My Monthly Hair Treatment - Milbon Linkage

September 03, 2015

The common question that I receive most of the time is "your hair, is it damaged?"

Of course it is. It has been through bleaching process that put avada kedavra magic to my hair. It feels rough, dry, and lifeless. Some friends of mine even refer it like "sapu ijuk" -_-

I have done treatment once in Japan and it was freaking awesome!! Because I could finally run my fingers through ;_; Anyone who have done bleaching in their life, would know the pain. I can only brush my hair using selected brush, I cannot sleep with wet hair or I will wake up with lion hair, and I cannot use any normal shampoo

That's the life of bleached hair

HOWEVER, Ever since Milbon came to Indonesia, I have been using their products forever and they're truly the Japanese Professional standard. I know the price may be steep, but good quality products doesn't come with bargained price. I would reveal to you my monthly ritual, like what every salon in Japanese do. This is the secret of every Japanese shiny glossy and healthy hair despite the bleach :X

It is Milbon Linkage

The linkage series can only be done at salon collaborating with Milbon Indonesia. They dont sell it for customers because it is only for professional use. I can get it thank to Milbon Indonesia directly #PerksOfBeautyBlogger

Whenever I can, I always come over to salon to do it. The last time I did it was at Ryoji's salon, but Milbon Indonesia gave this to me as well so I just tried it at home as well. BUT please keep in mind that it is only for salon, so you can try the treatment that is TOO-GOOD-TO-BE-TRUE and THANK-I-AM-ALIVE at salon that uses Milbon. I have tried other hair treatments available in Jakarta and NONE can give me the smooth finish like Milbon Linkage!

I wont reveal how it works, because the process is a secret lol But there are 3 steps done. Usually the treatment will be around 30-45 mins, and last around 2-3 weeks

From left to right = No 1, 2, and 3 in order

The series smells AH-MAZING. It's a mixture of floral and fruity I guess? My hair smells so good for a week after the treatment! The scent is addictive and pretty strong :O

Here's the before and after

I havent used Linkage for 6 weeks and I didn't really take care of my hair for the last 3 weeks before the pic taken.. And then I went to Ryoji to change my purple into blonde, more bleaching. So of course it's bababoom, cannot brush!

I am so sorry hair . .

Then after just a normal 3-step treatment from Linkage

Keep in mind that I did NOT straighten it up using flat iron or what.. Usually this kind of hair will fly everywhere, but it's quite smooth and manageable compared to the previous disaster T.T

If you want to try the treatment, the price vary according to the salon. Whether you just want to have a smooth hair or a perfect booster to help you going through any problem caused by your damaged hair, you should definitely give it a try

Dont lie, this is the best hair innovation that has been available in Jakarta so far. At least for my type of hair :(

I can brush my hair easily now ;___; 

You can contact Milbon Indonesia to ask where the salon available near your place, or maybe try it at Ryoji salon? Bonk Salon is also using Milbon if I am not mistaken :D

See you guys on my next post!

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  1. nah ini perlu banget nih biar rambut ga rusak..

  2. Wow, this looks amazing. It's good home treatment like salon. Thanks. For healthy and shiny hairs plant based biotin supplement is effective and useful also. must try