Just For A Breather

September 17, 2015

As everything is not going too good in Jakarta, suddenly my desire to move abroad is stronger than ever. No I do not want holiday, I want to try living and working abroad

My top two choices right now are Tokyo and Los Angeles [Or anywhere in California]
However I don't think I can work well in Tokyo because my Japanese is not proficient enough. So maybe I'll just study there but I am still not sure

Second is working in California. I know a lot of great things on internet are coming from there, like top youtubers and many digital medias. And I do speak english well, my degree is from Art - Advertising

So I want to aim those two

I wonder if anyone reading this has any clue or know anyone who's willing to hire me abroad haha. I might want to try working for Beauty Brand as well because I think I am doing quite good on it 

Not going to happen anytime soon though, because I still have readers trip in January
But in case anybody knows any plan for me overseas, feel free to leave me a comment haha

P.S = As I was typing that, my macbook suddenly crashed and I had to run to Apple Store this morning FML. Not only my phone got stolen, now my laptop went into trouble. Which means, babai money, I am going to miss you

Praying for good things coming to me soon or I'll be rotten in misery lol
How's your week? As bad as mine?

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