Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack Review and Swatch

May 02, 2015

People are crazy over lip tattoo at the moment and I want to join the bandwagon too by trying out one of the hottest lip tattoos in the market, which is Berrisom. I am so lucky to get 7 of 8 colors from generous sponsor, unfortunately the purple one is discontinued already :(

I brought this to Korea and Bali last time and ever since I have tried it almost everyday and I think I am good enough to make the review of it!

For those of you who don't know what lip tattoo is, it is basically a semi-permanent lip colouring product that gives you a tinted-lips but more moisturising and said to be longer lasting as well. Popular one is of course from South Korea, the leading beauty industry in Asia for the past few years [Japan, chase them please!!] 

As always Korean Lip Products always come in fun and bright colors that is very K-Pop-ish!

Berisom Lip Tattoo is called Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack. We all know how most of the lip tints emphasize our dry lips and so I was curious how lip tattoo could help getting rid of this problem

Which color tempts you the most? 
For me it's no 1, Sexy Red !

The packaging and the box are as always cute and unique, as expected of Korean Beauty Products

I have tried all of the colors, and I really like Sexy Red because recently I have been very into red lip colors haha. I have abandoned nude lips lol
Anyway, Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack comes in a squeeze tube that is easy to pinch. I have tried some lip tint that is very difficult to squeeze and it's a big no no!

How to use it?

Simply squeeze out the tint and apply it all over your lips. Let it sit down for around 5-10 minutes and peel it off

I find applying it directly is still the best way although the result is super messy but it doesn't make my other applicators sticky. I tried using Q-Tip to spread it evenly however the Q-Tip threads get stuck on the lips. I also tried using synthetic lip brush and it worked better, but later on the lip brush would get sticky and difficult to clean off

As I hate the mess, I just applied it all over directly. However when waiting for the lip tattoo to cool down, it looks very ugly and messy :"( Am I the one who's bad in applying this or any of you experience the same thing too?

After around 10 minutes, peel off the pack and voila~ 
It doesn't hurt when I peel it off, however if your lips is dry and you don't put enough tint, you can accidentally peel your lips altogether too >< So be careful! 

Here's the before and after

Turns out that the result is not as messy as it looks, however the shape is far from perfect. It might be forgiven if it's daily life but I don't recommend it for photoshoot or important events
Also this seems to be my problem, I don't know if the others feel the same too, but the pack is stuck on the inner lips area, giving sticky feeling. When I tried to peel it off, it always removes my lips as well :(

I guess it's because it's kinda wet? Hence I don't recommend you to apply it until the inner corner
It needs a lot of amount to cover the lips, more than normal lip tint therefore I am sure it will run out faster than your normal lip products

Left to Right : Sexy Red, Bubble Pink, Pure Pink, Lovely Peach, Candy Orange, Vivid Scarlet, Virgin Red

The texture is very thick and gooey. The more you put, the longer it will dry

Here are the swatches and the result : 

Left to Right : Sexy Red, Bubble Pink, Pure Pink, Lovely Peach, Candy Orange, Vivid Scarlet, Virgin Red

The result is in fact paler than what I expected to be, and some colors making me look sick in real life. I mostly use no 1, 2, and 8 only

The good things are it is indeed more moisturising than normal lip tint, however the application process is kinda messy although it's fun to do. For the color longevity, I don't think this one last more than other lip tints though. Sure there are lip tints that last only 2-3 hours but most of the time, it still gives a hint of color, and so is Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack

Though I really love how the result really gives me natural tinted lips like "I woke up like this", but picking the right color from this series is crucial as some is too pale for my preference. I suggest you to buy the dark colors as it will show up nicer !

Pros : 
 More moisturising than normal lip tints
 Unique application
 Gives natural tinted lips
 Comes with many shades to choose from
 Last long than normal lip products [as it is a lip tint]

Cons :
 Application could be messy
 Have to wait for a while to get the result, need patience
 Some color choices are too pale in result
 Needs a lot of products for one time usage, will run out faster than normal lip products

For me personally I don't have enough patience to wear this every single day, however if I have enough time and having dry hair at that time, I will opt for this
Anyone have ever used the same brand or maybe tried other lip tattoos? Share it with me! :D

The products are sponsored by Kiss of Indo

See you guys on my next post!

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  1. I have the chic purple, got it from one korean online shop.
    but the purple color is not really show up.
    I wanna buy the sexy red *_*

  2. Wow this is the first time I heard about lip tattoo. That's a kind of new way to apply a lip tint... it's too messy and I don't think I have enough time to do make up :p

  3. stella, klo diperhatikan postingan di blog mu, sekarang dandanan-mu jauh lebih natural ya.
    Sukaa !!! *lophloph*