Stella Lee for Kokoro no Tomo

March 16, 2015

It is a little bit embarrassing to see myself talking, acting, and walking on TV but it's all a good experience. Last October I was in Tokyo and Oita (Kyushu) for shooting with a TV Show from Metro TV. The TV Show's name is Kokoro no Tomo

It is the first, the one and only TV Show in Indonesia that promotes about Japanese Culture and it has been here for 5 seasons. There are 2 types of Kokoro no Tomo. The first one is the original version hosted by Amanda Zevannya, it is more formal and educational. The second one is Kokoro no Tomo POP which is a collaboration with SONY Music, it is semi-fictional drama and a story about Kokoro [Kimoto Yuki]  and a japanese woman and Tomo [Ryan Adryandhy] an Indonesian guy 

I appeared on Kokoro no Tomo POP Season 2 along with them ^.^

Basically you'll see me without photoshop, and moving + talking awkwardly with my cadelness :v

Promoted Japanese Local Tourism, this time it's mostly Beppu City and also Tokyo :)

Introduced Kawaii Cafe and Japanese Make Up too

And also spoke some Japanese with Kokoro-chan. Problem is, I didnt even know beforehand that I would have Japanese script and have to speak it, so I was memorising it in rush with translator's help T_T

And other things like that!!

So you can watch it by yourself here :

I had a bit of trouble with the fashion because it is for Metro TV and the fashion should be conservative, like no mini skirt or anything. But I hardly have anything below knee so I had to pull my skirt / pants down and mom said it looked funny lol

Also btw my luggage and coat are from Kokoro no Tomo Sponsors, it's from Flight001 and Columbia Indonesia. You can visit their stores if you're interested ^.^ 

Btw, I am not taking any major in Japan for real. It was only a character story, and there are all under script, so take it as your drama :) However there's one thing for sure,  I was talking about my E-Commerce project on Kokoro no Tomo, named Hachiko

Basically this is gonna be local E-Commerce that sells Japanese Beauty and Travel Goods in Indonesia. Hachiko Online Shop is still under construction now because there are a lot of things to do, I planned to launch it beforehand but there was a lot of troubles. But you can register your mail at Hachiko first to get voucher coupon and be the first one to know about it ^^

Do leave me a comment below too about which brands / cosmetics you want to have in Indonesia in the future as our future reference :D

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  1. The E-Commerce's concept is interesting!

    I've just signed up for the newsletter.

    Best of luck for its launch!

  2. so proud of you stell ^___^
    No need to be shy.. keep the good work! :3

  3. Wow great job!

  4. ahhh! this made me miss Japan so much! <3 <3 <3 you did a great job right there.

  5. That's wonderful that you got to star in the tv show. I understand how it can be a bit weird seeing yourself on camera. Whenever I see footage of myself, I always think, " Do I really look like that?!" and it's not really bad, but it's weird seeing all my mannerisms, appearance and posture from an outside perspective. Good luck on Hachiko, it's looks good so far.

  6. wow, i envy the way you live !
    It looks fun
    Good luck with everything <3

  7. akhirnya muncul juga postingan ini :D seneng aku nontonnya di tv haha
    btw samaan kita sama-sama cadel wkwkwk :p

  8. Hahaha
    Pertama denger suara stel kaget, jauh dari bayangan *honest*
    Lama-lama it suits you very well, kuping uda mulai biasa dengernya *super honest*
    Begitu liat episode paling bawah, jepangnya bagus banget OMaiGad >_<
    Maaf ndak sempet liat versi tivi nya, untung di upload di Youtube... :)

  9. I cadel too
    Too be honest tomo usil bgt
    Masa temenya di test sama something di dufan
    Tapi keren2
    Good luck 4 hachiko

  10. I thought you could speak fluent Japanese, Stella! :D