Tokyo Tower

February 12, 2015

I totally forgot to post about my visit to Tokyo Tower. I visited this place last year thanks to the sponsor that invited me there. Tokyo Tower is the landmark of Japan in my opinion, although it's no longer the tallest tower as it's been replaced by Tokyo Sky Tree, but it is a place you should go if you visit Japan

Imagine like you're going to Kuala lumpur without visiting the Petronas Tower, going to Paris without visiting Eiffel Tower, or going to Seoul without going to Namsam Tower. Something like that

Tokyo Tower is pretty close with Asakusa and Roppongi. I once had a dinner next to Tokyo Tower and it's amazingly beautiful at night! The red tower shines brightly in the middle of night and it is so romantic ^.^

First task is of course taking picture with the Tokyo Tower. My friend had to squat and took it from very low angle [making myself look pretty fat lol] so she could take my body picture along with Tokyo Tower whole building! PERFECT!!

The ticket is pretty pricey. We got the Observatory Combo Ticket. Normal price is 900 Yen but if you want to go higher you have to add another 700 Yen. It is in fact much cheaper than Tokyo Sky Tree though but still . . 

So what can we get by coming up to Tokyo Tower Observatory Deck?

You have 360' vision to see Tokyo with all the high buildings!

Whether it is day or night, both time offers different satisfaction. 

You can also buy Tokyo Tower limited edition souvenir here, or when you're going down from the Tower. Mostly those are products in Tokyo Tower shaped

Coming there with my lovely Missa <3 She also accompanied me to Tokyo Disneysea at that time!

Pose at this photo area for free! You can also get the staff to take your picture or pictures with your friend

The most anticipating thing both in Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree is the Lookdown Window. It is a see-through glass floor where you can step on safely. However my thigh was shivering badly at that time lol

I know I trusted Japan's safety procedure and technology but the feeling of having only a glass supports you from hundreds of meters away is just too scary. Imagine what would happen if the glass breaks and you fall down -__-

Although fortunately tens or hundreds of thousands people who have come here are still safe. And you should definitely try it too!

I just freaking hope nobody peeked my skirt from hundreds of meters away lol
They'd be a superman to be able to see it lol

You need to come there by yourself to experience the real thrill

All in all, it seems like Tokyo Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower offer the same thing. I have been to Sky Tree twice and Tokyo Tower once and although I would be hated for saying this, but for me both towers are overrated, especially with the high price

I would rather spend the money on Theme Park or nice Sushi
After all there's nothing else to do at both of the towers besides looking at the sceneries, and I am not really a fan of high building sceneries

I was born and grew up in metropolitan city, Jakarta, and used to seeing high buildings or even have dinner at one of it. So it's not something special till the point I have to spend thousands of yen
Not to mention the line is pretty long for Tokyo Sky Tree . . The good thing about Tokyo Tower is you still can enter with 900 Yen which is quite affordable
But whats the point of going to high building half-heartedly lol

I think just taking picture in front of it is more than enough for me. Both towers are not really my recommendation and I would only spend 20 minutes there

Maybe look at Tokyo Tower while having a meal next to it is much better
I had an amazing night at Sky Lounge Stellar Garden, Prince Hotel. Located next to the Tokyo Tower. That's a good place to have a romantic drink with amazing view ^^

Here's how it looks like, pics taken by the website

There are maybe other restaurants or bars around Tokyo Tower too, but I have only been to that one before and it's mesmerizing
So if it's you, which one you would choose? :)

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. I am very scared of heights but I think it would be worth it for the view! ^ - ^

  2. I really want to go there! Japan's on my dream vacation list :) The view from the tower is so gorgeous.

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  3. That is one of the places I've always wanted to visit. That glass floor looks so scary!

  4. Hi, I always read your blog but it's the first time I comment :D
    I remember came to Tokyo Tower at night so the observation floor already closed but the illumination was beautiful. I also love the fact that the souvenir stall in Tokyo Tower is quite cheap compared to other place


  5. the lookdown window looks so scary stel.. OAO
    I love your outfit btw! :3

  6. I don't mind paying that much if you could get more than the amount you spent. lol Even you trust Japanese Architecture you need much courage to step on that glass.

    Xx, The College Candy | Akari