Alice in Wonderland Cafe in Shinjuku, Tokyo

January 19, 2015

Took me a while for publishing this post because this place is so amazing and beautiful so I had too many pictures, but finally it's here! Last time for Kokoro no Tomo TV Shooting, I had to introduce a kawaii cafe in Japan for Indonesian audience. So during the scene where I talked with Kokoro-chan, we decided to get the set at Alice in Wonderland Cafe in Shinjuku. In fact there are many Alice in Wonderland Cafes thorough Tokyo and Osaka, but we just picked the Shinjuku branch because the producer said so lol

It was my first time at the Cafe but I made sure to take many pictures for you all! It is definitely one of the most magical places I have ever visited in Japan and while you're here, please read till the end because there are many pictures to please your eyes with the magic of kawaii

We arrived in the morning for the shooting however in fact Alice in Wonderland Cafe in Shinjuku was only open in the evening. It was pretty freezing at that time but I couldn't wait for the shoot and to enjoy the cafe. We took the lift as the Cafe was located at a high building and once we arrived to the place, the lift decoration was already colourful and thematic! I wonder who drew it!!

We would see the cashier desk first that was dominated with red colors and cards decoration to match with the theme

And a card soldier would be there to welcome you ^.^

Welcome to Alice's Adventures in Pictures Book

The amazing thing is next to the cashier desk, there's a door that was designed as a story book. Here on the picture above I was standing between the story book, and later on the staff would open the story book [door] that leads you to the magic wonderland!! Very creative!!!!

Here's the staff that accompanied us on that day! He wore a card hat that reminds me of the mad hatter's hat :D

Posing with the soldier, behind me you can see that the story book had been opened!

So goodbye soldier for now~

Ready to see the interior??

It was absolutely amazing and I am happy that I came for shooting otherwise I am sure the cafe would be crowded + I couldn't take all the interior pictures freely

A special room with glass separator

See the unique chairs?? Omg I want!!

The main hall

On every corner, there are different pictures and every inch was decorated with so much effort and details T____T I want my home to be like this too!!

Where do you want to sit? ^^

This is perfect for couple, sofa with heart green shaped grass

You can't possibly not feel like you're in real Alice in Wonderland world because every little details is thought well, leaving no trace of real world

Enjoyed my moment before the camera started rolling. I was busy memorising all the lines in Japanese all night so I looked pretty worried T_____T 

No no this is not a magic book. This is a menu book!!!

Special for you here's the menu book with all the menus written. Believe me, the menu book is worth to read as it is so creative and the branding is just so good!

Do you even know that the menu book was a pop up too!!! You need to watch Kokoro no Tomo Pop 2 to see the real movement of the pop up menu book as it is so damn EPIC!!
Here I was with Kimoto Yuki who acted as Kokoro-chan. She's such a sweetheart <3

Do I have to mention how Japanese is so creative to make unique things come to life with perfect details ? 

I am thankful that they provide the menu in english as well + mention the price! It helps with tourists because some of Japanese restaurants/cafes don't have these attributes sometimes

Have you decided what you want to order?

It is totally impossible!!! 

T____T Everything is just so damn appetizing, I want EVERYTHING!

And we only had 2 hours if we come as a guest, so make sure to not be in awe when you order the menu because you have to make it quick or your time will be up!

The producers ordered 2 drinks for me and I didn't remember what it was but both of them are pretty refreshing and nice and sweet!!!!!

Kimoto-san got this twin drinks that glows in the dark!!!

I ordered Alice Tea party Set [1500 Yen] and it is pretty cute!! Also the taste is so good and melts in your mouth! I never have any dessert in Japan that tastes bad, seriously!

Kimoto-san ordered this The White Rabbit Brûlée and Macaroon 

With my big cake tea set ^___^

With Kimoto-san! She's super cheerful and very skinny and so pretty in real life!

Oh Btw, I might go a bit too far for the sake of my blog, but you should definitely check out the toilet too as it is not normal toilet lol

Whether you're a king or a queen, you have your own toilet here with different decoration

The queen was decorated with red color and roses

While for the king it is dark navy blue and some cards as decorations

How was my experience?

I wish I had stayed longer and took more pics but I am already very happy to explore this little cafe and although the price is kinda pricey [especially with the minimum order and time limit], I think you should definitely check this place out if you do come to Japan. I mean, where else you can find this unique themed cafe with high quality imagination and perfect little details plus amazing menus!

I want to definitely come over to another branch! It seems that every branch comes with different theme, and if you're interested to find out more about Alice in Wonderland Cafe in Japan, do check their website out!

They have 6 branches so far, 5 in Tokyo and 1 in Osaka. Get the nearest branch from your place and put the address on your GPS to search the place 

And anyway, Kokoro no Tomo POP Season 2 schedule time has been announced! It will be aired every Monday on Metro TV, starting from 1st of February 2015. I will start appearing from the middle of story, so I will tell you again when I appear. But I feel you should watch it from the beginning to understand the story! :D

Btw, my character is 50% true, and 50% false, because it's semi drama. And in fact I don't know why I got that picture taken for the poster LOL It was captured from the drama, and to be honest I don't look good if I don't pose for the picture LOLOLOL #Fail

But all in all, well, definitely check it out will you?

If you can't make time on Sunday, it will be reuploaded on their channel and you can watch it at too!

So, that's all for now guys! See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. I love how exclusive and exquisite the decor of this Cafe is~ ^ w ^
    It is on my to go to list! ^ u ^

  2. Of all shots for the drama, they decided to use that one?! (LOL)

    The cafe looks so quirky!! It's a bit sad that a regular guest only gets 2 hours T.T I could stay there for a day~


  3. WOW ! The decor is just so, WOW
    and those delicious looking foods.. ❤
    Thank you for sharing, ci Stella :D

  4. Aaaa~ that place looks uber cuteee :3

    cheer, michelle ~

  5. I'll definitely go there next time I'm in Tokyo!!! ^^

  6. oh my god everything is so cute and magical looking. I wanna goo theree >.<


  7. omg >< this is amazing!! It really looks like wonderland. Especially the food looks so delicious! I really want to try it, too<333

  8. What an amazing theme for a restaurant, Stella! I love Alice In Wonderland! The little macaron with a clockface on it is so kitsch and cute. Definitely somewhere to try next time I'm in Tokyo or Osaka! x

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

  9. I love this cafe, every side and corner of the cafe is so magical!

    Xx, The College Candy | Akari