April 08, 2016

How do you buy your gold jewelry? By visiting toko emas? Have you ever tried shopping Perhiasan Online ? I'm sure 99% must have said no because we never heard about the reliable stores before. However, Orori is in Indonesia to fulfill the demand. I just knew that there's an online store selling authentic jewelry since 2014! 

Orori means Gold Ring, as Oro is Gold in italian, and Ri is taken from Ring. Orori is having a goal to be the best jewelry e-store in Indonesia!

Look at this Heart Ring from Orori. It's one of its products available at their store. Anyway, I was also invited to the event on 16th December 2015! It was such a good experience to see the jewelry in real life

If you wonder, here are some of the benefits of shopping at Orori = 
  • The FIRST and ONLY authentic gold jewelry in Indonesia. No need to visit the shop back and forth and feeling guilty for keep asking the price to the seller. Now you just need to visit the website and check the budget directly.
  • Comes with 20,000 designs available. Cincin tunangan, kalung emas, anting berlian, gelang emas, you name it. Too many choices and options to pick!
  • They have Design Your Own service. Now you can make your dream jewelry design on your own. They use 3D Printer to make it come true
I am sure in this digital era, where we even buy groceries through internet, it is just a matter of time before we buy jewelries through it as well :)

I was invited to the showcase at Hermitage Menteng before to catch a glimpse of their jewelry and oh boy, somebody really needs to get me one ;)

For more informations and if youre interested about what they have to offer, you can check

See you guys on my next post!

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