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May 18, 2015

Opportunity comes at the right time, I was about to bleach my teeth and a few months ago there was an email on my inbox for a teeth whitening offer from a dental in Jakarta. They asked me during the time when I was in Korea for my nose surgery but we had to delay for months as we were waiting for my recovery. I couldn't open my mouth as wide as it used to be yet because I had chin and nose procedure. I did come once for a consultation and another is for scaling before bleaching to prepare for my teeth and so this is my experience having my teeth whitened for the first time XD

I did it at Sapphire Smile Dental House which is located at ITC Permata Hijau. From the outside it looks like normal building but you can definitely spot them from their banner outside

The waiting room is done beautifully in simple and clean design with a lot of colors to brighten the room up

On the alley, they also put a lot of informations about dental ^.^

And this is the treatment room. First thing I notice is their hygiene, it is the most important thing in beauty and health industry and I accepted the offer to promote their clinic after I visited the clinic before

On my third visit, my teeth and my facial movement were ready for the treatment

I didnt put much make up because I knew I will spit a lot in the end and it will ruin my make up
But well anyhow usually I only use eyebrow, loose powder, and a light lip tint though lol

I used the bleaching called Beyond :)

First they put the gel as the base so the bleach would stick on better. And after that we did the bleaching using light. They said bleaching using light would be brighter than not using one

Like a sci-fi movie lol

Anyway, this is the teeth color chart. My natural teeth is in number 3, and after the bleaching, it rises 6 levels to number 1. In fact I could do another one to reach number 0 but I was afraid that it would look too fake due to its whiteness so I stopped until 1

This is me after bleaching, and the doctor was holding the teeth color no 3 that used to be my old teeth's color. Pretty good right??!!

This is the before and after side by side : 

It is recommended to not drinking coffee, tea, or any coloured foods when you had your teeth whitened to make it last longer. Bleaching will last you around 2 years 
My teeth was not that yellow because I didnt smoke neither I drank coffee and tea a lot, I guess mine is pretty normal but in this era where a lot of people enhance everything, teeth whitening would make you look cleaner XD

I met a friend after bleaching and he told me that my teeth became brighter than normal people but in a subtle way! This creates impression of brighter smile and also the lipstick will show off better too when I smile due to its contrast color
However the result is not that obvious on the picture as this affects real life routine more

Anyway my teeth is not that straight, I had one front teeth twisted a little bit. Fixed it with braces when I was teens but it shifted back :"(
Sapphire Smile offered me to get treatment done with them but for now I'll just go with bleaching first as it's the easiest and fastest result to get beautiful teeth

It's very popular right now to buy teeth whitening / bleaching on online shop but in fact I don't recommend it because we don't know whether the hygienic standard is reached or not. Some are even dangerous, so it's better to do it at dentist. 
Also I believe that the result won't be as good and as neat compared to when a professional did it for you. I mean, they studied for years to fix someone's teeth so they should be better than us right?

With the doctor and also owner of Sapphire Smile. Thank you for having us!

After bleaching I feel more confident when smiling to show off my teeth. It was not painful at all during the procedure but after finished, for around 3-5 hours I had some sudden attack pain like toothache that's caused by the bleaching. It is normal and it will occur more for people with sensitive teeth. You can drink Ponstan if you can't handle pain but the doctor gave me a gel teeth medicine to reduce the pain 

Anyway Sapphire Smile is giving a reduced price of Rp 100.000 to my readers for any treatment you'll do with them [scaling, bleaching, crown etc] as long as you follow their Instagram + post a selfie with your teeth shown using tag #IniGigiKuManaGigiMu? #SapphireSmileDentalHouse

Don't forget to tag them too! ^_^
This promo is valid until 15th June 2015 

And that's all for my first time bleaching my teeth! Overall I am so happy and pleased overtime I try out anything new in beauty industry because I love beautifying myself [thats why my job is beauty blogger lol] 
Right now my smile is still a little bit weird because my face is still stiff post-surgery
But I believe it would look better and better from now on ^.^

This quote is really true, if you aren't born with it, buy it

See you guys on my next post!

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