4 Cafes in One Day

February 03, 2015

Ok so I haven't really taken my own camera because I just recently purchased my new baby. I picked Fuji XE2 because my friend Julian Tanoto recommended it to me. I must say that I am easily influenced and so I broke my bank simply for the sake of having a new camera. Well, a good camera is essential for my job too so that's a good reason to not feel guilty

To test out my camera I decided to bring it out for a test shoot and to take pics for my advertorial post. Comi also joined me because we would like to catch up with a lot of things. PIK became our destination place since this area is famous for a lot of unique cafes. 

We browsed around for cafes to go and so I picked port-er-house because it looks very cool and I often passed it by. I arrived earlier and I was asked whether I would like to have outdoor or indoor seat, which I replied I'd get outdoor because I want to take pictures ["mau foto-foto mbak", I said]

So I took products pictures for blog review quietly until Comi came with my camera. We were chatting while I was taking pictures for the products. After I finished taking gazillion of products pictures, I mentioned how good my camera was and I'd let Comi got the first portrait shoot LOL

Look at the sharpness, the color and the bokeh. I promise from now on my blog pictures would be much better!! hehehe

So I helped Comi to take outfit shoot, the result is fantastic. When it was my turn to be taken picture by her, the staff suddenly scolded us for doing that. He said that he had received complaint even from the first moment that we were not allowed to take picture..

We said that we only took portrait shoot, not the interior and such but he didn't accept that. So I mentioned that I did tell the staff beforehand that I would like to take pictures and in fact before I ordered drink, the staff also had seen my camera. He dodged it by saying that if it's phone camera it's fine but not my camera -_-

Being upset with the service, I mentioned that they should have told me before I ordered that I could not take pictures. If I had known that I couldn't take picture, I wouldn't have picked this cafe and gone somewhere else. And I had taken my product review pictures using my Fuji before I ordered drink. They could have mentioned it before I ordered right?

The staff then impolitely asked us, "oh ok, so you want the bills now?"

Comi was super angry at this point and she shouted, "are you asking us to leave??"

Being angry as well I was like "what kind of hospitality is this? I haven't touched my drink yet neither she has, I had no explanation about this before hand, and you're asking us to leave now? I do not want to pay.. " lol

Then the staff kept talking back to us which pissed us even more. Comi and I then was given 10 minutes to take picture in the end and so it's all clear. But since the argument took so long, I forgot to turn off my camera and I also forgot to charge my battery (!!!)

So my Fuji was dead lol
Afterwards, we just took picture using my old Sony duh.. 
Job is done but it's halfway and I am not satisfied with the service. We finished our drink and decided to go to another place, making promise to each other that we would never come back to this cafe again thanks to the awesome hospitality lol

Well at least I managed to charge my battery there so when we moved to the next place, I had already got my camera on 

But before the photoshoot, Comi's hungry and she wanted to eat Ramen. So we moved to 2nd Restaurant, Ikkudo Ichi. I was still full so I didn't order any

So unfair la, my seat was backlight and the pictures turned out to be blur and kinda shaky too
But that was the best picture of me on that day using my camera TwT

I was thinking that I would just take picture at a cute cafe after this. Comi introduced me to Cake A Boo that's popular with cute desserts and interior. Here are some cakes we ordered

Turned out I couldn't do the photoshoot there, and this time it is not because the staffs are impolite. But Cake A Boo lighting is very harsh and colourful. The place is good to be enjoyed in real, but for pictures-wise, it turns out weird. The cakes also look unappetising on the pictures because of the lighting

However, the cake taste was not that special either lol 
At that time I just gave up about the photoshoot and thought I would just enjoy the time with her
I was hungry as it was late already, so we went to Hawaiian Cafe for my dinner. That was the 4th Cafe on that day. I also met a client there for a moment while she accompanied me like a girlfriend LOL However the cafe was closed around 10 p.m but we haven't finished chatting. Both of us are super full for eating-eating-eating so we just chatted until midnight passed by in my car

And turns out, I haven't really maximised my new camera yet. I went out a few times after that but never really had any chance to use it properly. But anyway, I will learn about it thoroughly first and I just can't wait for my pictures to be better! ^.^

Btw my life has been busy but I almost can't explain what busy it is because the schedule is very different each day

I have also been through many phases in life the last few weeks and was tested in friendship-business-and-money. Bad things keep coming up to me and I somehow lost my faith in humanity. However I still want to believe that not everyone in this world is evil, and none are completely bad. I want to believe that there are some good people here

Most of my friends are people who have known me for 7 - 10 years and I feel safer with them. I talked to my friend who's older and has worked for long time and she said that working industry and adulthood is like that. Not everyone will be your friend and you can't please everyone

"You can't please everyone" since then has been said by many friends around me and I keep thinking about the sentence. Maybe that is the key to have a good life for me. I am too perfectionist and I want everything to turn good without fail. All in all I guess I tried to please everyone but not even myself is pleased is a wrong option, as my mind state is very chaos in the end

I think I will start thinking and prioritising my own happiness from now on
And I do hope that anyone who reads this will also be stronger :)

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  1. all that food looks so yummy!!!

    Ore :)
    Manicure Monday: Sinful Colors Endless Blue | Pristine's Bliss

  2. kak stella sama kak comi cute banget sih <3<3


  3. Omg the food looks delicious!! And the camera quality looks amazing *_* Can't wait to see more pics turn out like this!


  4. This camera seems to take such clear and crisp photos! ^ ___ ^


  5. Photos look amazing! :D I like Fujifilm cameras, hope to get one oneday.

    What a pity about the rude service in the cafe though, especially since you asked beforehand >:

  6. The crisp clear shots, look amazing!!!!


  7. omg ur food loooks sooo goood >.< and I'm glad that you like ur new camera! I almost purchased that camera but i choosed a canon dslr because of the fast shipping. lololoo



  8. For travel-wise, I prefer mirrorless cos it's lighter. But of course DSLR quality is top notch!!

  9. You should definitely check it out!!

  10. I want to take more pics with this! Sadly no chance yet D:

  11. Please look forward for my future posts with this cam!

  12. Alah cute-an dia, aku maunya jadi cool saja bisa ga lol

  13. The cakes are not tasty though imo lol

  14. The four last paragraphs!! I am about same age as you (one year older) . I lost faith in humanity as well. Working field and adulthood are so scary.
    . i wish i could be forever 12 yr old innocent kid haha.


  15. Wow! I thought that I am the only one who think that port er house has a really bad services. I was upset with them too, because recently they held a bazaar that said "gowigasa" will be there. But, when I visited there, the EO said that gowigasa canceled their booth. Well, when there's no gowigasa in the event, they should not put their name on the bazaar banner right? I came there to see gowigasa's goods in real, but port er house is just "PHP" .

    soon to be publish : ypjessie.weebly.com

  16. Your so cute honey, your hairstyle is fabulous thanks for sharing this photo ! I love it :)
    xo , Lovelacee
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  17. stel, foto-foto di post ini lensanya masih pake yang dapet langsung pas beli body cameranya atau beli terpisah?