Bukchon Hanok Village and Gyeokbonggung Palace

April 27, 2015

I haven't blogged about my trip to Korea. After my surgery, I had to stay around a week for recovery and opened up my stitches there. The staffs told me instead of staying in my room, I would have faster recovery if I do outdoor activities. Besides during the end of the winter, the weather was perfect for post-surgery as it helps numbing the pain

I woke up like this, and living my day in Korea like this
It was not that bad on the pictures but in real life I looked like zombie who could hardly talk
Therefore most of the korean trip pictures this time, consists of 90% my mom's face lol

Anyway, knowing that I was in Korea. Some readers of mine who followed me on Instagram said they'd like to meet me. If only I had decent face I would love to, but I was keeping the surgery a secret. However I'd love to meet one or two, and so I contacted one of my readers who left comment on my IG, her name is Nita, and she accompanied me to Bukchon Hanok Village and Gyeokbonggung Palace :D

How I wish I could take OOTD pictures in here everyday . . 

Bukchon Hanok Village is in fact a residential area where the exterior of the house are still keeping their traditional design, hence attracting tourists. You can just go to the area and get lost here, wandering by yourself as you'd be enchanted by the traditional touch

The road is like a hill, and my mom got tired easily so we didn't wonder a lot. However we managed to take a glimpse of their houses

Some houses are renovated as shops too, we also found church there :) 
Pardon my hair, I was told to not wash my hair or face for around a week *cries bitterly*

On the main road you could see more food stalls and cafes. Mom and Nita tried this octopus grilled stick. I only could drool myself as they ate it because I couldn't chew neither eat solid food at that time T___T

Nita recommended me the Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup or Samgyetang at this restaurant. She said it's very famous in Korea. Considering the chilly weather and my condition, Samgyetang is a perfect choice!

To be honest for me, Korean Food are more expensive than Japanese Food. I could survive with less than 1000 Yen [10USD] for each meal but in Korea I had to pay around 15USD most of the time :(

Oh how I miss this beloved Samgyetangggg <3

After that we moved to Gyeokbonggung Palace, it is close with Bukchon Hanok Village and could be reached within 15-20 mins walking distance. This is my second time here and I am always in awe whenever I visited it as it is sooooo big D:

I couldn't take picture with my face, so mostly all I did was trying to look mysterious and covered up the bruise using my scarf #Cheat

And that's all! After that we went to Dongdaemun to shop some stuffs but I didn't bother to take pictures because it's just shopping malls XD I will blog about other interesting things in Korea later on! 

See you guys on my next post!

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  1. I love your photos :) It's good to hear that you still manage to enjoy your stay in Korean after your surgery :D

    Xx, Vanessa | The College Candy

  2. wow really pretty pictures, and they eat out really delicious =)


  3. I wish I could eat a lot too at that time :"(

  4. Hehe must must enjoy all the trips :")

  5. Plan a second trip to Korea and enjoy it 200%! :D

  6. I love samgyetang too~ and by the way, you cheat really well, your photos looked somehow mysterious and cool hahaha :3


    i love your new face kak Stell, you're still you are


  8. I just back from Korea too, tapi ga tau kenapa ga se nempel dihati kalo dibandingin Jepang. Mungkin akrena Jepang jauh ramah dibanding Korea ^-^ Love your brand new face anyway... hihihi

  9. Seeing pictures of Seoul actually makes me want to go to Korea even more badly and I really, really hope I will actually be able to get there this summer...
    It makes me really curious for sure and all the food looks like it's worth a try, too. :D