Japan Spring Food HAUL

May 24, 2016

So I had the privilege to travel again to Japan as I mentioned.. This time it's a solo trip for just the sake of visiting friends, how luxury lol

As I have chosen to not ride low-cost airline even though it might save some money, I had some baggage leftovers. May is a great season to travel to Japan. It isn't too cold nor to hot. It's perfect weather from 15-20' celcius. I only brought 2 jackets and most of the time I left it at apartment

I packed light, and mostly I only have luggage because of my 5 kilos of make up and skin care lol I even only brought 1 shoes and 1 bag

As I wasnt coming to shop some cosmetics / apparels, I decided to satisfy my luggage demand with food supplies :x

Some omiyages such as mochi, crackers, and so on from Shibazakura Festival that I went to

Including some sakura puddings like this! They really put real flower on top of it and made the individual packaging wrapped with paper as if it's real flower as well

I got the kewpie mayonaisse (I know the regular one is avail in Indo already) in 0% something. I think it's make it less calorie and much much healthier. The price in Indonesia is 3-4 times more expensive than Japan T_T

I also tried Kagome Tomato Sauce from Japan! Taste similar, as most of tomato sauces are like that. However this is more runny so it's easier to draw something on top of omelet rice with this one!

Some furikake or abon Jepang! 

Also trying 1 liter each of plain milk and strawberry flavor. The strawberry one is nice, not overly sweet but has enough punch

And kawaii Trio!!

From left to right : Gude Tama furikake, Pikachu Instant Noodle, and Rilakkuma Furikake
I dare you to eat it, you T_____T

And 5kg of niigata rice. My brother loves it so much and I keep repeating to himself that the rice itself is so expensive compared to local Indonesia rice of course, however, THE PAIN OF BRINING IT TO INDONESIA IS MUCH MUCH MORE THAN THE PRICE ITSELF T___T

It is 5kg rice and I had too many people ordered stuffs from me, so my check in luggage was full. So I had to carry it on for cabin luggage. Imagine bringing the rice all the way from Japan, hand carry.. It is full of my effort

I was also caught by the staff in Jakarta when he was suspicious with my cabin luggage, he looked at me with weird eyes after knowing that I brought rice.. Maybe thinking this girl must be crazy, and hopefully she didnt put any drugs inside the rice lol

I think I bought more including some parmesan cheese and more omiyage and furikake and cherries however I seemed to have eaten it or put it on the fridge lol
I wanted to bring back strawberries but my friends said it's impossible for it to survive :<

So I only brought some cherries for family.. 
Even though the strawberries are cheap in Japan. By I mean cheap is, if you buy that kind of strawberry in Indonesia, it can cost you 5 times more expensive than Japan...

Like a package of fresh japanese strawberries of 8-9 pieces, big size for sure, is only 800 yen...

Next time for sure, I will eat all of you..

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  1. maybe you lie to yourself and betray yourself. or maybe that's your true personality resurface now because you're so greedy and gold digger