as dark as this ^^; However considering the price, I would say not everyone would like to try Marc Jacobs
IF you happen to have enough budget and a make up junkie, then I would really recommend this one though! Once you try, you can never go back!

This product is sponsored by Sephora Indonesia for a review purpose

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. Kayanya kamu pernah coba Clio Kill Black eyeliner kan, Stel? menurut kamu gimana kalo di compare sama Magic Marc'er ini?

  2. ama dolly wink bagus mana , stel ?

  3. suka bangeett sama packagingnya
    sesuai sama harga gitu
    keliatan lux
    anyway rapi banget Stel km gambar eyeliner nyaa


  4. In general the MJ makeup line is quite expensive. I have the foundation and love it! Will def have to try out the liquid liner soon.

  5. gorgeous packaging but too bad its very pricyy :'(

    cheer, michelle ~

  6. Hi stella! Great review! I'd definitely give it a try as I've always wanted to try foreign eyeliners aside from those I've always used from Japan! Keep it up! P.s.: Ive added you to my blogroll, love your blog! Feel free to add me to yours, too! Best regards!