Cat Cafe in Kichijoji, Tokyo - Temari no Ouchi

January 08, 2015

They said if you visited Japan, make sure to visit their Cat Cafe. Japan is widely known for many unique cafes, from themed cafes to animal cafes where you can pet them. I am not a fan of cat as I defend dog more, but Cat Cafe is just so popular and my friend and I decided to give it a try. I went there with Tina, my date partner overtime I go to Japan. We browsed internet to find the cute one, and decided to give a try at Temari no Ouchi Cafe in Kichijoji. 

Kichijoji is a little bit far from where I used to go. It is located at Chuo Line, and mostly people transfer to Shinjuku first. This area is famous as you can go to Ghibli Museum from Kichijo Station from a walk away. Although I have never had opportunities to go to the museum itself, this is the second time I've been there. First one is for meal, and another one is for the cat cafe

The place itself is a little bit difficult to find and it is located at the top floor of building, so make sure you have your GPS and look above to find the billboard

We picked this cafe because the interior design is very well-thought and dreamy like, feels like you go to the cat wonderland from fairy tale book

Surprisingly the price is very expensive for us as normal price is 1.200 - 1.600 yen, esp we came during weekend as my schedule was super tight during weekday. We were hesitant about it at first but we checked that they had promotion in the evening, which means after 7 p.m you can play by paying 700 yen only. Although the bad news is, you only have 2 hours because it is closed at 9

And we're prohibited to get the cats into our arm D:

We only can see, pet, and try to not harm them lol

Btw here are some decorations here and there on the entrance = 

This door lets us to travel to the cat wonderland~

The inside is more spacious than I thought and the high ceiling with tree decoration makes me feel like we were really in a forest owned by cat. The warm colors dominate the place and the tables and furnitures are made by wood to give the impression of "forest" more. For me, it is like a fairytale of cat

On the evening it was this crowd, I guess it's because most people just came back from work, or it's bcos it's cheaper during the night

Pictures don't do justice because the light was a little bit dim inside, which is good for a real feeling when you're there, but for photography wise it's not friendly. I had to photoshop them to make it brighter otherwise it's quite dark. But I hope you all get the image ^^;

Even the WC seems like it can transport me to another world <3

For now, more pictures about the interior!!

See the path made on the floor? They think about every little details wisely!

Inside the house, there's a table for you
Btw you can order drink and food there but since Tina and I wanted to play more and eat at other places, we ordered nothing
Don't worry, there were a lot of people who didnt order any either ^^

Black Top, Mesh Brown top, and Lace Skirt is by Cloth Inc ;)

Tina and I :D

The staffs also provided some games where she played with the cats, and the guests can also participate. They're also introducing the cats one by one to us, and also there are some cat toys for you to use as well which you can play with cats personally if you don't want a big group crowd

I was busy petting the fat cat that looks like a snow lol

Here are some pics of the cats available to be touched at the cafe ^.^

This one was sleeping peacefully on the corner lol

So we photobombed him/her and he/she woke up LOL

The cats were very cute and fluffy, this one entered into a plastic bag of a customer and just played hide and seek there. Everyone was busy taking pictures of him/her XD

More and more pictures of the cats :3

Their eyes are beautiful !!!! *___*

I was not a cat lover, Anggy had like a dozens of cats at her home and I often stayed at her place, not even once I thought I would want to pet her cats
However when I was there, I don't know if it's the place, I don't know if it's the cats, I don't know if it's Japanese air, but I was so happy and without I realized 2 hours had passed by so quickly. Tina and I were busy patting the cats, catching after them, and taking selfies. We had so much fun and I guess I might want to visit another cat cafe in there future, as long as the price is still reasonable lol

If you're interested to know more about the cafe, you can visit their website

Temari no Ouchi Cat Cafe
東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺本町2-13-14 武蔵フォーラムⅢ 3F 
>> GoogleMap

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. This is absolutely adorable. I want to go to a cat cafe ^_^
    Laila from Townhouse Palette

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  7. Out of all the cat cafe posts I've seen, this one's got the coolest interior! I'm really liking the doorbell first of all, haha. And oh my gosh -- the cats -- so cute! I CRY.

  8. I KNOW RIGHTTT.. The place is so dreamy, thats why I picked this one hehe

  9. yes yes. even I who didnt like cats, was hypnotised XD

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    I like the interior design concept of that cafee >////<
    its realllllyyy cutee~~~

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    Xx, The College Candy | Akari

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