Silver Vampire Make Up Tutorial

March 01, 2016

I havent posted announcement that I have uploaded this video on Youtube! Totally forgot as last week was very hectic and I was unable to even reply messages on my line and such T T

Anyway, here I am back with new make up tutorial. I am still learning about the camera and lighting and such, it's so difficult. Amazed by how beauty guru can make it totally awesome even though they're self-produced

Oh anyway yes, I dyed my hair into this tone again.. It's been so long since I wanted this hair color back. You'll know how it goes when you have light hair. One day you feel fabulous and conquer the world, the next day you feel shit and enough with all the bleaching and treatments and want your natural healthy hair back lol

Oh human . . 

Just click play button to watch the video for around 3-4mins!

I used La Splash one in this video but I dont really like how it turned out! :(
As expected the one and only liquid lipstick that truly amazing is Lime Crime.. I own only like 2 of it

I really wanted to get my hand of Kylie's Lip Kit too but I was always too late!! It's sold out instantly WHY WHY
Why she doesnt provide more products to sell knowing that it's sold well? :"(

Any of you got yourself her products too?

See you guys on my next post!

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