Illamasqua Indonesia from Central Department Store Indonesia

February 28, 2015

Oh hi again from Seoul!! 

I am still in this city but I need to blog about an important brand that has come to Indonesia AT LAST! It is Illamasqua from UK woohoo!!!!
I have heard about how this brand was gonna enter the market from insider and could hardly wait for the day. Finally 18th February before I flew to Seoul, the grand launching was held at Central Department Store Indonesia so I attended the party and tried the products on the counter too

Central Department Store Indonesia is the only one who brings Illamasqua here and although I could not review all the products, I will share some of my thoughts regarding the products that I have for now. Read more for the review ^^

I got myself a Hydra Veil Rehydrating Gel which is a base / primer make up for dry skin and their Lipstick Rouge! These 2 are my holy grail products at the moment and I will share about it in further details later

Illmasqua Hydra Veil Rehydrating Gel is an intensive hydrating base make up that gives a radiant finish. It gives an immediate rehydration boost and should be used before any foundation or powder. They claim to provide instant smoothing effect, rehydrates skin, and calms & refreshes the skin

It comes with a black box with Illamasqua logo printed on top of it, as Illamasqua's trademark

Illamasqua product is dominated with black color

It comes with mini spatula / spoon to take out the product for hygiene issue. Also it is re-attachable

What I love is their AWESOME texture because it looks like pudding texture at first but if you mix it using the spoon, later on it will be back again like the pudding
The texture is soft squishy and cold, just like any pudding with water transparency

There's also a video swatch that you should see on Illamasqua website to find out how it looks like in real

The product is AMAZING and I rate it 100/10!!!!
It is the best make up primer I have ever used so far, and maybe I am kinda biased because I have super dry skin for the past 1 year. No matter what brand I use to moisturise my face before make up application, on the end of the day it will crack and show dry symptoms which is a big NO NO

However Illamasqua Hydra Veil helps moisturising and smoothening my face and making it long-lasting too! It helps the face make up spread better on skin and my foundation stays all day! It has cooling effect that is refreshing in Indonesia, and it has no smell. The result will be like a baby skin after applying it. This is like a HUGE HOLYGRAIL for me and something that I would repurchase by myself again in the future once I run out of it. 

Next, I have the lipstick in color "BOX" which is a deep scarlet red in matte finish

As always it's dominated with only black packaging with gold-yellowish font color as an accent

I have been loving red lipstick recently and I love how Illamasqua Lipstick in BOX really gives me a bold sophisticated color! 

The lipstick is pretty pigmented and the color appeals better than on the tube. It has velvety smooth texture and vibrant color. The lipstick last longer than ordinary lipstick as it still shows a hint of colors even after 6 hours 

Although it gives matte result, the texture is somewhat moisturising and yet not giving any glossy sign like what they should have given on moisturising lip products. This is a big LOVE!
The color is buildable and the shade is perfect for any skin color in my opinion

Here's my FOTD using the products 

I LOVE LOVE Illamasqua so much and I'll start supporting the brand from now on
The products are pretty high quality and the price is quite fair
I heard their foundation and blush are best sellers too all over the world and I hope to try it in the future soon!

If you wish to come and try, you can go to Grand Indonesia East Mall at Central
Thank you Central Department Store Indonesia for giving me chance to try it! Please bring more awesome products in the future :D

See you guys on my next post!

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  1. I've never heard of illmasqua (very interesting name, I've got no idea of how to pronounce itXD) before, but it seems really nice!!!! The base seems really nice, and you got me kind of hyped up about it!*^^*

  2. your face looks shiny and pretty *-*

  3. I love illamasqua lipsticks!!!


  4. Harga nya kisaran brp ,stel ?

  5. Program Kokoro no Tomo yang membawa saya kesini :D

    Dan ternyata rambutnya sudah diganti lagi warnanya

  6. so pretty shade!


    Thanks for sharing~

    ~♥ Hope that you like my blog too~ xx
    follow back~ My new post♥

  7. the color looks gorgeous on you <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  8. You look very good in red. <3

  9. gara-gara lihat acara Kokoro no Tomo, penasaran sama, pas udah nemu blognya tampialn awalnya aja udah keren banget, isi blognya juga banyak yang bermanfaat, berguna banget deh pokoknya

  10. Ahh *drools* over those lipsticks