Irresistible Me Clip On Hair Extension

August 24, 2015

I prefer my hair long, period. I am never confident with short hair but because of the damaged hair and a lot of stuffs going on, my hair is still shoulder length. So I opt for hair extension, clip on, or wig most of the time. I was offered by Irresistible Me to try their clip on hair extension and of course I want to :D I never tried 100% real human hair so I want to know the quality!

Anyway for those of you who wondered, I got it from this US Based online store, they shipped worldwide. Last time I got my hair extension is the braid type and local hair, which means it is black and we gotta bleach it many times to reach my hair level. However it damaged the extension and that's why I got another one instead that comes in blonde already

I cant seem to find any blonde shade clip on or hair extension that is 100% human hair in Indonesia, so I am glad that I found this site, and if you have difficulty like me, you might want to try buying it overseas

I got my package within 5 days working day after I placed the order, which is super FAST! 

The product itself blends beautifully with my new hair, thanks to Ryoji salon for helping me to achieve it
For me the quality is beyond awesome! It is super smooth and I can easily curl and straighten it, and it is coated beautifully, giving amazing gloss finish

I have the extension in 200gr but in fact it is super thick!! :O I cant believe how thick it is on my hair, and I mostly use only half of it. So I think 100gr should be enough :D


I even wore it on my last tutorial ^^
Super love it, thank you Irresistible Me for the hair clip! You can visit their website HERE and this is the one that I got :D

See you guys on my next post!

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