Nivea Make Up Clear Review and Contest

May 14, 2016

We all know the importance to cleanse make up thoroughly. When you have your make up, you should definitely cleanse it first with cleansing oil or make up remover before proceeding to facial wash to remove the dirt and wash your face thoroughly

However, when laziness attack, or say somebody like my mom who doesn't care and understand much about double cleansing, it's easier to get them a 2 in 1 product that can instantly do the job for them!

And this is where Nivea Make Up Clear comes in handy for you!

I first saw about this Nivea Make Up Clear on youtube ad which I believe if you watch youtube on daily basis, you'll eventually have seen the story where the girl can cleanse their make up super fast with the help of Nivea Make Up Clear. 

Nivea collaborates with top MUA Bubah Alfian to show you how easy and fast it is to do double cleansing through their product via this video 

It's now available in Indonesia and even available at supermarket, guardian, and alfamidi with affordable price!

Nivea Make Up Clear comes in 4 types but with only one goal,  providing a 2 in 1 product that is able to cleanse your make up and washing your face altogether!
For Oily Skin, I recommend Nivea Make Up Clear White Oil Control 2 in 1 MUD and FOAM version
For Normal Skin, Nivea Make Up Clear White 2in1 SCRUB and FOAM version are for you

You can know about the products further on this link

Easiest thing is, for oily skin, simply see if the font color is green. Green is for Oily Combination skin and pink is for normal skin. They dont only cleanse make up and face but also brightens skin effectively

You can pick whichever suits your face best!

So of course, a Stella Lee gotta try this too!
I purchase the Pink Series because my skin is more into normal to dry instead of oily these days. It comes in Foam type and Scrub type

I recommend using the scrub type 1-2 times only every week because over scrubbing wont do good on your skin

Nivea Make Up Clear cleanses make up thoroughly and if you use the type for oily version, promising you to have over sebum and matte skin all day. It also helps to prevent blackheads and whiteheads and smoothening + brightening your skin. Basically it's like a magic face product that everyone should have lol

This is the swatch for the foam and scrub. No difference on the first glance but if you rub it, youll notice the fine particles from the scrub

Here's how I cleanse the super pigmented lipstick of mine very easily with the help of Nivea Make Up Clear. It takes only less than 1 minute to cleanse it, and once your rinse it with water. VOILA!

I have tried it on my face as well and I think the scrub is not that harsh, however I do not recommend you to use the scrub type for the eyes and lips area. The foam type is so gentle and both type works really wonderful. It really cleanses my skin thoroughly and I have checked it by running a cotton pad soaked with cleansing water again to check the residue, and SURPRISE


My skin doesnt feel tightened either, just normal. However my skin is super dry and this product doesnt seem to moisturize my skin to that extent, however you can always use a cream moisturizer afterwards if youre still lack of moisture


1. Buy any NIVEA Make Up Clear and save the receipt

2. Create before and after picture side by side like I did. Before picture is when you're using make up, and After picture is after cleansing it with NIVEA Make Up Clear while you're holding the product

3. Put the tag #CleansedbyNIVEA and mention @NIVEA_ID @bubahalfan and mention 3 friends of you who should join the hype as well. Don't forget to write why you recommend this to your friend

The campaign will be held from 18th April - 15th May 2016 (21.00 WIB)

The prizes are reserved for 10 winners!
10 winners will receive Rp 2.000.000 worth of make up hampers product each
And one of them will have an exclusive day with Bubah Alfan!! 

You can check the terms and condition on this link

Dont forget to check NIVEA Indonesia website for more informations

Good luck everyone !!

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