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May 21, 2015

Dress by : Dongengan 

Hello everyone. I am still in Bali for my private holiday and got a wonderful time here. I met many many friends, expected and unexpected, and basically love Bali so much. How I wish Anggy is here with me, She said she didnt have money because she'll be going to Thailand to watch DBSK. Something about Yunho will go to Army and so she gets panic. So I am here with other friends and friends, running away from the busy Jakarta


However you still need to be effortlessly pretty during holiday, so I am sharing some of beauty products that I got recently

Having bleached blonde hair + extension means I have to be very picky about my hair brush :( I tried Denman 3D Hair Brush and love how it can successfully brush my hair without pulling it too hard. 
A good hair brush is very different than normal hair brush that you can find at any supermarket, and honestly if you're quite perfectionist on your appearnce I suggest that you find a good hair brush as it completes your hair. It makes hair neater longer. This one is pretty good for only around 10$ 

I had one that had similar result like this but costed me tens times more than Denman. I heard that some people claimed that it's long lasting too

Human and Kind Skin Whitening Cream is my current on the go sunblock! It is very thick and creamy skincare Cream that helps to fight against UV Rays. The cream gives a little bit of whitening effect after usage because of the sunblock ingredient [so make sure to only use it during the day], and for me it's soooooo mattifying

It makes skin a little bit dryer, so I don't recommend it for people with dry skin. But for those with oily skin, you might love it because it helps mattifying your face so bye-bye shine! 

Recently I also put Blinc Eyeliner Pen inside my make up pouch because I love the dark black result produced by this product. Although the tip feels a little bit stiff for my preference, but it can produce thin and thick result nicely, and it doesn't smudge + waterproof. The color is pretty intense and when it's gone after a few hours wearing it in Bali, it just comes off as like dirty buds instead of melting on my eyes

Thank you Superberry for the products <3


I will be coming back to Jakarta soon, and want to work different projects. I got some inspiration from Bali and I want to work harder from now on. Anyway, I just thought that maybe I'll just go directly to Anggy's home and stay over

I haven't told her so I'll ask her later when she wakes up and checks LINE lol
You know that you need to share like EVERY thing to your best friends? I have so many stories to tell directly [I only said it via chat] to her so yea, maybe good

Places where you go is not only the thing that can make you happy
It is more like the companion. So I will extend my holiday a little bit at her home :x

Good bye for now! I am going to have breakfast with Michelle Hendra. She's staying with me for the last 2 nights in Bali haha
Good luck to your everyone

See you guys on my next post!

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