Washed White

May 06, 2015

How are you? It's been 2 months post my surgery and my life has been slowly back on track. My face has become less and less swollen and my nose and chin area become smaller. However I still can trace a lumpy area near the right of my nose. I put lesser make up than before because after surgery I tried to not touch my face too much. Even I tried to not touch my face, so washing my face becomes quite a tough job as I have to do it very carefully

If I put heavy make up, I had to cleanse it more, but I still shouldn't touch my face recklessly yet. Therefore usually I only put a light BB Cream that is very very easy to cleanse, and some minimal make up. No contouring and highlighting, especially on the surgery area

I am also back on gym, I had to stop it for a month or so because of the surgery because the staffs told me to. But well, although my concern is my arm and tummy where the fat is lol, at the moment I only can work on my arm.


Because I am afraid that when I do sit up or any tummy-work, I would bump my thigh accidentally T______T
So I don't do too much tummy-work *sighs*, I help myself with machine and 3D massage roller now

Therefore mostly I use a light weight and loose top like this lol 

Top and Skort : Dongengan
Shoes : Everbest

The Kate Spade red bag has become my daily bag at the moment simply because it's light to be carried anywhere, the inside is large and can contain many things [it's separated into 3 sections], and the color is nice. Moreover since it's not leather, I don't have to be afraid of rains/water drops or anything that can scratch my bag lol

I have been loving red more and more recently I don't know why

Having loose type of bloused could hide your big tummy XD 
Anyway the sort is in batik pattern, so eccentric!

The outfit is by Dongengan and anyway we're busy preparing for our bazaar
Dongengan Clothing Line and Starry Light Magic Eye Tape will be at Kota Tua Market, Grand Indonesia West Mall [near Tairyo] from 7-10th May 2010

You can get special price, additional glue, and also FREE TRIAL of Starry Light at my booth
I was busy preparing for the first Starry Light real bazaar [last time it's only garage sale of mine that also sells it]

I haven't retouched my hair color yet btw. Might do it soon because of bazaar, and also events are coming up. I dyed it into medium ashy blonde color but it faded away after 2 weeks. My hair is dead and cannot absorb color too much :(
It's a big lie if people say any color would stick on this kind of light hair. Yes, but it won't stay because it doesn't have enough power to absorb the color, so after you wash it, it will be gone T__T

Nevertheless I love my blonde hair, but also love dark hair. I might dye it darker though later, after all it will always go back to blonde lol

Baby Skin BB Cream
NARS Loose Powder in Flesh
Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Taupe
Starry Light Magic Eye Tape
Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er
Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack in Bubble Pink mix with 3CE Water Gloss in Chewing

See you guys on my next post!

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