Grateful for Everything

May 19, 2016

I used to be someone who was more ambitious years ago, I was never satisfied and never considered myself lucky. Sure at some points in life I would think "oh I am lucky after all" but later I'd compare myself with the others and found out that my luck itself was not that great

I forgot that feeling until I was in Japan a week ago and watched my long-time favorite musician concert. I sent the picture of the ticket to my group of friends and including my bestie, Anggy. They suddenly said "I have never met someone who's as lucky as you"

If it's normal people who say that, I wouldnt make a big deal. However they knew greater things that I cant share online, as well as the worse things in my life. Since they pretty much know about EVERYTHING, they conclude that after all I am the luckiest girl ever. Which kinda struck me at that point

Then I realized.. I am one of the people in life that has achieved any childhood dreams that I wanted to. All the things I wanted was given to me and sometimes I took it for granted, until people remind you. You dont realize that youre lucky until people tell it and you decide to believe on it

Basically I always think Anggy and my group of friends are so lucky in life. They are much richer than me, more beautiful than me, have nice and stable job, have bigger house and more cars. But in the end they still told me they envied me more. I know grass is always greener on the other side but this time I am seeing it on different perspective

Everyone's luck is different

Sure Anggy went to Japan a few times as well, but it's with her family. She has to follow her parents wishes about where to go, and what to eat. She also has to rely on her parents for shopping so sometimes she has to ask whether it's allowed or not to buy

While for me on the other hand, I crave for a family holiday in Japan which I'd make it happen sooner or later. I always travel alone in that country, but solo trip is also good. I can meet old friends and make new friends, be more independent. I spend my own money on everything so my parents cant really get mad of what I decide to spend, because after all, I take charge of everything

Both lives have bad and good points, and I used to always see the bad points in me. I wanted to have my parents bought stuffs for me but for someone like her, she prefers my life

Until the thought came back at the concert... 
Isn't everyone's luck different?

Maybe the luck that you have is what God feels the best for you, or what fits you better

I feel I am more grateful if I can watch concert in Japan and maybe meet my idols (such as Hyde last year), but maybe for the others, those kind of things are nothing. However on the other hand, they might be thinking going to Europe is their greatest luck, but some think it's normal and boring
I guess being invited to Europe might not be as exciting for me as being invited to Japan, but there would be others who want it more than me

Then I started to think, everyone's wish and everyone's luck fall into different pieces. Some have better wealth, some have better freedom, some have better appearance, some have better family, some have better friends

It doesnt mean that you're lower or upper than the others, it's just everyone has their own luck and you shouldnt take your own luck for granted as well

Do you have nice home? Do you have big bedrooms? Do you have nice family? Do you have nice friends? Do you travel a lot?

If you dont even have at least one of the above, maybe you have the other luck that people would want to trade of. You just havent realized how lucky you are. So my message this time, be grateful and everything else will follow :)

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  1. when you're in your 20's you're twice more arrogant than your normal. now when you're in your 30's you're thrice more arrogant than before. that's your true nature i believe. because you like to look down and mocking people so easily now, just because you're rich now