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August 20, 2015

It's like the worst time in my blogging career history that I hadn't blogged for 3 weeks or so. I apologize

Mom's new restaurant has been opened and I was in charge of a lot of things. Meanwhile my new puppy still needs a lot of care so basically I finally have a life, wtf. And when I was about to come back to internet and post a selfie, I realized my hair is far from perfect as the roots had grown so long. So I came back to my friend's salon, Ryoji Sakate at Senopati

I realized that I haven't blogged about this salon before
So here we go!

Ryoji Sakate Hair Lounge is owned by Ryoji Sakate, the director, and some friends. Ryoji is a Japanese hair stylist that has worked in New York as well for years, so the combo is a top-notch. Senopati is their first branch and their interior is using industrial design that is so stylish

It is located at Senopati no 16, above Pao Pao and Arasseo Restaurant. Located behind Pacific Place and near Residence 8

The salon is quite spacious and very clean! For me I love the design and the place is quite cozy

They also have my most lovable hair products in Indonesia, Milbon <3 Besides Milbon, they're using Shiseido as well. Some stuffs are also bought in Japan, so all the products are from Japan!

Try to come in the morning because it is less busy, and it is best to make appointment before hand
I came in the morning to get the VIP treatment haha. I retouched my hair and Ryoji himself is doing my hair. My friend, Amanda, came around 2 the day before and she said it's quite busy and hectic. I guess it's better to come when it is less crowded so you have all the attention from the director himself haha

This time I only retouched my roots and removed the purple color I had, because I want to go for normal blonde again

The process is very fast and efficient, ALWAYS.. I am so happy how Japanese always works so fast. I usually had to stay at salon all day long until the salon closes as my hair is very difficult to do [breakage, damaged hair, difficult color, etc] but whenever I have Ryoji did my hair, he finishes it before I even realize it

He's quite perfectionist as well and I tried his cutting too before, very neat and precise! Basically I know nothing of his flaw in hairstylist world and I write this not because I am his friend, but because I truly know how awesome he can be

He can speak perfect english and Japanese, but if you are more comfortable in Bahasa, they have assistant who can translate for you :)

And this is my finished look!!

Can you see how neat and even the finished result is? Nice blonde is very difficult to make, and when it is this light, just a little bit of unevenness is seen easily. But Ryoji's skill is so good that the color blends amazingly

What's more amazing is my hair is in fact around shoulder length but I came with a new human hair clip extension that I got from Irresistible Me. I got the lightest color and the quality is superb! It's real human hair and Ryoji even said that the hair is smoother than my real hair -_-

So as you can see, the amazing part is when I told Ryoji I wanted to match my hair with this clip on, and he gave me this precision XD How many stylists in your life that you believe can do this?

I guess I really am myself when I am long-haired blonde XD

You can check out Ryoji on =

Jl. Senopati No 16 2F

I will update you guys again! Promise! 
I have so many posts waiting and I just feel bad that I can't upload much :"<
Hope you guys still miss me lol

See you guys on my next post!

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