Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Review and Swatch

February 05, 2015

I am back with another review of the most famous products on Instagram thorough 2014 in my opinion, it is Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade that breaks the internet!! Yes, not only Kim Kardashian who can do that lol

I couldn't remember when I first knew about Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, all I knew is that it is just as popular as Urban Decay NAKED because everyone uses this!! Like literally, almost all make up gurus overseas [mostly USA] swore by it. And thanks to that, I also knew about it and wanted to try it for so long! However it is not available yet in Indonesia so mostly people get it from online stores

Now let's review it yeaayy

I got to try 5 shades of ABH Dipbrow Pomade. It used to have only a few selections but now it has grown into 10 different shades! The shades come in both warm and cool tone to match with your hair color and skin tone, and it is pretty rare for a brand to launch a great eyebrow product with a wide selection of colors 

There are color swatches for consumers to check which box is which through the box. The color is slightly different from the real thing though imo. So finding swatches from internet and bloggers are more reliable I think

The box packaging is just like any normal professional make up products packaging, with sleek black design and white formal typography that explains the ingredients and the whereabout of this product

The best thing about Anastasia Beverly Hills is they are cruelty free. So for those of you who are animal lover and don't want to support any brands that test on animal cruelly, you can believe yourself with the brand

The 5 little babies of mine <3

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade comes in a small glass bottle that is pretty heavy and wide. The design reminds me of any gel eyeliner available in the market, and considering that this product is a gel based product for eyebrow that has similarity with it, that explains. On the cap they print out the logo of Anastasia Beverly Hills that is a represented as a beautiful typography of a letter of A, that has butterfly shape

Although there's no way to tell the color from the packaging itself, they print out the color name and the simple explanation on the bottom of the bottle

And here are the 5 colors of Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade that I have side by side

From left to right : Ebony, Dark Brown, Auburn, Chocolate, Taupe

Ebony : The darkest brown color available, cool tone
Dark Brown : just like its name, a dark brown color with an ashy tone
Auburn : A medium brown color with strong reddish tone
Chocolate : a dark brown color with warm tone
Taupe : a light brown color in ashy tone, kinda grey-ish

I mostly use Dark Brown or Taupe for my eyebrow because I like ashy tone and my hair is ash blonde too so it suits me best. Ebony suits people with dark hair more, and Auburn and Chocolate suits people who are red haired or warm-toned hair

I use Dark Brown when I want a stronger look from my eyebrow like Cara Delevigne, but if I want to go sweet / softer like any Japanese Gal then I go with Taupe that gives gentler impression

left to right : Ebony, Dark Brown, Auburn, Chocolate, Taupe

Here are how it looks like on me :

Apologise if the test doesn't look as good as my usual eyebrow. I usually put a lot of products for the eyebrow and keep layering + concealer to clean out the edges, but I only want one light layer to show the difference and how it looks like without concealer
This is just for color comparison on eyebrow, and it might differ from person to person depending on your real eyebrow hair too

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade is creamy, easy to use, pigmented, last long, waterproof, and build able. On the picture I only use light-handed stroke and it already gives me a nice finish. You can keep layering the color until you get the intensity you want

It is very smooth so you can easily draw with it and won't hurt your skin. And for the longevity I can say that it's the best products I have ever tried so far in term of that point because it usually stays all day on me! Also I love the color that they have a lot!! Although they have warm tone and cool tone shades available, but it is not too much. I often see where people have very reddish eyebrow because of the eyebrow pencil's color is very bad, so it looks funny.

Therefore, I am surprised that Auburn and Chocolate is not as reddish as I thought as it gives subtle warm tone that looks natural! Anyway the product doesn't come with any eyebrow brush so make sure to prepare one. I usually go with my Sigma Angled brush for precise definition

The price for each jar is 18$ which is kinda pricey for just an eyebrow. But considering that it is the best eyebrow product and the most popular one, I'd say you get the pride-quality-and-result from what you pay. You only need a little bit of product for your eyebrow so one jar definitely will not be finished even though you use it everyday for 6 months! Considering how much you can abuse the product, if you're someone who thinks that eyebrow is one of the most important keys in someone's make up [and actually it is], you might want to invest a good product that will be with you for a long time and give you an instant glam celebrity look

 Comes with elegant & professional glass jar
 Available in 10 shades that at least one of it fit you
 Comes in both warm and cool tone shades
 Creamy and smooth texture, easy to draw and won't hurt skin
 Amazing longevity
 Buildable layer
 Gives natural finished look
 A little goes a long way

 Doesn't come with the eyebrow brush
Unavailable in Indonesia yet [only at some online shops]

Would I recommend it? OF COURSE!!
Ever since I have this product, I never look at any other eyebrow products. The color is just perfect and finding the right color for eyebrow is more difficult than eyeshadow. Because well, your eyebrow really helps to define your feature. I really have a strong opinion why in Indonesia, elder people usually say to never shave your eyebrow before marriage. You know what? Once you groom your eyebrow, your face will instantly look different!! 

They want to save the real make over until the last, so people can say that you look the prettiest during your wedding day. Unfortunately I don't want to be pretty only on my wedding day so let me groom my eyebrow well so I can be happy. And lastly, I am happy to trust my eyebrow with the best eyebrow product I can find so far, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade :D

This product is sponsored by Shopping Lust for a review purpose

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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