Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi Gloss Swatch and Review

August 26, 2015

What would you do if you have 35 lipgloss with different colors each?

For me it is an absolute answer,
make a swatch color comparison and review it :D

I received all the colors of the newest lipgloss from Make Up For Ever called Artist Plexi Gloss. It's just recently launched and so far this is my first time seeing a lot of crazy colors at once [including purple etc] at one make up line that is available in Indonesia

The colors come in 5 categories. First one is the nude category, followed by pink shade, coral shade, red shade, and purple-black shade

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi Gloss comes with its superflex applicator that can store enough products for your lips, letting you privilege to not have to take out the product many times. 1-2 Take out is all you need

The applicator is so soft and delivers it nicely, it is also very easy to draw thin and thick line depending on the pressure I give. The lip gloss promises long lasting result and glossy-vinyl finish 

Here's the swatch on my lips of all the 35 glosses

The lipgloss lasts around 4-5 hours on me and the staying power is pretty good. It still leaves a bit of tint on my lips even after the color disappears. The finish and pigmentation power is different among each one of the gloss, some is very pigmented and creamy while some is sheer. Take a note on the number with P on the end, as it means the gloss with have pearly finish

I love the purple color but I am disappointed with the black gloss as it's not as pigmented as I thought. I had to reapply it up to 4 times to get decent color. I guess it's better as a top on black lipstick. Like I said, while some glosses are very pigmented, some are not, and black just happens to be in the later. If you wonder which one is pigmented and which one is not, just take a look at the lip swatch above

Although it promised to be not sticky, as any normal lip gloss, I think it's super sticky and giving quite uncomfortable feeling if you use too much. It doesn't blend into my lips but giving a thin sticky coat instead. However the gloss is very moisturizing and never once emphasize my dry lips :O

The product is 19$ at US but it is Rp 320.000 in Indonesia. Quite pricey if I must say, but I really recommend the Lilac and Purple to be in your collection as it is difficult to get purple shade of lipgloss in Indonesia

Because the lipgloss is pretty long lasting, it is quite difficult to clean it off even with my strong make up remover :O

Other colors that I like are = 
204 - Old Pink, 209 - Fuschia Pink, 304 - Red Coral, and 400 - Orange Red

Overall I like some of them, but I dont recommend to collect all 35 of it, as some is not worth it :x sorry

BUT, Some of the colors are amazing and it is pretty long lasting. If you happen to have dry lips, you might consider having this baby as it's very moisturizing. I know lip tint or lip cream can give very pigmented color but usually if you have dry lips, it will look so obvious!

Pros : 
  • Comes in available 35 shades 
  • Has amazing applicator tip for 
  • Moisturizing
  • Some of the shades are very pigmented
  • Long lasting

Cons :
  • Super sticky
  • Quite pricey
  • Difficult to remove

Upon reading this blog post, which shade strikes your attention the most? :D

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi Gloss is available at every MUFE Counters in Indonesia :)

See you guys on my next post!

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