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February 10, 2015

How are you guys who are living in Jakarta right now?
Flood is finally at its peak yesterday and although my place is fine but the road is blocked by water

One of my friends and her mother who lived at the same area as me couldn't even come back so they had to stay at a hotel. My mom also got the same trouble although it's a little bit better, she has a shop that is only around 2km away from my place but she still couldn't come back, hence she stayed over

My brother and my dad were about to go but they cancelled it last time because the rain was so hard. So 3 of us are stuck together

My apartment yesterday was at bad state. PLN disconnects the electricity however we still had power saving so we could turn on the light and use kitchen. But I couldn't even watch news on TV / Internet and even turn on my AC. I guess things are pretty bad now? How's your place?

But yesterday I launched a new instagram account named Beauties Indonesia
I have one group named Komunitas Make up & Beauty Indonesia on FB and it almost reached 50k members. However, I want to share more informations to the next level hence producing this new account

I wanted to sync it with my previous group but the group can't be changed the name. Using the group's name is also out of choice because it's too long for Instagram. Being a not-so-creative-in-naming I scolded my old self. But hey, this one is a new one so yes let's start a new

What I will do here?

I will post many things related to beauty! 

  • Beauty Products Shot. Because cute products arranged beautifully with beautify our instagram feed
  • Beauty Motivational Quotes, women need to support each other to feel good about the others and themselves. Let's stay strong
  • Lip / Eye of the Day. Let's share your make up with us!
  • FOTD Pics. We have OOTD Indo or other things that regram OOTD of people but we don't have it specialised on OOTD / Beauty related. I will take pictures of bloggers' OOTD or normal women on the street that I meet and share the products that they use

Here's the example of the FOTD on Beauties Indonesia 
All in one picture!!
I have taken other bloggers' FOTD and will reveal it one by one ^.^ Maybe next, I will take your pictures!

Some motivational quotes I found, and rewrite it with our own design to match the concept

You can participate spreading Beauties Indonesia Community by :
  • Follow the account! The ID is Beauties_ID and please ask your friends to do so too! :)
  • Take any beauty related shots and use hashtag #BeautiesID . If it is good and inspiring, we will regram and tag you!
  • Become volunteer / give any suggestion. I still have no clear idea of this project, I just want to make an account to spread positivity on Instagram and I think it's easier to make a separate account instead of my personal account. So if you have any ideas or anything you can help to create beauty awareness in Indonesia, please do let us know. Mail me at

In the future maybe all the Beauties can have gathering or event together ^.^

So that's all for now, and I hope you guys stay safe!

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  1. Ohh this is such a lovely thing of you to do for girls who love beauty in Indonesia! ^ u ^

  2. Agree with your idea, Stella! Sure I'll follow this on Instagram and support you always~ Good luck! ^^

    XOXO, Ristra

  3. Stay safe with all of the flooding!

  4. Yup ! that's correct sleep and water, take of your skin girls. :)
    xo , Van allyn
    Buy Twitter Retweets.

  5. Our lovely country has its natural resources that has been supporting human beings for many decades. Much beauty places in Indonesia - Raja Ampat, Papua for example - give its blessings for Miss Indonesia which has been sponsoring by Sariayu Martha Tilaar for 11 years! Can you imagine how beautiful Miss Indonesia 2015 will be? :)