Toshiba Digital Clinical Thermometer Review

May 04, 2015


Today I will be sharing with you a newly launched health thermometer for women that is produced by Toshiba, which is Toshiba Digital Clinic Thermometer! This is also known as a basal or fertility thermometer and what's amazing is it doesn't only check your body temperature but also shows your menstrual period chart and stores it on your phone. Toshiba Digital Clinic Thermometer has their own application, available for Android user to download
First of all, here's how it looks like~

All the details are written in english on the box!

The contents inside the box concludes the instruction, the thermometer, and the case itself

The thermometer has 3 important points, the display chart, the operation button below it, and then the measurement area underneath. It is made in Japan and I believe the technology XD
It is very small and light so you can easily put it inside your bag, bringing it to travel is not a matter!

Toshiba Digital Clinical Thermometer comes with its personal case. It is in transparent plastic box with white spiral decoration to beautify the case

Different than what thermometer I usually use where you put it on your armpit or ear, you place the measurement area on your tongue. It is recommended to check your temperature every morning once you wake up and while you're still laying on your bed.

Right after you wake up, grab your thermometer and check your body

Press the button to turn it on and place the measurement area on your tongue, make sure it's always on the same side of your tongue

Wait for a few tens of seconds until beep sound which means it's finished! It doesn't take long and won't disturb your morning routine

Next, open your Toshiba BBT app and click record temperature to save your data

Place the back of your thermometer on your phone's microphone, and press the button for a second while opening Toshiba App to store your data. And voila, you're done!

The process is very simple and it's only within 5 seconds! After that you can check the BBT Chart that shows your daily statistic! 

The data is in fact very useful for women because once you regularly use it, it will show you when you're likely to have your menstrual day, when you might have oily skin or dry skin, your ovulation days, days when it's good for diet, and so on

Since Toshiba Digital Clinical Thermometer is very personal due to checking your temperature on your tongue and need daily chart record on your phone, I don't recommend you to share it to anyone. However if you insist, make sure to clean the measurement area by wiping it off with clean cloth / tissue.

So far I am pleased with this product and would definitely keep checking my temperature and women's body in the future! Toshiba Digital Clinical Thermometer becomes my daily routine to manage and check my own body,

Anyway, do you want to win iPhone 6 and also Toshiba Digital Clinic Thermometer?

Matome, Toshiba, and I are collaborating together to give away some Toshiba Digital Clinic Thermometer and iPhone 6 to lucky winners!
There are many ways to find out and I would appear at Toshiba Booth at Ennichisai 10th May 2015. If you want to find out more about it, read Matome's article about Gratis iPhone 6 dan Toshiba Digital Clinical Termometer. So, I'll see everyone there!

See you guys on my next post!

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  1. That looks really interesting ^^

  2. great review :D

  3. That is a super cool thermometer. I love all of the information stored in the app. I wish I could find something like that here!