Annyeonghaseyo - 안녕하세요

February 27, 2015

I am here in Seoul with my mom for 2 weeks getaway! In fact not a total of 2 weeks since we'll be going straight to Bali as well after this

I wanted to make it a family trip but my brother has internship going on right now hence my dad had to stay with him too to take care of him. Unfortunately for him, having a sister with inconsistent schedule and can travel when it's a school time, can be grudgesome. Usually I prefer going overseas when it's not school holiday since it's cheaper and less crowded, but for him who's still at school, it's a pleasure he wouldn't be able to get

Well he can skip in fact but he's quite chicken unlike me so LOL
I skipped many classes when I was having holiday in Japan haha 

So Seoul has been pretty freezing for mom and I. It's my first winter in Seoul, last time I came it was summer. I strongly believe the winter is harsher here than in Tokyo. And although everyone keeps saying that it's not that cold anymore since it's gonna be spring, I AM STILL DYING HERE

My mom is even worse. It's her first winter and for an older person it's pretty tough. We keep layering ourselves with jackets and coats and although I look like I don't wear any coat here, I took it off for the sake of blogpost. I was wearing black coat so it won't show the outfit details

My everyday outfit is in fact looks similar as I wrap myself tightly with black coat and button it all the way LOL

Anyway here are the outfit details :

Top : Unbranded 
Skirt : Gowigasa
Legging : Tutuanna 
Shoes : Pull & Bear

Got this Hamilton Michael Kors Bag from Shopbop as usual. Because buying it on Indonesia counter is more expensive :x

I painted my nails Red and Silver too <3
I just love any monochrome color with a pop of red, for me it looks bold yet classy

Ok so I'll be going now to have dinner with my mom! Will blog more later on about Seoul ^_^

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See you guys on my next post! 

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