Sariayu Beauty Avenger

March 26, 2016

Have you watched Avenger Movie?
Well contrary to the usual movie, this time it's Beauty Avenger, and not 4, not 5, but 10 beauty influencers were invited to participate in Sariayu Beauty Avenger where we put make up to top 10 finalists of Miss Indonesia 2016! 

Each blogger and vlogger are responsible to 1 Miss, we got to collaborate with talented designers and production team as well. Look at that beautiful dresses! 

Because the shooting took a long time to finish, we got separated into 2 batches!! Here's the second batch along with me!

Everyone only have 30 minutes to do full make up !!! O.O
We were super rushed and afraid to make mistake because it's super limited!
We cant do 5 minutes make up because obviously we're going for a party look, and it's Top 10 Miss Indo so obviously we have to do it very very flawlessly! 

All the products are from Sariyu Martha Tilaar. I got a chance to try all the products of our local brand during the event, and once again I fall in love with their eyeshadow and lip products :D

The one that I was in charge of is Miss Indonesia. A beautiful young girl (T__T feel old now) with tall and slender body, beautiful skin, and small face!!! She's super kind and has good manner!

I decided to give Miss Jawa Tengah a beautiful blue flick line to represent the color of sea and sky! I wanted to experiment a little since the others mostly make smokey eye and red lips XD
She's already beautiful so I dont put too much! Because the eye make up is eccentric already, I tone it down with a natural shade of Sariayu Duo Lip Color in 08 ^_^

You can follow Sariayu Instagram and like the photo of anyone you want to support! But if you like my photo as well, I'd be grateful ^_^

See you guys on my next post!

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