Introducing Kose Sekkisei

March 21, 2016

This time I'd like to introduce you to a popular japanese brand, Kose. Kose comes with a few variants but the one I'd like to highlight this time is Sekkisei series. If you're a beauty enthusiast, you must have known that this brand is famous for its lotion though in fact it comes with a wide range of products including skincare series and some make up. I pick my top 3 favorites for you!

Kose is one of the leading beauty companies in Japan, the rising sun country. However in Indonesia you can get it at department stores such as SOGO or Seibu at 9 Major Cities (Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Denpasar, etc)

Kose Sekkisei lotion comes in 3 sizes, the smallest one is 100ml, and the one I hold is 200ml. It's one of the most moisturized lotion I have ever tried o.o As expected of Japanese skincare!!
After trying a lot of skincare, I can say that Japanese products are mostly light and moist, which is something that I really pursue these days due to my dehydrated skin

I pour some lotion on my palm and pat it on my face lightly. I have been using it for weeks including in my Japan trip, it helped my skin stay hydrated during the harsh winter
It smells like rice bran lightly and absorbed quickly, leaving cold sensation on my skin

Next is this Kose Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask. Which is a black gel mask that's sooooo gooooddd to remove your blackheads and whiteheads (comedoes). Just squeeze some amount on your nose, cheek, chin, or any concerned areas, and after 20 minutes, you can peel it off and see all the blackheads removed gently

My opinion is it dries so fast and it's peeled off very easily. Other brands with thid kind of mask that I tried would leave residue as it's difficult to remove, or when it's removed, the skin would be peeled off as well and getting red in the end. However, I dont experience it with this gel mask. My skin feels super soft and squeaky clean after using it ^^

Last but not least is their AH-MAZING Kose Sekkisei BB Cream. I have been eyeing this ever since Gakky [popular Japanese actress] appeared on their CM promoting it. It comes with 2 shades to choose from

What I love from Japanese BB Cream is it doesnt give you white grey-ish finish like Korean BB Cream. The result is sooooooo natural and so moisturizing, and almost invisible. Left to right is shade number 1 and 2 in order

Before and after using Kose Sekkisei BB Cream. I use number 1 on the picture above
As you can see it covers redness well and makes it as if my skin is flawless from within. It blends beautifully with my natural skin, and even during winter season it stays hydrated. SUPER LOVE
Coverage is light to medium, buildable. And I only need a little bit for my whole face. The key is to not put too much to stay natural!

Overall my experience with Kose Sekkisei is nothing but a bliss. Their products are so high quality and I haven't been disappointed at all. This is the first time I used Kose Sekkisei and they are top notch!! I cant wait to play with their products in the future

See you guys on my next post!

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