Taeyeon SNSD Lion Heart Make Up Tutorial

August 22, 2015

As you guys know that I dyed my hair golden blonde, it is to match Taeyeon SNSD for this tutorial. Yes that's my real hair but for the length, I use clip on hair extension [will review later]

Many might not know that I also listen to KPop due to my love toward Japan. But hey, I am unbiased regarding music and taste. I listen to SNSD and Big Bang and 2NE1, and I used to listen to Super Junior and SS501. I also watch K-Drama and I know which one I need when I need what

For example, I think for romantic dramas, KDrama wins over JDrama because of it's cheesiness and that dokidoki feeling lol Also the guy usually has good bodies, tall and muscular! While for JDrama the romantic genre is not their virtue as they look awkward sometimes lol

But when I want to get realistic perception, I'll go for JDrama

For SNSD, My favorite is Taeyeon, no objection. However recently I think Yuri is someone that I want to achieve lol Dat body . .

Although I tried to look like her, but our facial features are quite different so of course cant look like her 100% T_T Also my eyes are bigger and I dont even use Starry Light or any eye tape bzz. At this point I realize having monolid can be quite an advantage. You can be monolid or double eyelid. I used to have monolid but I kept using eye tape and it helps my eyes getting bigger LOL 

Now I want it back for sexier look ugghhh!!!

Please watch the video. I only make it for 3-mins length video although the recording process itself takes soooo long hahaha
Hopefully you guys get the grip of it!

Have a happy saturday!

See you guys on my next post!

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