Disney Elsa Frozen Cosplay and Make Up Tutorial

April 15, 2016

Make up is a women's power, we're able to transform ourselves from average looking to pretty, from pretty to gorgeous, and from normal human being to a Disney Character
I was longing to do make up as Elsa but I think character make up wont look complete without the wig and dress

And so, I purchased the goods all the way from China

Lucky me I also had a few eye shadows that match Elsa's signature purple eyes, and the rest is all just a story

Doing Elsa's make up needs practice, or at least for me, because usually I don't really use bold colored eyeshadows and put pink on my crease. The whole idea is just totally different than my regular make up routine

However I had fun creating this look and thinking to share how I do it as well on my youtube ^^

To get the photoshoot, I had to drive 2 hours all the way down to another city next to Jakarta where a Snow Festival was held. It's totally different in Jakarta where we're near equator line. We have all year long summer so waiting for winter to do this look is out of question. We have no winter T____T

We only have winter decoration during Christmas T____T

I even thought to do the shoot in Hokkaido but the Taobao items wont arrive by then, or I thought about looking for the costume in Ikebukuro but then again, why waste my holiday LOL
Now I kinda dont regret it because it's freaking cold, even when I have fake snow in Jakarta!! The temperature was freezing as to keep the ice from melting

I had to get out 3 times as I couldn't stand it

I think I did pretty good here, but my brother was quite lousy as his hands were shaking LOL;

Things could be better though, as the wig didnt meet my expectation :(
If there's a next time occassion that requires me to be an Elsa again, I would just get a higher quality and more expensive wig

See you guys on my next post!

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