Sariayu Martha Tilaar for Miss Indonesia 2016

March 14, 2016

Hoollaaa! As many of you noticed, I was invited to be a representative from blogger for Miss Indonesia 2016 that's sponsored by Sariayu and it was one of the most exciting thing happened to me recently. I mean, I grew up watching all the beauty pageant contests and wished to be one but I didnt have enough height lol  so being able to attend the event directly and watch it till finished was truly an experience! 

I attended the event with a beautiful white gown from Albert Yanuar, whose design was also worn by Miss World 2015 that attended the same event. Such an honor!

Before the show's on air, I attended Sariayu booth first and some crews of them would like to interview me. And why not! 
Anyway, they just recently launched their 2016 collection - Inspirasi Warna Krakatau which I blogged before 

And on that night I wore their Duo Lip Color in 03

I met Ibu Martha Tilaar again. Super inspired by her because she shows us how age and gender doesnt matter if you want to be successful. You can empower women through your business and still actively working even though she can just stay home and have fun, but NO.. She still works very hard for Indonesian local beauty industry and that's why we can have local cosmetics with affordable price and strong + pigmented colors

At that night I sat next to beautiful and talented Miss Farah Quinn, a popular Indonesian chef. She's super kind and down to earth! She gave me her beauty tips as well and we talked about travels =D

That night the event was hosted by Daniel Mananta and my beloved friend, Amanda Zevannya. I am so surprised that recently we met through many jobs and I am more than proud to see my friend so successful!! I mean, hosting Miss Indonesia event is a big deal, right??

She's super professional and one of the smartest women I have encountered, beautiful too. She's also runner up for Miss Indonesia 2011

images by CNNindonesia

The event was reported on my snapchat before (if you follow me on snapchat, you can see the whole video). And Miss Bangka Belitung win! CONGRATULATIONS
But I'd like to say that every women who stood on the same stage are also winners in their own life. Not everyone would be able to stand on that stage, elegantly and beautifully. They also had put a lot of effort to represent their own prefecture, and so, every women there are the winners

They all look so beautiful at that night and the make up's sponsored by Sariayu! :D

The contest might have ended but it's a new journey for many of them, including Miss Bangka Belitung. I wish them all the best in their life and career path

See you guys on my next post!

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