Milbon Neu Deu Silky Luxe Review + GIVEAWAY

January 29, 2015

Recently I have been using a hair care set product diligently. I have been using shampoo-treatment-hair mask mostly from Japan for years. Thanks to my frequent visit there, I can hand carry the heavy bottles every other months for my supply in Indonesia. However usually it's too heavy, and I only can buy from drugstore. Although drugstore products are much better than products available here, but of course salon products provide higher quality

That's why when I heard that Milbon comes to Indonesia, I was pretty excited because i no longer need to hand-carry drugstore shampoos from japan here! Moreover, I am always happy to try new products

Milbon comes with many types of products including hair dye, hair perm, hair treatment, and such in Japan. However as a start, they only have Neu Deu Set at the moment in Indonesia. I was given a chance to try the set and of course I want! :D

As for me the most common traits that I face for my damaged hair are =
  • Tangled hair
  • Dry hair [especially at the ends]
  • Rough texture
  • No healthy shine
And worst of all if I sleep with wet hair, the next day my hair becomes like lion's hair and super tangled!!! T_____T

Milbon Neu Deu comes with 3 types depending on your hair type. Silky Luxe for thin hair, Willow Luxe for normal hair, and for thick hair they have Velour Luxe. My hair strand is naturally normal but because of all the bleaching process that opens up my hair cuticle and pigments, it becomes very thin and break easily. So Milbon Team recommends me to use Silky Luxe instead, if you have the same problem with me, go for this type.

However for most of the people, you can use Willow Luxe. And if you're not sure about which one you should use, you can ask the professional to check it for you (I will talk about this again later)

Above picture is the 3 types of Milbon Neu Deu including the ingredients for the product. 

Ok enough with the ingredients that I don't really know as I am not scientist. We just need to try if the product works or not right lol

First of all let's take a look at the packaging

The shampoo comes in a clear long bottle packaging that is transparent which makes us easier to tell how many product's left. The liquid is clear but the glass packaging is pink so it makes the whole concept cuter and colourful

Behind the bottle you will notice the explanation in Japanese, including the price and so on. It is all made in Japan <3

The product is beautiful enough to brighten up my bathroom and looks cute and stylish at the same time. Although I prefer pump type as it is easier LOL However they provide the pump version for both shampoo and nutrient if it's 500ml version

The treatment from Milbon here is what we usually call a conditioner. They come in a different type unlike any other conditioner as it comes in jar. The one that I have here is 200gr and pink & purple combination color beautifies the product itself

Both shampoo and conditioner can be used altogether or if you're in rush like me, sometimes I skip the conditioner because the shampoo already softens my hair
Both shampoo and conditioner should last you 1.5 - 2 months depending on your usage. For me I count that I will finish it in around 4 months because I have short hair and I only wash my hair every 2 days lol

The nutrient here is what we normally call hair mask. You can use it 2-3 times a week and 2 fingers scoop for my whole hair is all I needed. Only spread it on the hair ends, not your scalp. And after you spread it, pat it to make the products benefit get absorbed to the hair

It doesn't look that different from the treatment however the packaging is different as black dominates the color more. The regular size I have here also contains lesser amount, 150gr. I use the Nutrient / Mask around 2 times a week. I leave it for 10 minutes after patting the product on my hair to let it absorbed

Here's the texture of the 3 products

The shampoo comes in watery and moist liquid that is transparent
The treatment comes in a thick watery texture that reminds me of face moisturiser
And the nutrient comes in a creamy non-sticky liquid that is slightly thicker in consistency compared to the treatment

The scent is not strong, or I must say that I am a little bit disappointed because usually my shampoo smells sooooo good. If you smell it for long enough, you can smell a hint of fruity floral scent but it is very light. Some people might like it, but for those who are used to having strong-scented shampoo, there must be a slight dissatisfaction. Good point is, even though these are salon products, they don't smell like salon at all lol

My Review :

After using Milbon for a month, I can proudly say that this is by far the best hair products that is available in Indonesia Market at the moment. I know other products also help softening my hair and such, but NONE give me the best result like Milbon

Ok I know my hair ends is still dry and such, but usually I can't really brush my hair if I don't blow dry or straighten them properly. Neither I can sleep with my wet hair, a big NO

My worst nightmare is to sleep with my wet hair and the next morning it becomes super tangled like fur ball, and this happens in reality too many times. I miss the time when I slept with my wet hair and the next day it was still smooth [oh black hair 10 years ago]. I know I shouldn't sleep with my wet hair but hey, sometimes I am too tired to take out my hair dryer and spend 30 minutes for it, for EVERY FCKIN DAY (-___-)

Now with Milbon I can cheat lol Their products really help to softening my hair like my old natural hair to this point, and NONE, I tell you, NOT EVEN ONE Japanese Drugstore shampoos that I have tried and purchased by my own, that can do this. The only time I did get the same result is when I had a hair treatment at Klico Salon in Japan. But seriously, I can't go to Japan just to do my hair. I aint Paris Hilton o.O

I am very surprised that Milbon Neu Deu helps me to get the same result that I had in Japanese Salon in Tokyo. Yes I had tried a hair treatment in Indonesia salon too, but they're using competitor brands. But as expected of Japan, I can rest assured my hair with them as they produce better result than those brands :x I'm sorry..

Also my hair has more shine now, smoother, and straighter too. It is easier to comb now and it used to be so dry although my hair was oily to begin with. It becomes dryer and dryer because of the bleaching and even though I don't shampoo my hair for 2-3 days, there's no oil at all. And that's not very good because some oil is needed. After using Milbon, I began to feel that my hair produces more oil again which means that it starts becoming healthy. Not the bad oil ok!

My hair is still not in a perfect state, far from perfect because I have been using it only for a month and treatment takes time to get the best result. But it feels good already, and like I said, it was verrrrryyyyy horrible before. So to have my hair not tangled like before it's more than I could ask for now

I will continue using these babies and hopefully in the future it would do me good

Ok now let's move to price section. The last thing we want from any product is the super expensive price that we cannot afford. No matter how good the product is, it's pointless if we can't buy it right? Especially with how all the imported products get doubled price here

But I will give you a mini heart attack like I do. The Milbon products price in Japan and in Indonesia, are same!! Or maybe just slightlyyyyy different

Price for products that I use :

Shampoo 200 ml : In Japan 1600 Yen, in Indonesia Rp 187.000
Treatment 200 gr : In Japan 2400 Yen, in Indonesia Rp 260.000
Nutrient 150 gr : In Japan 3000 Yen, in Indonesia Rp Rp 306.000

All in all, I can't say any bad thing about the product itself. However I have to point out one flaw of this brand. Milbon is only for professional use, that means it is only available at salon. You can NOT buy it online [BEWARE OK!] and I can't even buy it at any Japanese drugstore in Japan. You can only buy it at salon that collaborates with Milbon under professional guidance
Milbon, why o why?

At the moment there are tens of salons that collaborates with Milbon Indonesia. Most of them are located in Jakarta and Surabaya so lets hope that it spreads to every cities in Indonesia in the future. But for now if you want to purchase Milbon, you can email them and tell your address / home area so they will give you the list of salons that sell Milbon or use Milbon as their salon treatment products

When I visited the office, some of the staffs mentioned how they are lack of stocks because the salons like it and keep repurchasing! That's the answer why I can't review other types of products [Willow Luxe and Velour Luxe] because they can't keep up with the high demand, and still in waiting for the products to arrive from Japan lol

I am so lucky that I can grab some for me already, and also for my readers...

Yes you hear it right!!


Giveaway time!!
I said to Milbon Indonesia that I want to do a giveaway for my readers as this product is so good and I want lucky readers to also experience how good it is. Thanks to them, 10 winners will receive Milbon Neu Deu in Willow Luxe [for normal hair]. Each winner will receive the shampoo and the treatment ^_^

No need to be complicated. Just go to my Instagram page [My ID is STELLALEE92] and find the picture above. Done? Ok here's the deal

1. Follow my instagram [ID : Stellalee92] and Milbon Indonesia Instagram [ID : MilbonIndonesia]
2. Like the picture above on Instagram
3. Tag 5 friends of you who should join the giveaway too and write your email address on the comment

The giveaway is open for anyone who has Indonesian address. We will ship it to any cities in Indonesia! The giveaway period is from 29th January 2015 - 13th February 2015

I will announce the winner at Valentine's day as my special present to you. Romantic or not lol

This product is sponsored by Milbon Indonesia for a review purpose

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  4. You could purcahase milbon products in Don QUi Hotei though.. I bought milbon shampoo yesterday there , 500 ml only for ¥2,980 ! although on the milbon bottle itself price was written for 3,200 lol 😄