Sugar Pot Wax Review

April 14, 2015

Hello! I am really sorry that I haven't done any review and showed my face on this blog because well you know, I had horrendous face for a month and more. However I am back with another review and this time it is from a local brand named Sugar Pot. It is very very popular and I think every bloggers that I know have tried this! Sugar Pot Wax is a home remedy waxing product to remove your unwanted body hair and comes with 4 flavours to choose from!

I have used this ever since I received it to remove my arm and legs hair
Thanks to Sugar Pot Wax for sending me all the variants to try <3 Now I am here to let you know what I think!

I hardly remove my body hair because I don't really like spending time and much money on body salon just to remove it, besides waxing is pretty painful and hot. Usually I only remove it like every 3 months or so LOL And usually with razor.. Which I know is the worst hair removal progress
This is my first time trying body wax product and more special is it is local brand

Sugar Pot Wax comes in 4 variants, Honey, Strawberry, Matcha, and Chocolate

A box of Sugar Pot Wax comes with some paper strips, 2 spatulas, how to use guidebook, and a big jar of wax that contains 250g product. It is pretty big and heavy XD

The Matcha or Green Tea contains antioxidant that defends your body against the assault of free radicals on healthy cells 

The Strawberry is for those of you who want to brighten up your skin

For smoother effect on your skin, get yourself the Honey Type

If you want to moisturise your skin, place your option with Chocolate Wax

The texture of this wax is very very unique and different. You can use it as it is or heat it on microwave. For me because I have sensitive skin, esp high reaction towards heat, I use it as it is

The texture is very, gooey? And it's very sticky and thick.. I find it a little bit difficult to take it out because the wax sticks on the jar very hard ^^; 

Here's how it looks like when you take it out. Matcha, Honey, Strawberry, and Chocolate
I think the texture and consistency are same, however the fragrant is slightly different

The fragrant is pretty light and hardly noticeable for me, however the chocolate's scent is stronger in my opinion

So just spread the wax all over the area you wish to remove the hairs of. I mostly do on my legs because I show my legs more than my arm. I recommend to not spread it too thin otherwise it won't be removed

After you spread it out, just cover the area with the paper sheet provided. I usually press it to make it stick nicer and after that, pull it off fast!

The hairs come off pretty easily and in fact if you do it on small area, it doesn't hurt as much as when you do it altogether on large area. I think they really remove the hairs nicely but I find the progress a bit messy because the wax is difficult to control
Also because of its sweet aroma [and maybe taste? I don't try lol], when I stored it at my room and closed the jar not tight enough, there were some ants army around it :< 

Here's the before and after using Sugar Pot Wax
I don't really have many legs hair to begin with but it's just always nice to have everything smooth and clear

After using the wax, I think this one is better and more moisturised than other wax I have tried. Usually I have reddish irritate skin after I waxed my body hair, but my skin feels baby smooth instead when I am using Sugar Pot. My favorite is Honey anyway!

You also should spray some soothing mist after waxing to keep it hydrated. Sugar Pot also provides this one that has Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil as the ingredients. It gives cooling effect and very refreshing

All in all my experience with Sugar Pot is awesome. I love how it really removes my body hair but keep it healthy and not having any irritation unlike other wax. However I don't like how messy the progress is due to its very sticky texture. My hands got the stickiness from applying the wax because the spatula provided is too short. It needs certain power as well to take out the product because the wax sticks on the jar, sometimes it's also difficult to open the cap because some wax gets in between the cap and jar :<

For people who don't like hassle stuffs, it is much better to go to wax salon. However if you are up for some trouble as long as it doesn't irritate your skin and it is all natural, then go for Sugar Pot Wax. The price is very reasonable for me, Rp 85.000 for one jar and the mist is only Rp 45.000

You can visit Sugar Pot Website to find out about the products more, as well as ordering from them if you're interested. Anyone has tried this one too? :)

See you guys on my next post!

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  1. Wow, I've never tried waxing before, as my body hair isn't that visible and I thought that shaving it would be bad for my skin anyway. But reading this review got me interested, seeing it is a local brand and it even has a Soothing Mist for its aftercare! I will definitely try this :3 I checked out the website and the price is quite cheap as well! I have a question though, what would be the difference between heating the wax and using it as it is? Would it have a better effect at hair removal?

    Take care~! ヾ(๑╹ヮ╹๑)ノ”

  2. Ohhh, awesome post!! I love matcha flavour, I would love to try that wax!!

  3. Aku juga pake ciii yang madu
    Ga abis" satu jar nya, dan suka banget sama hasilnya (meski agak rempong pakenya)
    Aku cobain ke mama aku, dia juga seneng sama hasilnya..
    Langsung bersih soalnya..

    Sylvia's World

  4. foto2nya bagus2 bgt, hehe.
    btw di kamu bulunya tahan ilang brp lama sebelum tumbuh lagi? trus tumbuh laginya kasar nggak?

    kakiku jg ada bulu tp ga gondrong banget. but my mom told me kalo dicukur nanti malah jd panjang2 terus kasar, jd didiemin aja, hahaha