Takeshita Dori in Harajuku

January 23, 2015

Although every time I come to Japan I always visit this area, I haven't properly blogged about Takeshita Dori in Harajuku yet. Takeshita Dori is the most famous street in Harajuku area, and widely popular because it's the home of Japanese Street Fashion. You can't go to Japan without visiting this street at least once. Everyday the street is full of people and tourists, and during weekend you can spot crazier fashion style people walking around

Harajuku is within Yamanote Line and it is 1 station away only from Shibuya, the gal district. Although the fashion style is totally different against each other, in fact the area is so close. You can even save 130 yen by spending 10-15 minutes walking to Shibuya!

Here's a blog post specialised for Takeshita Dori!

Takeshita Dori is the home of Giant Daiso! Daiso is a cheap store that sells everything in 100 yen, not including tax yet. They're very popular and the quality is pretty good for such a cheap price. You can find not only snacks but also cosmetic goods, house tools, and other interesting items. Daiso 100 yen deserves a single blog post so lets walk a little bit further

Takeshita Dori is mostly filled with youngster's fashion. From accessories, make up, and apparels. They also have some areas filled with purikura [Japanese Photo Booths] near the entrance gate

The fashion style in Harajuku is mixed. You can find any fashion style that you want, and some shops items can't be found in any other stores in the world. It is a once in a lifetime shopping heaven. 1 day is not enough to check all the stores!

What you have to do in Harajuku is walking on the street, checking out the latest items, while eating crepes! Japanese Crepe is so popular and this non-written tradition in Harajuku has been done since the end of 20th century. And the information is written by me according to a lot of manga that I read, so it is probably not concrete LOL

You can also find Matsumoto Kiyoshi that is a part of Tax Free Shops here. For any foreigners who purchase items from Tax Free Shops, as long as they show the passport they don't have to pay the tax directly on the shop. Matsumoto Kiyoshi often offers Cosmetics Sale and at that time it was KATE by Kanebo. It's pretty popular brand among Japanese young women

You should also take a peek at Candy A GO GO which is where Avril shot her music video, "Hello Kitty". Avril walked in Harajuku and visited this colourful candy store on the video and since then, the music video has been used at this store. Nice promotion if I must say

There are like dozens of shops in Takeshita Dori alone

They also have a building on the street special to fulfil your sweet tooth. Btw Sweets Paradise is also open in here, and it is a place where you can get all you can eat cake for around 1500 yen. I did it once with my friends before, the cake was pretty decent but I'd rather have a small but super delicious cake instead of being full of cake

Sanrio Contact Lens!!

3 must buy cosmetic items in Japan according to me :
False Eyelashes, Eyeliner, and Contact Lens

Believe me, Japan made the best of the best of it!

Shoes for sale!!

More apparels store

Takeshita Dori offers some pretty good deals or should I say, cheap, for clothing! I always love to shop here! Price for clothes in here normally around 3000-5000 yen, but at some days you can even get the big sale like 500-2000 yen!

Don't forget to visit Tutuanna which is the most famous socks and legging store there. It is usually 1000 yen for 3! Can mix too!

Whether you love sweet style or rock style, Harajuku gives you every thing!

Including some show outfits!

They sell some Visual Kei clothes too and other interesting styles but usually the put sign to not take pictures. I just noticed it when I was about to edit the picture for this blog, and I decided to just keep it by myself ^^; But if you like V-Kei fashion, there are tons of it here!

I love buying my sneakers and boots from Harajuku! Especially at a store named Out of The World. They provide very cool styles with amazing comfort!
The picture above is one of it

Even lingerie is up for sale here!

I shopped till drop. Sorry had to mosaic my face cos I was not wearing any make up and I wasn't ready for picture lol
My friend helped me to take the picture when I was shopping. My hand was full of all the clothes. I think I grabbed like 10 tops from 1 store while I was busy holding other shopping bags lol

I spend all my money mostly shopping in Japan, and Harajuku sucks most of them lol

Anyway if you're curious how crowded it is, then see this alley by yourself

However what I like from Japan is, no matter how crowded and full the place is, nobody will push you! No one's gonna steal your bag as Japan is so safe, and no trashes or litters either. 

Rest assured when you come to Takeshita Dori, the only thing that you need to be cautious of is your shopping desire

So, that's all for now guys! See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. This is one of my favourite places when it comes to shopping in Japan! ^ ___ ^


  2. Waaah... disitu murah-murah ya, Stel? Untuk kualitasnya gimana, Stel? Kan ada tuh pasar yang memang murah-murah, tapi kualitasnya jelek.. Mohon infonya, ya! ^^

  3. Brings back memories! ^^


  4. Japanese fashion is pretty cool. I love the bright colour and playful style of clothes.

  5. i wanna go there, wanna buy the pink coats, the sweater, the shoes, everything... ,,,o_o,,, stella, why did you... LOL


  6. Aaaa~ everything looks super adorable :'3

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

  7. oh goooood *___* I'm so jealous! All is really cool and cute!
    I need to be there!

  8. I love the photos you took! Makes me want to go there TTvTT
    and the boots... *heavy breathing*

  9. This post is seriously making me want to make a trip to Japan! It's been five years (wtf) since my last trip to Harajuku and I definitely have to go again - have to save up for all the clothes though! ;) x

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

  10. I would like to do my shopping there one day <3 Takeshita Dori seems like a perfect place for clothes

  11. Gosh, that's really miss me this street!! I recognize the angle on some picture and some shop! That made me just a little crazy lol.
    Thank you for this super post! I am sure you had a great time here, I hope to see your shopping haul!