Otaru Canal and Le Tao Cheese Cake

April 01, 2016

One of my reasons to visit Hokkaido during winter is to take a look of Otaru Canal with my real eyes. Not through any pictures or videos somebody took online, but to experience the whole scenery by myself. And that's the purpose of traveling

So off we go, mom and I hopped into local train that took us around 40 mins from Sapporo downtown to this little city. We had to walk around 10-15 mins in fact but because the weather was freezing (it's the coldest place we've ever been), we had to stop every 3 mins to some shop to warm up our body T T

After around 40-50 mins walking slowly to the canal (with a stop at KFC as well lol), we finally managed to see the canal!!

Which my mom complained a little "we come this far only to see this?" lol DUH

I mean, seriously.. Look at these beautiful sceneries!!!!
It's all real

I dont feel like I was in Japan at all, more like in Europe or Russia

However the wind even made my bone shaking, so I could only bundle up inside my thick layers of coats and clothes when taking the picture.. T T
I wish I could pose better but what to do, it's only 2'c but it's too much to handle for me

Especially when you see the winter wonderland directly, it makes you appreciate sun more

Because my friends opened Dore by Le Tao in Indonesia, I got to know that there's a super popular sweets shop in Otaru, and ONLY in Otaru. Japanese is really smart handling business, they make limited editions for each city so even people from different cities would love to visit the city just for the sake of getting that things which they cant get it their town

And so is Le Tao.. They have 7 stores in Otaru, it's so famous that when we got into the stores, a lot of customers were queuing to purchase dozens of it.. 
When you visit Otaru, you should get it!!

But they're also available already in Jakarta ^.^ Located at Plaza Indonesia, across BENEFIT Store
The taste is 11-12, but you can expect higher quality in Otaru because Hokkaido diary stuffs (the cheese and milk and other magical ingredients) cant be imported here T _T 

The taste is too amazing to be written only by mere words as it's heavenly delicious

I really recommend to get their original cheese cake
I am not a fan of cheese cake but I can eat a whole cake by myself if I dont remember I am counting my calorie intake lol

They also have Fromage Ice Cream!!!!
However it wasnt available during winter time.. What I held for the picture is product display!!

We basically entered tourists shops and they mostly sold foods and glasses souvenirs. We didnt really buy things but I got to eat some street foods
However taking pictures was undeniably difficult as the weather was very harsh and we were busy with our gloves and warm pocket lol

At night, Otaru Canal is without a doubt a must to see. It's so beautiful and finally I got to check one of my must-visit-places before I die..

I wouldnt mind to visit Otaru again in the future, but next time I wish I could come in summer. I believe the ambience would be different, and I could walk more leisurely than winter time XD

See you guys on my next post!

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