Sapporo Clock Tower and Playing Ski at Moiwa Yama

March 03, 2016

Hello!! Going to blog more about my Hokkaido trip, though in fact you might have watched it on my Youtube! 

So I went to the famous Clock Tower and played ski for the first time in my life, WOOOHOOOO

Sapporo is really, different.. It doesnt feel like Japan at all. The old buildings remind me of european and russia architecture more. Considering that Sapporo is near Russia, the weather was around the same as well I think, fckin cold T T

Anyway, we went skiing as well. Because I only had limited days in Sapporo, I couldnt go too far to Niseko and such, so I googled and found out that there are in fact a few ski place near Sapporo. The one that I picked is Moiwa Yama (found the article from sapporo tourism site)

We hopped by taxi which costed us around 2500 yen from Odori Park area. It's because the area is on top of the mountain and we couldnt reach it by subway. There's a bus to the top as well but considering the waiting time, we chose taxi in the end

And I think taxi in sapporo during winter time is very worth it because the subway system is not as good as the one in tokyo, though it's easier to remember. Also the road is very slippery and the wind is strong, to the point a tropical creature for me deserves a taxi T T

2500 yen is also for 20 mins ride, cheaper than the one in Tokyo!

There's a promotion for around 5000 yen for 5 hours rental ski clothes, gloves, and tools + unlimited lift rides but I had to make reservation first, which was impossible because I didnt have Japanese phone.. 
So we just came there and tried my luck whether I could get it

Being Japanese, the rules are too strict even though I told them I was foreigner and I couldnt make a phone call obviously .. They were all like NO NO... And rumble in Japanese

I got it -___-"

So in the end with around 5500 yen per person, we got 3 hours rental of ski clothes, gloves, tools, and only 1 lift ticket.. 

Anyway for complete story, you can watch it on my youtube video here!!

Feel free to laugh the ski accident as well :X 

See you guys on my next post!

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