Annyeonghaseyo - 안녕하세요

February 27, 2015

I am here in Seoul with my mom for 2 weeks getaway! In fact not a total of 2 weeks since we'll be going straight to Bali as well after this

I wanted to make it a family trip but my brother has internship going on right now hence my dad had to stay with him too to take care of him. Unfortunately for him, having a sister with inconsistent schedule and can travel when it's a school time, can be grudgesome. Usually I prefer going overseas when it's not school holiday since it's cheaper and less crowded, but for him who's still at school, it's a pleasure he wouldn't be able to get

Well he can skip in fact but he's quite chicken unlike me so LOL
I skipped many classes when I was having holiday in Japan haha 

So Seoul has been pretty freezing for mom and I. It's my first winter in Seoul, last time I came it was summer. I strongly believe the winter is harsher here than in Tokyo. And although everyone keeps saying that it's not that cold anymore since it's gonna be spring, I AM STILL DYING HERE

My mom is even worse. It's her first winter and for an older person it's pretty tough. We keep layering ourselves with jackets and coats and although I look like I don't wear any coat here, I took it off for the sake of blogpost. I was wearing black coat so it won't show the outfit details

My everyday outfit is in fact looks similar as I wrap myself tightly with black coat and button it all the way LOL

Anyway here are the outfit details :

Top : Unbranded 
Skirt : Gowigasa
Legging : Tutuanna 
Shoes : Pull & Bear

Got this Hamilton Michael Kors Bag from Shopbop as usual. Because buying it on Indonesia counter is more expensive :x

I painted my nails Red and Silver too <3
I just love any monochrome color with a pop of red, for me it looks bold yet classy

Ok so I'll be going now to have dinner with my mom! Will blog more later on about Seoul ^_^

Btw, Shopbop is having mega discount at the moment!

You save 15% with purchase over $250
You save 20% with purchase over $500
You save 25% with purchase over $1000
Use Shopbop discount coupon code to be entitled with this discount

See you guys on my next post! 

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  1. Love your outfit super chic haha :)

  2. lovely look :D
    i adore your bag and top <33
    have fun in seoul and bali :))

    cheer, michelle ~

  3. You look super good in this outfit! :)
    It's sad that your brother and dad didn't get to join the trip. :c

  4. Simple and chic purse!!


  5. Pretty!! Love that look, you're so lucky you're in Seoul T_T

  6. That is such a great look.

    Keep warm! I live in a semi-tropical climate so I do not do cold weather well.


  7. I love this look on you! So pretty ♥

  8. Hehe thank you :D Yea but hopefully next time we could go together!

  9. You ever visited Seoul and visit it again?! Sooo envy but well, so happy to see you could manage to take good picture (was it really cold?) Hehe~ Pretty as usual!

    XOXO, Ristra

  10. I just came back from Seoul too so I feel you about the freezing. I bought so many hotpacks lol. Those are life saviour! Hope you have a great time!

  11. I loveee that Michael Kors bag, except if I was to get one for myself, I'd get another color instead of black x

  12. I love your outfit ♥♥♥ I hope you enjoy your time together with your mom.

    Xx,The College Candy | Akari

  13. Haha I can't bear cold weather either

  14. Haha, I guess :D <3 Your turn will come eventually too ^.^