Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park

April 11, 2016

Visiting a Doraemon Park has always been my dream. I know that there's one park available near Tokyo called Fujiko F Fujio Museum, however I have never visited one. Because I happened to be in Hokkaido and I knew that there's a Doraemon Park available inside the international airport, so I took 3 hours to explore the airport itself

Shin Chitose Airport is the biggest airport in Hokkaido region, and if you fly down to Sapporo, you'll most likely get through this airport. It has many interesting shops and the airport itself is more modern than Kansai one in my opinion. Before that, we got to eat the most famous ramen from Sapporo called Ebisoba Ichigen. It's a shrimp-based ramen that has a long queue line all the way out. I wanted to eat at Doraemon Park but mom insisted to have a ramen for breakfast LOL

Because she's starving and gulped one bowl by herself, I had no choice to order another one for myself
It's tasty, but weird. I prefer normal Tonkotsu ramen from hakata I guess?

Exploring Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park has always been my longest dream. I am a fan of Doraemon more than Hello Kitty since I was young. Doraemon is full of magic and the tools that he had is so handy and useful

I used to wonder why Doraemon didn't come to my house instead and helped solving my useless childhood problem lol

I still remember my first Doraemon comic was no 44 that's bought by mom when we were going to a plaza nearby our old house. It was enchanting. I never forgot to watch Doraemon on Sunday morning for the whole 30 mins (which was continued by many childhood animes)
Sunday morning was special 

And now I had chance to visit the park of my dream!

It's mostly a park to play around and a photo spot. There are many trick eye or 4D places that you can have fun with, however the lighting was a bit dim :( 

Thorough the whole journey, there was Doraemon voice everywhere including music

A Doraemon Cafe filled with many kawaii foods are also available nearby!! However we still had to check in to domestic terminal and bought some chocolates from Royce, so no time to play around T_T

Look at this kawaii doraemon and dorami taiyaki!!!

If you guys are interested with Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park and other 2 things you must do in Shin Chitose airport, you can watch the video for complete experience ^^

See you guys on my next post!

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