Heal Your Acne Scars With Ultraderma

May 31, 2016

I am quite sure that 99% people living in Indonesia have experienced acne before. If not, you lucky human you..
Acne can be caused from external or internal reason. Mostly for women it's because of their hormone (PMS, pregnancy, etc), over sebum, bacteria, wrong cosmetic, stress, and so on

BUT, What's worse than acne is the acne scars. And finding good product with affordable or even cheap price is more difficult than finding a day when it's not macet in Jakarta lol

So when I was asked to review Ultraderma and given to know the product knowledge including the price, I was blown away. It's a product to heal your acne scar and available locally! 

. Ultraderma is made from Silikon and Vitamin C Ester and it is effective to combat against acne scar. Also Ultraderma's Vit C is more stabilized unlike some vit C that has reaction toward sun, which is it's more suitable for tropical weather like Indonesia. 

Ultraderma can heal acne scars such as holes, dark spots, red spots, hyperpigmentation, crystalized oil that stucked underneath your skin, and so on. It is recommended to heal your acne scar as fast as possible for better result but Ultraderma can heal around 5 months old acne scar.

You can use Ultraderma before your make up, let it sit 2-3 mins before you apply your face product such as primer and foundation
The texture is gel-like and moisturizing. Unlike other acne scars that I have tried, it doesnt sting on my skin which I really adore <3 <3 <3

You can use it everyday and slowly but surely the scar will fade. The staff told me you had to wait for around 3 months to see the result completely. But hey, nothing comes fast especially for skin care! 

The product comes in this small tube, which is pretty travel friendly. You can bring it to your beauty pouch even if you going away
Anyway, Ultraderma is a medicine to HEAL your acne SCAR, so you can't rely on it to heal your new acne. Any scars that is still within help, should be able to 

Ultraderma is available at apotik, drugstore, cosmetic store, Alfamidi, Watsons, Guardian, Carefour, Kimia Farma, K-24 and Apotik Roxy. The price is varied depending on where you purchase it but it's around Rp 85.000 each which is super cheap!!

You can find more information on =


Thank you Ultraderma for sending me the product!

Hope this will give you guys a nice product recommendation shall you need acne scar healer product! 

See you guys on my next post!

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