Family Trip?

April 21, 2016

These days I basically live for my family and church. I realize my sole happiness is not anymore doing things for myself. It is not about which country I want to go next, or what clothes and bags I havent bought

It is about what I can do for my God and family

A lot of old friends of mine told me that I had changed as I become stronger spiritually but I only think I just found things that was unseen back then. Also, it's more about level up instead of changing. I am still the old one, but I have broaden my perspective and knowledge, which I am still learning

I dont really put a lot of things on my snapchat when I was attending church or gathering with church friends simply because I was too busy with them and forgetting my online life. I guess in a way, it makes me becoming a better person however God seems to have kept me for someone special in the future. I cant count how many times I decided to call it off when the opposite sex is raising an eyebrow over my spirituality
If it's friends, I dont mind. However for a lifetime-partner, I do believe that the foundation and view of life should be similar
 And yes, I am curhat at the moment haha lol

Anyway, my mom, she really cant stop loving Japan after our trip and even when I havent even finished blogging about my winter trip, she already wanted to visit it again during sakura or May. Which is like, too soon!!! lol

I mean, sakura is out of question because we only have like 2 months away, and ticket is ridiculously expensive. So we were opting for May, which I thought I would have a job in Japan as well. This might reduce at least one ticket cost

Besides, my brother would finish his high school so I thought to give my family a nice vacation together. Last overseas trip we did was like what, Australia, it's like 10 years ago LOL; 
I guess dad already forgot how overseas trip with family feels like.. 

So we went to travel fair to hunt cheap tickets.. And put itinerary in order. I wanted to see Shibazakura, Nemophilia, and Wisteria, simply because my mom loves flowers and I guess it would look great on family pictures, right? :D

However I had worries because there's one big job that I even want more compared to job in Japan, and I told my mom if I got the job, I would even abandon my may job in japan.. So I keep asking the japan team whether they had exact date or not as I had to arrange my schedule. They just recently informed me that the event is cancelled which I feel slightly better because it's like 2-3 weeks away from now on, and I havent made a lot of preparations for family trip lol;

Also my this no 1 priority job is supposed to take a next level on May (which the date is still unknown as well, duh) and it's all so complicated lol 
Then my mom suddenly dropped the bomb that our next store will be opened on 2nd week of May and they cant leave it within a month

So she asked, is June okay? 
"Sure it is, but no flowers. You still wanna go or wait until November to see fall leaves, or January again to see snow, or next Spring to see flowers?"

I hate June - October period to visit Japan because basically there's nothing interesting left lol 
We look for other options such as Australia (which is kinda so-last-option because we were together together), and China - Korea (becomes the second last option because the price is similar to Japan, so ofc japan right!!)

and we also look for things to do in Vietnam bcos mom wanna eats pho lol but, I guess she only wants to visit halong bay and what else???!!!
I dont know anything about vietnam lol

All I know is about japanese fish . . .

India.. They dont want...
Mediterranean... ISIS problem
Europe... Just kill me, too expensive LOL at least for now

I have a budget to spare la hhaha
And unfortunately even Japan is out of budget. You think going for 1 person is cheap or affordable, but say if you gotta cover and think about 4 persons! Fam trip is no joke
I really wonder how much these people make if they can go on family trip by taking a group / private tour, at least twice a year, and to expensive area!!!!

need to be CEO or what lol;;

I mean, I do have that money, and I am sure everyone has money to spare. But the problem is how many percents it is from your saving ? What would you eat for the next year? right? XD;

So there's still this uncertainity going on. I could get holiday time whenever I want to, and if my parents dont open up next shop anytime sooner, we could go as well (though dad only has like 5 days bcos he has to come back faster than us)
But my brother is graduating and he will start working as a chef, which we're unsure when does he can take a leave ?
And buying ticket impulsively is too exp, so we gotta plan well T T

However I guess it is a sign from God because I no longer want May to travel.. Simply because I will leave everything just to get this one main job that I am still waiting for. And all my pray, hope, and thoughts are on there.. 
I guess I pour all the effort on this job, and I forgot to pray for May travel lol

Another thing is I want to watch concert with Anggy. Anggy will be in Japan with her family and she would be watching a few japanese artist concerts and I really want to watch one!
My friend is having a concert and he's inviting me, which I though I could go if the family trip happened. But now as it seems it's cancelled, I was wondering if "going overseas just to watch a friend's concert is a splurge or not"


And now my heart is torn to pieces

My friend might now have another concert for the next years to come..
Besides another friend of mine just gave birth to a baby boy and I would like to take a visit

But that's all ?
That's all the reason to visit Tokyo?


A friend of mine shared his good quote

"HELL is not on the top nor on the low. It's on the middle. Like us"

I guess that's true in a way

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