Igari Make Up イガリメイク - Drunk Make Up

April 28, 2016

Igari Make Up or Hangover Make Up or Drunk Make Up or whatever it is called in your country, is a recent trend of make up coming from Japan. It's been a hit for the last 2 years because whenever I was walking in Tokyo, there are at least 30% people supporting this look (I mostly go to Shibuya - Harajuku though lol)

The point is of course the overly done blush that giving you a look that you usually get after "drinking too much"

There are natural kind of igari make up without the doll eye look however I decided to pair them up because I think it looks much cuter. The look is more like harajuku igari though, but I saw vivi models on magazine doing this look with black hair

So definitely, anyone can try this look ^^

You can watch the video above!

Anyway my ring light has been broken for a while and I havent had the replacement for that. It's very difficult to get ring light in Indonesia and none shops that I know so far that sells it again *sighs

If anyone happen to know or just recently purchase one, care to tell me?

Right now I am relying on other lights that I have but still T_T it feels like missing something....

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