Broken Doll Make Up Tutorial

January 12, 2015

Ok I know it's super late

This tutorial was supposed to be published at Last Halloween but unfortunately my laptop broke down 3 times repeatedly and I kept losing the files or unable to work on my laptop. The file however was saved by Elle's laptop so I still can do this now, but it's super late so I deeply apologise

This is meant to be collaboration with Elle & Jess as our Halloween collab. However Jess couldn't join our last minute collab, and I couldn't even finish it on time. Elle had published her own version long before though, you can read it here . Make up tutorial is really difficult to film by yourself, so I record Elle's version, while Elle helped me to do mine

I think this collab is kinda messy and horror, as expected of Halloween wtf. We faced so many problems

  • We used Elle's DSLR to film, and it is "memory card is full" many times
  • Not to mention the battery shuts down many times so we had to charge - shoot - charge - shoot
  • Later Elle mentioned that her battery seemed to be broken wtf, but luckily it turned out NOT
  • I bumped into her lightings set wtf not broken though but we had heart attack
  • Elle & Jess mirror was broken to pieces during the shooting FOL [fuck our life]
  • We had to shoot it until dawn, just for a few minutes of tutorial!!!
  • My laptop broke down 3 times, files kept missing & I had to pay a lot for the service
  • I left my fav Japanese shoes at Jess' car and we kept forgetting this lol
and maybe more stuffs, but I forget lol

However it's fun to do this with Elle. Even though this collab is very last minute!! ><

You can watch the video tutorial HERE

Btw a lot of people mentioned this is Annabelle inspired make up, but to be honest, I haven't even watched the movie yet
I did this because I was inspired by Japanese Vlogger, Sasaki Asahi. She did this last Halloween. Super love her!

I hope for our next collab to come up soon!

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. What a creepy but cute look~ ^ v ^
    This would be perfect for girls who do not want to look too scary on Halloween! ^ 3 ^

  2. awwww wonderful makeup~
    Thanks for sharing~
    I follow you on gfc. ~♥ Hope that you like my blog too~ xx
    follow back~ My new post♥

  3. Really nice makeup, and better late than never! xD
    Also so love this song from Persona, have the OST and I listen to it from time to time ^^

  4. Whoaa i've watched yours and Elle's video tutorial,
    both of you look amazing, and creepy xD
    ♥, Chelsea