Elona Fusilli and Penne Review + Tutorial

February 13, 2015

Automatic rotating curling iron has been quite hitting off the market last year and this is my second products. I had one before but it's only around 25$ or so and I was curious about this local brand named Elona which is a lil bit expensive. I don't really have many expensive hair tools because I can't style hair that good so it's such a waste, I prefer make up lol So here's me, trying out this product

Elona Fusilli and Penne is a local brand product with Japan's technology. It is an automatic rotation hair tool that can straighten or curl your hair. The barel is 30mm when it's closed and 23mm when it's open and there are many ways to use this tool  

Elona Fusilli and Penne comes with luxury design. The gold accent from the barren that is made by titanium gives a touch of glamorous, and black & white color simplifies it 
The total length is 39cm and it is a little bit heavy, like half a kilo

Unfortunately I find the curling outer grip where we should grip the hair ends with, is a little bit tooooo short than normal. So it's kinda difficult to use especially for people with short hair like me

Here's how it looks like when it's opened

You can adjust whether you'd like to make it a curler or a straightener by twisting the button here. However I find it a little bit too fragile and I hope they make it button-mode instead

I have been using it for months and I love how it heats up so fast and creates a nice curl instantly. The cable cord is also pretty long so it helps when the power cord is far from mirror. However you need to get used to it for a while because of the rotating system. It is interesting to be honest, however you need practices to make it perfect
Also I think people with hair above chest will face difficulty more because there are not much hair to be curler in rotation mode ^^; 
They have 5 levels of rotation speed to adjust with your needs though

Back to the features, you can curl it to Left side or Right side depending on how you want your curl to be

On the bottom you have the power button, manual button, and (-/+) button to increase or decrease the heat 

Authentic Elona Fusilli & Penne should have the authentication sticker

Here's the curl on my short hair 

If you're interested, I did make a video tutorial featuring the product here. Please watch it :D

I was supposed to make it long before but because there was flood, I couldn't go to Ryoji's salon T_T
Hence the schedule is kinda tight T_T
However we're showing you a tutorial for short hair style. Hopefully you like it!
And head back to my Facebook Fan Page for a . . .

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All the rules are there :)

Anyway, here's the point review of it : 

 Luxury design with gold accent
 Heats pretty fast
 Automatic rotation mode
 Can be used both as straightener or curler
 6 months guarantee 
 5 rotating speed available
 Gives natural finished look
 A little goes a long way

 A little bit difficult to use if you're not used to it
 The titanium material kinda dries my hair out
 The curler outer part area is too short 

I am thankful for Elona Indonesia for giving me this product to try. I have been bringing it to Japan and Taiwan and it works well too overthere so all the curls I have in the past few months, are thanks to it :)
This product is sponsored by Elona World for a review purpose

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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