5 Basic Tips to Take Beautiful Photos

January 15, 2015

Behind every good photos lies the effort the photographers put to take a single shoot. Although I am not a professional photographer but because of being a blogger, I have to provide photos on my blog and make sure that I am taking it with my best effort. With years of experience being a blogger (although I still don't know what my photography style is lol), I think I manage to take good photos more than my friends. This time I am talking about me as the photographer, which means I take photos of food, travel places, and products, not a selfie

Serious derp face when taking photos lol

Next to me is a journalist from Cita Cinta Magazine. Look at our similar angle of taking photos, as well as the pose LOL This was taken candidly and I was laughing cos well, maybe this is how people usually take photos ? ? Or is it just journalist and bloggers?
But to be honest, I think I look different when I am behind and in front of camera lol

Anyway without further ado so, here are my 5 tips for you = 

1. Catch the Light

Your time is up when the sun has set

Light is your best best friend when taking photos, seriously. Nobody likes dark and grainy photos, especially in this HD era where everywhere you go, all the images are crystal clear. Good lighting is a MUST, every photographers will stress you about this point. Although you can edit the photos lighting using photoshop, but if the raw already have good lighting then the result will be more fantastic for sure. Moreover if you take photos in the dark and then trying to brighten it up using photoshop, it will produce grainy noise that is not appealing

Whenever is possible, I will always have a photoshoot outdoor during the day. Sun light gives natural lighting that gives gentle touch to the photos, it is easier for beginners to easily capture beautiful photos too when there's light

2. Avoid Flash

Recent shot, photo above is taken next to window with morning light

I used to like to use built-in flash from my camera back then but I notice that natural light is much much better than using flash. Using flash makes the lighting looks harsh and also reflects shine that somewhat feels fake. I mostly use flash only at a very dark place where I need to take photos of people, or during any other special occasions. Flash neither shows the surrounding area well nor make the people look good, but at least it helps me to recognise the people on the photo. However as far as I concern, I will never admit flash-photos as my best shot. I guess newbie really should stick to natural lighting as it is God's help to us LOL Btw, it is different case if it's a softbox and flash from indoor studio, since they already set it.

The above photo was my food photo 2 years back. I want to cry + laugh when I see this, I can't event X"DDDD
The lighting was too harsh, and the flash makes everything turns out to be too yellowish! See how it can make such a difference in terms of color?

3. Check Every Details

The worst thing happens on any photo is when there are unnecessary objects on the photo. If you have a good pretty selfie but the background is a toilet, or trashes around, it won't be good. The same rule applies when you take photos of other stuffs. If it's product photos, make sure the background is free of any non-related items. Although at some cases, you can help erasing those stuffs through Photoshop, or learn some cropping as well to erase any unwanted items from your photos that you're going to share. All in all, make sure to provide only the best photos when you share it to the world

The photo above is the example of product picture review that I mostly do. I like taking it with clean white background with no other objects to make sure that the focus is on the product itself :)

4. Build Your Sense

Photo by @beautifuldestinations

I like to build my sense of photography, mostly travel, by following accounts with beautiful photos. I believe when I travel I see more beautiful things compared to my normal daily life because it is something new, so I like to explore places and take beautiful photos to share with my readers. However a good sense is needed so you need to learn from people that are much better than you. I like following Instagram Accounts that share travel photos so I learn their photography sense and can apply it on my own

Photo by @beautifuldestinations

Do not follow or see bad quality photos frequently because it will make your sense dull. Surround yourself with beautiful things, and you will also become one. Try copying photography styles [because everyone also starts from copying] that you like, and slowly but surely you will also begin to have your own sense awaken, and eventually have your own style that people want to copy :)

Photo by @wonderful_places

5. Find the Right Angle

Most popular angle for food photo on Instagram is the top view angle 

Finding the right angle can be challenging, and the most difficult one in my opinion. That's why there are times when you have to get out from your comfort zone and try taking different angles for your photos. The key is to keep trying to take photos from different angle

Problem is when you try to find a different angle, you also become one with your camera hence explains why you will also move along with your camera. You can try taking high tower building when you're laying down on the floor, or taking food photography is better when it is from top view so that means you mostly have to stand on your chair. It is totally fine to be all out!! 

Taking photos with good angle is one of the most challenging things and sometimes it can annoy people. But hey, at least we got the photo right? Anyway, it's also funny when we see our photos when we take the photos. Mostly we're in awkward position and this shows how dedicated we were!

I happen to get candid shot taken and this is my most awkward pose 

Imagine everyone is like "cheers!!!" or "kanpaiii!" during the night, and I was like, "Wait wait, I NEED TO TAKE PHOTO OF THIS!" and awkwardly pressed the button of my camera with my left hand + cheered sake with my right hand lol

On another day, I also was caught red-handedly doing this

I am lucky that none of people that I know haven't killed me yet for ruining the mood


Acted like a boss when taking photos without a care to the world --"

The photo was candidly taken by Glico Staff during our trip last time when I was taking photo here for my blog. It was raining, I had to hold my umbrella with one hand and another hand busy taking photo. The photo I was taking is a wall text, and I had to stand for an eye-level photo, including leaning myself backward for better composition. Mind you the floor is also slippery.. When taking buildings I usually squat down with my camera and taking it with low angle. When taking food photos, I have to stand up high (sometimes on the chair) to get a top eye view-photo

Trying my best to take a shot of Doraemon Caramel Candy Set

Anyway, you should also check this video by Canon

This video shows us how dedicated the photographers out there just to take a good photo. When they faced against death when taking a photo of lion. Disguising themselves as swan to take swan photos from up close. Rolling down on the floor to take amazing group photos. When I was watching it, I was lol-ing by myself because I did some of it!

The Canon video is pretty popular because it is fun and relatable :D Have you also done the same thing? Which one if yes?
 If you like the video, please also like and share it to the world!

I will talk about the angle and composition more next time! For now, enjoy playing with your camera or phone and hopefully you learn something from this post :)

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  2. your tips are amazing and I especially love ur first pic haha. Sometimes i get a little bit embarrassed when i take photos with a deadly serious face haha



  3. Thank you for the tips! O: I hope to be a great photographer as you one day! T__T

  4. thanks for sharing! very nice tips, Ka Stella ^^


  5. No no I am still learning :O I am not yet called a photographer haha, but I love taking pictures :3

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  9. I agree on not using the flash. Sometimes the light it produces ruins the photo!

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  11. Ohhh, lots of great tips and really easy to follow and put into practice as well ^.^

  12. I wish I had longer arms so I can take food photos better. I try my best to take top-view photos for food without having to stand on the chair >.< People in my country will stare at you judging you completely if ever you stand on the chair just to take a photo of your food @.@

    Btw, may I ask what camera you're using? ^.^ I've been looking for a good compact camera that gives the same result as a DSLR, hee hee XD

    Strawberry Bunny

  13. this article is really help me to get a best photo

  14. Haha I have short arm too.. Well, I guess that means you just have to do it quick lol I think anywhere in the world doesn't have any custom "people have to take pics first", it's just for some people

    I had answered it before on my IG, I'm sorry I can't mention other camera names bcos this is sponsored post :x but you can check out Canon Mirrorless camera lol

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