Silver Fox

May 26, 2015

Howdy~ Do you guys notice some changes on my blog?

That's right.. I just rearranged some stuffs for my blog. The layout is still the same but I changed some CSS here and there to make the pictures appear better on the blog. I just had time to do it because I hardly do CSS recently. I am glad I had experience in blogging since I was little so I still understand a little bit of CSS. Blogging is evolving and always changing, and I always have to keep up to make sure my blog stays good. I put a lot of effort on my blog to make sure your leisure time enjoyable when coming to my little space

For me there's 2 types of blogging. A personal blog where it is all about your preference, where you write anything you want without thinking of anything or anybody else. You are free to write in bad grammar, uploading dark pictures, and write anything that you want to write

However for me, blogging is the second answer. It is where I work now and being a perfectionist at job, I always want to make sure I present things that is good in quality
I would keep things arranged neatly and clearly. I would want to put high quality pictures and clear reviews about beauty stuffs. Because it is about informative blog and I have to think about what the others see

Is there any pressure?

I have had TONS of it
I see many amazing blogger friends of mine and I had pressure to keep up with the changes
From owning a cheap digital camera and took pics using flash, took pic using phone camera, moved to DSLR, and then got mirrorless camera and such

Many people asked me, "how to make a blog?"

It is easy. You could just sign up on blogger or wordpress and voila~
But a good blog is different and I am still learning for it

A good blogger needs to know photography, photo editing, make up / fashion artistry, directing shoot, creative director, advertising themselves, talent, and many other things. Unfortunately not many people understand that it requires a lot of efforts for it hereby thinking that as long as we get free stuffs, we'll do it for free

There's always price on something

I am glad that recently more and more people know about this job and know about how it works compared to a few years ago. 5 years ago I could only read XiaXue be able to earn a living through blogging and wishing that it would be practicable in Indonesia. It is moving slowly but surely

Outfit of the Day =

Top & Pants : Chlorine
Bag : Philip Lim
Shoes : Aldo

I had a set from my university classmate's shop, Chlorine. Most of the time I wear clothes from my friend's shop to support them, or things that I bought online. I haven't had luxury to have window shopping for so long because I only bought what I need

For the bag, I was affected by Elle and Julian, my friends. They told me about this bag and being a beauty junkie, unfortunately I am not quite aware of what's in and what's good in fashion industry LOL So I only had what's recommended by my friends usually haha

Anybody feels the same?

Anyway, I have been quite diligent in gym recently. I don't really like sweat but I guess I have to do some activities to keep up my shape. As the result, my biceps is getting bumpy and very obvious recently and I was so scared that I would be muscular lol But my brother who's a gym freak told me it's ok but I had to work on my triceps more because it's still very flabby haha

And then it finally hit on me that I have finally grown into an adult. When you're young, you have to had your parents to ask you to study, to work, to help around house, and to exercise. As you grow older you already have a sense of responsibility to yourself and do it without anyone ask you to

As I count, there's only a few months away till I turn 23. It feels fast, and yet slow
How many years have you guys followed my blog for?

That's a little update from me. Anyway, I am going to make a FAQ video about plastic surgery so you can also leave a comment below to ask me what do you want to know about my surgery ^_^

See you guys on my next post!

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